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ESPN Analyst

Donald Sterling Has

'Antebellum Slave Master' Mentality

4/26/2014 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0426_Chris-Broussard_sterling_espnDonald Sterling would fit in perfectly if he had lived on a cotton plantation before the Civil War ... so says ESPN analyst Chris Broussard -- who compared the team owner to an "antebellum slave master."

Broussard unloaded on Sterling Saturday on Twitter comparing him to a slave owner ... and said he would love to see BOTH teams boycott tomorrow's game.

Broussard adds, "Donald Sterling has the mentality of an antebellum slave master: he makes $ off Blacks but doesn't see them as equals deserving of respect."

Still no word on any sort of player protest being organized ... but the shot clock is quickly winding down.

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The guy just found out is gold digger girlfriend is half black and its upsetting to him. Give him some slack.

183 days ago


It's funny to because most of these athletes date white women doc rivers wife us white and who t o say there spouses and girlfriends aren't racist it only means they like black men as Donald sterling doesn't like black people but yet he has a black girlfriend she even said on her instagram you can be white or brown just not black so some of these players need to wake up to

183 days ago


I am very thankful for this.It is time for these 1%s to remember that no one is superior. We all need each other to make it in this world and in business.

183 days ago


First get rid of Jay Z then worry about this nit wit later

Jay-Z , owner of Brooklyn Nets, was wearing bling from 'Whites Are Devils' Group While Courtside with Beyonce

When Jay-Z was asked by a reporter if the group's symbol meant anything to him, he responded, "a little bit."

183 days ago

Timothy Dwight Smith    

Please sign petition to have racist Clippers' owner Donald Sterling removed.


183 days ago


chris broussard's comment is as ignorant as the clippers owners comments..i mean really slave master?

183 days ago


So Chris Broussard has a problem with racist comments? What about when he was bashing gays? Isn't discrimination, discrimination?

183 days ago


Too bad the woman didn't get pregnant. then Sterling would have a part black baby.

183 days ago


I couldn't agree more. The NBA commissioner needs to move quickly and have him removed from the league.
Sterling is a disgusting human being full of hate. Until he is removed, we need to boycott the Clippers.

183 days ago


Slave master......oh good lord.
Slaves don't get paid bazillion dollars to play a game.
What a bunch of hysterical morons.

182 days ago

Thomas Vance    

In my opinion, the things said by Mr. Sterling is outrageous. In this day and age racism of any kind is completely ignorant and anyone who feels that way has serious issues. What I can't figure out why should Mr. Obama get involved. There are far more important issues he should be concerned about. Weather or not Mr. Sterling is rasist shouldn't be one of them. For sports center or any other sports writer to involve the president is completely stupid. I believe the nba should come down hard on Mr. Sterling but to involve the president is not right. If a citizens opinion is needed ask a citizen. Leave the president alone to TRY and fix america's problems. Thank you.

181 days ago


Slavemaster? Hey, the chick is being paid to pretend she is his girlfriend and bringing around black guys who she may or not be sleeping with does not look good on him. He never said don't date them or sleep with them, just not to post photos of them when she is supposed to be pretending to be his girlfriend. Makes him look like a cuckold.
If she doesn't like the conditions, find some other rich sucker.
Slave owners never paid their workers 50Xs more than the average white guy makes.
My employer never invites me into their homes either.

181 days ago

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