Marc Anthony Divorce He's Hiding His Millions Ex-Wife Tells Judge

5/1/2014 1:10 PM PDT
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Marc Anthony is hiding a fortune ... according to his ex-wife Dayanara Torres who dragged the singer back into court today as she battles to get him to pay more child support.

Both Anthony and Torres were in an L.A. County courtroom ... where she claimed Anthony hasn't been honest in disclosing all of his assets -- including homes and income. She also says he has no problem shelling out money to other people ... claiming he pays $330K a year to support relatives, girlfriends and kids.

Anthony argued he's so rich it would be too hard to calculate every single dollar he earns. He's claimed he already pays Torres more than enough to take care of the kids and anything else would "spoil them rotten."

But the judge wasn't buying what Marc was selling ... and ordered him to submit a complete accounting of his income and expenses by 10 A.M. Tuesday.

As we've reported ... Torres wants a huge increase in monthly child support -- from $13K a month to $113K -- saying she can't give their boys the lavish lifestyle Marc gives them, complete with world travel, private jets and fancy hotels.