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Marc Anthony

Rails on the Stand

It'd Be 'Tragic' To Pay Her More Child Support

5/2/2014 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Anthony
should change his name to Shakespeare after the drama that just unfolded on the stand in his bitter child support case -- he said it would be "tragic" to pay his ex-wife more child support than he's already giving her.

Marc took the stand Friday, claiming the increase in child support Torres is seeking -- from $13,000 a month to $113,000 -- would be detrimental to his and Torres' children because it's simply excessive.

Anthony insisted he already pays all the costs in relation to his children's needs.

Additionally, Anthony said Torres has historically mismanaged her finances and it would be "tragic" to have that much money at her disposal.


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I actually agree with Marc. Although he "filthy rich", the kids DO NOT need 113K in support. He earned his dough!

117 days ago

Another mindless lazy woman using her kids as a weapon to abuse their father, she gives all women a bad name.

117 days ago

Martin Dupuis    

Anything over $25 000 a month is excessive

117 days ago


Greedynara is being ridiculous. He has been good paying 13K, which is A LOT, asking for more is just being greedy

117 days ago

Christina G.    

What would be tragic is if he gets away with paying less than the Federal child support guidelines simply because he can afford the best lawyers.

117 days ago



117 days ago


She needs to get a job period.

117 days ago


I can't believe the comments. You obviously know zero about law. It's all relative to what he makes. Yes it's excessive but so is his income. That's how it works. Might not get what she wants but will CERTAINLY GET MORE. not saying it's right, but I am saying it will be based on $ and past cases. You watch, this isn't over. Sure she's a ditz but the kids ARE entitled to his quality and magnitude of life like it or not.

117 days ago


Cant they negotiate to 20k a month? 113K is insane. If she doesnt like it she can get off her ass and get a job!

117 days ago

Roberik 22    

He's a cheapskate dad. He has money and likes to cry whoa is me.

117 days ago


Dave is right. The children are ENTITLED to a life style comparable, as nearly as possible, to that of the wealthier parent. And yes, that also means that the custodial parent's standard of living also improves.

We all went through this crapola with Mel Gibson an the Ox. She got $20,000 a month for ONE child, a toddler.

In some legal circles, it's called the screwing you get for the screwing you got.

117 days ago


I reapeat prostitutes are shipper Mark...why you don't listen to me...I used to be idiot alike you with women until I learn that prostitues are shipper than wife's. Best sex ever,less headaches and save a LOT of money. If you want a baby rent a woman for 20,000 for carry your future commitments. After that you can continue with your slot> every time that you want....nothing better than that. 13,000 •12 months =$ 156,000 year $ 156,000 • 18 years = 2,808,000 millions. Lets do the same with a child support with 113,000.... $113,000 • 12 months = 1,356,000 1,356,000 • 18 years = 24,408,000 millions.... Fuc/k ! Daynara what Bitc/ ! Huge differences time follow my a woman for 20,000 (just that). What Morron !!!

117 days ago


She needs to get a damn job. 113 a month gosh...

117 days ago


Why is it that she hasn't amounted to anything? All her business ventures have failed, could it possibly be financial mismanagement or is it that she deliberately has them fail so that she can ask for more money. She was Miss Puerto Rico, most crowned beauty contestants make money in endorsements and usually open a modeling or pagent business, which she did and it failed. I think she's trying to take the easy road and just ask her rich ex husband for more money. She's bitter that she get's less than J LO but J LO even says that she doesn't need as much as he gives her and that is because, J LO has made something of herself. She doesn't need a man to support their children, she can do it all on her own. I would be in the same position, financially secure so that Idon't look like a greedy loser begging and acting like a hood rat to get more money. Hmmm, seems she can't even get a man who is financially stable. I think she's a wacko, greedy typical lazy woman who just want easy money. Why hasn't she gone back to school to earn a degree and acomplish something so that she can hold her head high and be proud to say, I DON'T NEED HIS MONEY, its because she thinks I WANT AND THINK I DESERVE THIS MONEY!! Lazy loser.

117 days ago

Ant Fuller    

That extra $100k a month could go to the kids trust funds for when they get older, he's the one who built the empire, why should she just get it all? That's why you see so many women just opening their legs & poppin out kids for child support...(almost comparable to prostitution)

117 days ago
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