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Flo Rida vs. Baby Mama

He Won't Pay For Our Kid

But He'll Fund an Abortion

5/5/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0411-flo-rida-tmz-01Flo Rida's alleged baby mama says the rapper hasn't given her a dime for prenatal care, but did offer her money for an abortion ... according to court docs.

Natasha Georgette Williams is fighting Flo in court to get financial assistance -- he won't acknowledge he's the daddy -- but in a new court filing she claims he demanded she have an abortion ... which she refused.

Flo says he wants DNA proof he's the father, but Williams is refusing in utero testing -- amniocentesis -- because doctors told her it was invasive and risky for the baby's health.

In the docs, Williams says she's down for testing -- once the baby's born.


No Avatar


If she's refusing a DNA test then he shouldn't have to pay. Why pay for a kid that may not be his.

80 days ago


You spin me right round baby right round!!!

80 days ago

Madelaine J    

Since when does he have to support u while your pregnant?!?! Jeez! These women are ridiculous. Continue to survive how you were BEFORE you followed him around. The baby, if it's his, deserves to be provided for. But u r not his responsibility.

80 days ago


TMZ "SPORTS"- where we just report on black people's baby momma drama. Inciting racial comments, because that's all we care about- just some comments and filling space. Until a Kardashian has enough money to pay us to report on their latest fart. TMZ has become GARBAGE. We have to wade through PAGES of paid mentions and TOTAL BS (often racial) to get one interesting tid-bit anymore. Why the "SPORTS" branch? Certainly not because you have stories- you just need another page to place links and ads on. BOOOOOOOOOO TMZ

80 days ago


TMZ "Sports".... this is just another way to make a page for advertisements, you certainly don't have enough interesting stories to keep your REGULAR page interesting. I think you started this because TMZ "black people" would have caused too much backlash. GET A CLUE TMZ, MAKE AN EFFORT, AND REPORT ON SOMETHING LEGIT AND INTERESTING, LAZY TARDS!

80 days ago


Good, don't get tied to an irrelevant rapper for 18 years who'll have nothing in 5 years

80 days ago


She should shut the eff up and be happy the loser will at least do that.

80 days ago


Abortion is a good thing! Next time use birth control, losers!

80 days ago


Leave this drama to MAURY!

80 days ago


And here we have the issue with system

If the woman wants the baby man doesn't she can have it man can't do nothing

If the woman doesn't want the baby and the man does she can abort and once again the man can't do anything

the system is wrong I'd like to see more women get whacked for this and force this and force the governments hand

80 days ago


I don't blame her for not wanting the in vitro testing. It is dangerous. But, you have to wait. It's the choice you made, sweetie. No one takes responsibility for their choices anymore.

80 days ago


You know the funny part is women who are pro-abortion will tell him he's disgusting for offering to pay for an abortion

80 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Why does he need to pay for prenatal care? Does this woman plan not to have any financial responsibility for this child at all?

80 days ago


In the case of little Flo Rida Jr... Flo Rida, you ARE the baby's father ! Instead of buying a 1 dollar rubber, now this is going to cost you a whole lotta money. Way to 'keep it real'.

80 days ago


Come on, guys, funding a box of condoms is cheaper than funding abortion or prenatal care. Wrap it up!

80 days ago
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