Flo Rida You Are ... NOT the Father

7/4/2013 12:30 AM PDT

Flo Rida -- You Are NOT the Father


Somebody call Maury ... because Flo Rida underwent a paternity test to determine if he's the daddy of a 2-year-old boy in Florida -- and according to the documentation, he's free and clear.

TMZ broke the story ... Flo Rida was sued for child support in Florida by a woman named Gloria Holloway, who insists Flo fathered her kid.

Flo -- real name Tramar Dillard -- adamantly denied paternity ... and now he's got proof in the form of a DNA test.

TMZ has obtained the doc ... and according to the paperwork, there is a 0% chance that Flo is the daddy.

Sources close to the rapper tell us, his attorneys will be filing the DNA test results with the Florida Department of Revenue to block Holloway from obtaining a child support order against him.

Flo's lawyer tells us, "Flo Rida is absolutely not the father of the child and does not expect to hear anything else on the subject." Calls to Holloway weren't returned.