Miley Cyrus Cracks Date Rape Joke During Club Appearance

5/11/2014 8:27 AM PDT

Miley Cyrus
advocation for sex, drugs and everything else crossed a line the other day ... when she cracked a date rape joke while going on about how "everyone is a little bit gay."

Cyrus was performing at the legendary G-A-Y nightclub in London, when she brought a friend out on stage to wish him a happy birthday.

In discussing her friend's sexuality, Cyrus remarked, "You know, everyone’s a little bit gay … It’s the truth. Everyone’s gay, all it takes is one cocktail. And if that doesn’t work, sprinkle something in their drink. That’s what I always do."

This off-color comment follows her bizarre rant earlier in the week where she told her audience to quit smoking cigarettes and start smoking weed because it helps you get laid.