Shonda Rhimes Sued for Medical Malpractice TV Style

5/11/2014 12:50 AM PDT

"Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes has fake doctors in her life, but now she's about to get close to real lawyers ... because she's being sued for allegedly ripping off a struggling writer.

Debra Feldman claims in her lawsuit ... Rhimes got hold of her manuscript, "The Red Tattoo," and used it as a template for her doomed series, "Off the Map" -- about U.S. doctors working in a remote South American village.

Feldman says no one on Rhimes team knew squat about medical treatment on a  third-world island, so she must have lifted it from "The Red Tattoo."

Shonda's rep tells TMZ, “It is our policy not to comment on frivolous claims”