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Magic Johnson


We Should Pray for Him

5/13/2014 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson has finally responded to Donald Sterling's vicious attack -- telling us the disgraced Clippers owner is deeply troubled ... and is in desperate need of help. 

Johnson just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and fired back at Sterling's allegations that he ignores the black community ... telling us he's dedicated his life -- and billions of dollars -- to giving back. 

"I'm a proud black man. I'm a leader in the black community and I take that role seriously," Johnson said. 

Magic says ... instead of attacking Sterling, he thinks the guy needs help -- and says he is praying for him. Though he points out Sterling has NOT once truly apologized to him or the black community. 

Johnson also says Sterling is pissed at the wrong person -- telling us, "He should point the anger at the young woman."

Magic says he thinks Sterling was also trying to pit blacks and Jews against each other during his interview with CNN -- but says he will NOT succeed. 

In the end, Magic says he's very secure with himself and won't let Sterling's comments bring him down -- saying, "It's sad. We just got to pray for him."


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He blabbers too much. He needs to see his primary physician. He's SENILE. I've been around a lot of elderly people. Yes a lot of them are sensible and still have their marbles but theirs something wrong with him. He has to be senile.

141 days ago


Jihnsonnand all the rest of the black are just mad because he put his foot to his girl and told her to stay away for black men witch is a good thing . He own's the team and he can do what he want too. If the other blks don't like they can kiss his ass and not go to the games. Grow up black people you don't own the world yet.

141 days ago


oh my

141 days ago


Clearly, Oprah and Magic Johnson sought to capitalize on the situation for personal gain. They didn't even wait until the body was cold before they were scheming to buy the team. They both make me sick. Greed, greed and more greed. How horrible to be so wealthy and not be able to trust anyone.

141 days ago


Leave Sterling alone! Free V. Stiviano. Burn Magic to the stake.

141 days ago


One thing Sterling was right about has nothing to do with race, and that was that magic Johnson was and still isn't a roll model. He is an adulterer that contracted the HIV virus by sleeping around on his wife. I don't care what he says about Sterling, who is Magic Johnson anyway, just a rich ex NBA player, nothing more. Actions speak much louder than words and Magic has spoken with the proof his is an adulterer and Sterling just is a rich old fart. If he were a black man saying what he said against white people, no one would be saying anything at all.

141 days ago


Magic, prayers may help, but is there really anything that will help a bigot ? I have watched you over the years and you have been an asset to the community. You took something very negative in its infancy and made us pay attention to it. You and your family have been there fighting it from day 1. As to Mr. Sterling,Karma is a good thing is all I am saying.

141 days ago


Magic is whiter than Larry Bird; who's he trying to fool?

141 days ago


I'm a Celtics fan who has loved Magic since the 1980s. He has always been an extraordinary talent person. He has taken the high road toward Sterling. Magic has nothing to prove and Sterling is full of hot air.

141 days ago

Robert Traina    

You need to wake up and smell your Maxwell House cup. I Sorry to disappoint you, Lakers fan... Magic Johnson is a bad example for every black child in Los Angeles period! Many of them have followed his footstep and then milked thousand of innocent women at no cost. Who paid their dues on rent, food, and utilities? We the taxpayers are paying for his 'bad example' leadership!! Duh.

141 days ago


Anyone that TMZ reports on is just trash, bottom line. Trash with money, black, white, male, female, all trash. They all are hustlers pimps and/or whores. The bottom feeders of the USA.

141 days ago


Sterling is a old sick cancer laden man with dementia. It's clear from the interview with AC who took advantage of that for ratings and CNN'S own agenda. If it were the same cir***stances but Sterling was black nothing would be said or made of it except excuses or crickets. CNN needs to start reporting news that effects all of us in this country and around the world. Instead of inflaming ,inciting, over one sided racism to boost their agenda's and ratings.

141 days ago


Why respond to ignorance! No matter how much power, money; Sterling has . . . he is just IGNORANT!

141 days ago


Magic why respond to ignorance? Sterling . . . IGNORANT!

141 days ago


Magic is Class act and He is right ..He needs help ! Sterling has the beginnings of DEMENTIA!!! and he does need help!! listen to his voice and look in his eyes his demeener when he talks, grabbing his collar, moving his fingers about his face .. He is out there. Its sad!!!

141 days ago
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