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Magic Johnson


We Should Pray for Him

5/13/2014 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson has finally responded to Donald Sterling's vicious attack -- telling us the disgraced Clippers owner is deeply troubled ... and is in desperate need of help. 

Johnson just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and fired back at Sterling's allegations that he ignores the black community ... telling us he's dedicated his life -- and billions of dollars -- to giving back. 

"I'm a proud black man. I'm a leader in the black community and I take that role seriously," Johnson said. 

Magic says ... instead of attacking Sterling, he thinks the guy needs help -- and says he is praying for him. Though he points out Sterling has NOT once truly apologized to him or the black community. 

Johnson also says Sterling is pissed at the wrong person -- telling us, "He should point the anger at the young woman."

Magic says he thinks Sterling was also trying to pit blacks and Jews against each other during his interview with CNN -- but says he will NOT succeed. 

In the end, Magic says he's very secure with himself and won't let Sterling's comments bring him down -- saying, "It's sad. We just got to pray for him."


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No Avatar


When you know you just been bested, you say "I'll pray for you".

77 days ago


Kudo's to Magic for rising above the occasion and not adding to the media frenzy about this - and I totally agree that Sterling should be pointing the finger at the girl who betrayed him - She's piece of work -

77 days ago

Mr. Smith    

They both made business money, if Irving is going to analyze Sterling, then at least Sterling can put a little magic on Johnson's formula of nailing nba bar mavens like there was no tomorrow... Oops... He got something ...but he moved on and bought real estate... He has to put a brick wall in front of sterling... He chimed in enough already.

77 days ago


Tmz comments always turn racial. The truth is racists are a dying breed by the generation thats why dumb comments are losing recognition. You failed to be smart so you leave comments to feel like you exist. If you support racism, go ahead but the truth is sterlings opinions are his but its his job to keep them private. Thats the corporate world whether you like it or not

77 days ago

Ed Biker    

I love it. a man who's team is 90 percent of one race is calling a white owner (who employs 90 percent blacks) a racist. I think there is plentyracism to go around.

77 days ago

Mr. Smith    

Magic played up the racial angle like a pr move, nobody noticed him as out of the ordinary until he acted like he and Oprah can upend people in business, read the comments, there's **** flying all the time, Sterling isn't at the extreme by a long shot.

77 days ago


Mr. Johnson, you're a pig, you always have been. You only starting being half way a good person after you got AIDS. Personally, i think you go what you deserved.

77 days ago


"he's dedicated his life -- and billions of dollars -- to giving back".
Really.. Billions of dollars? Please do tell us.. And show us. Almost all Celebrity foundations benefits the celebrity, very very very little that is collected goes to any actual cause. Nice try Magic.

77 days ago


Kudos to Magic for rising above the media frenzy and Sterling with their racism. and I agree with him that Sterling should be angry at the woman who betrayed him by releasing the tapes. I don't agree with what Sterling says - but she's the one I blame.

77 days ago


....and pray for EJ. #Disgusting #SMDH

77 days ago


Something about when this douche said " They NEED me... And I need them", just literally creeped me out! Translation: I'm their maSSsah and they're my slaves type of creep-itis!!!! Lmao

77 days ago


Something about when this douche said " They NEED me... And I need them", just literally creeped me out! Translation: I'm their maSSsah and they're my slaves type of creep-itis!!!! Lmao

77 days ago

Mr. Smith    

"I hear you mom makes a mean apple pie, ..the most unbelievable apple pie, is that true?"

-tunnel escape

77 days ago


Magic Johnson's never apologized for owning a company (AFA Foods) that produced pink slime meat." the ammonia-treated mash of meat trimmings" Johnson's character bites.

77 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

He's right. I could hardly believe that Donald Sterling was a team owner when I heard his spew. He is completely out of touch, delusional and a straight up fabricator of bullshlt. There is something defy wrong with his head.

If you look up the meaning of Pandora's Box in a book you will find it represented by what Sterling's prostitute did by releasing those tapes. I want to see her go down (no pun) in flames too.

77 days ago
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