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Bryan Singer Accuser

Former Disney Prez Never Molested Me

5/15/2014 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0422_david_neuman_micheal_egan_getty_tmzFormer Disney Prez David Neuman and "X-Men" director Bryan Singer did not sexually molest accuser  Michael Egan -- so claimed Egan himself in sworn legal docs.

Egan signed a sworn declaration in 2003 after suing 3 other men (not Neuman or Singer) ... who allegedly molested him as a teenager back in the '90s at various parties. 

Egan's 2003 declaration states, "I have never had any kind of physical contact with David Neuman other than what is normal and appropriate between non-sexual acquaintances."

The declaration goes on, "Up until this last month [December 2003], I have only had incidental social contact with David Neuman, which involved primarily the exchange of polite greetings and small talk. … [Neuman] never acted improperly around me or toward me, on a personal or professional level."

And get this ... during Egan's sworn deposition in the earlier case, he said no one other than the 3 defendants were "partaking in all this stuff."  Egan now claims Singer was partaking, but his sworn words a decade ago flatly contradict that.

Neuman is asking the judge to throw out the case against him.


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If Brian Singer didn't tap that, you can rest assured this is payback for the ones he did. Standby as the floodgates open of people who start saying he did the same thing to them.

124 days ago


Why would you sign do***ents declaring something the not happen. TMZ legal minds need to explain. The article is confusing.

124 days ago

Stop being so LA rude!    

Please get that Reagan or Raquel off the air , she is embarrassingly GHETTO! I beg of you. She is narrow minded, ignorant,defensive, racist against any race making any reference to black s

124 days ago


Hi Egan! Have you met Wade Robson? He could use some help too...can't seem to recruit anyone credible to back him up for over a year...

It all makes sense to me all try to blackmail these people, they don't respond, so you have to follow through and make an A$$ of yourself. For life. Karma....well you know what they say about it....

124 days ago


They threaten. Hollyfake is ran and controlled by homosexual Zatanist, Zionist Satanist ask Corey feldman and how they killed corey heim in front of his mother and she won't say a word. John travolta, even admitted he got on because of sexual favors to big hollyweird directors and producer from his Welcome back carter days.

124 days ago


They threaten him that's all. We know pedophilia and prostitution goes on in hollyfake. Walt disney was biggest pedo in the world. He built disney world and land to get closer to children and they use mind control,satanic magic in their cartoons and films.

124 days ago


Y'all sheep are ignorant as **** to think this dude is lying. Cory feldman,todd bridges and many others are not lying. This Zatanic mofos tries to control almost everything the way u think,eat,act etc with their mind control movies and tv

124 days ago


Watch 'them' make all this dissappear

124 days ago


What's the big deal? Woody was molesting his children for years as well as marrying his daughter.

124 days ago


Woody Allen gets to walk around like he didn't do ****! Mind ****ing blowing

124 days ago

Bossy Potato    

It obviously is a memory that resurfaced in recent years. That's what tends to happen with victims of abuse. You delete it from your brain until one day boom, there's the memory. Bryan singer looks creepy as hell. No doubt he creeped on teens.

124 days ago


These guys will pay him MUCH more $$$$$ to say 'they did nothing' than what the accusers will ever get... I think this is another 'so called' DARK secret about Hollywood that is gonna EXPLODE..... 'coded' responses..'oh ya so " you're 'bisexual' about trying to cover all your bases (in case of what may come up next!!)....Ummmm YOU BRIAN SINGER are SUNK......this is the end....

124 days ago


Singer says Neuman did nothing wrong in a declaration. How does that pertain to singer. Was the context of the declaration encompassing the allegations against Neuman now? Why sue the guy if he did nothing ..will see what the court does...

124 days ago


So Egan's lawyer never took the time to research the previous court docs? And Egan thought he could get away with changing his statement 11 years later? I don't know- i understand the buried memory explanation - but why would he remember some of the accused and not others? I'm no longer convinced by all the rumors about Singer online.

124 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

People without the ability to be critical thinkers are all being hired by tmz! Please explain to me what innocent man would contact someone and have them sign this declaration simply because they sued the men who had molested them years earlier? An innocent person has no need or thought to have a do***ent like this drafted, and it actually makes me far more suspicious than I was previously. I hope the judge in the case thinks more like Judge Judy than the person who wrote this story! A guilty person would most definitely have this type of thing drafted before they can be sued and outed.

124 days ago
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