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Phil Robertson

Yeah, I Meant What I Said About Gays

5/22/2014 6:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Robertson
is stronger than ever that homosexuality is an evil that deserves disdain and eternal damnation.

The "Duck Dynasty" star gave a fire-and-brimstone sermon on Easter Sunday ... way stronger than his comments to GQ last December that triggered a brief suspension from the show.

Robertson told his congregation last month, "Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolators, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Robertson also scoffed at the media for criticizing them ... scoffing that reporters were ignorant when it comes to the bible.


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F u c k you TMZ leave the Christian faith be . Its not right and man wanting another man d!ck up the sh!t pipe yuk

154 days ago


A&E can thank PHIL ROBERTSON for the fact that I have blocked their network from being viewed in my houses.... and I am not alone in thia.... promote the "bigot agenda" and those of us who are intelegent free thinkers will reject you.

154 days ago


God watching bitches

154 days ago


Who cares what a red neck homophobe says ? This is coming from a man giving advice on how to get under aged girls . Certainly isnt preaching the message of jesus love

154 days ago


The bible was written thousands of years ago many of you have no idea how many times it was translated and cut and changed do your research before quoting a book that none of u follow completely if you did you wouldn't be on a worldly site and u wouldn't have worldly possessions remember god says give up all worldly possessions and follow him so all u anti gay "christians" need to take a long hard look at yourselves

154 days ago


What, a celebrity didn't change his opinion just because people complained? Bullying doesn't work anymore?

154 days ago


None of us would be able to leave a comment if left to homosexuality. We are only here because of one man and one woman. Simple. God created fact. If left to homosexuality this world would be non existent.

154 days ago


what an idiot!!! the adulterers are all in the damn churches!! wake up, fool!...who the-f--k are you to judge anyone?// look at the damnable churches, full of racists, greedy swine, adulterers galore, porn addicts, child molesters, drunks, gluttons, perverts, casual "fornicators", wife beaters, child & wife abusers, haters, mean people, liars, fakes, hypocrites,, etc...God was speaking TO the "church" it seems, wasn't he???!!

154 days ago


I was watching earlier and Harvey was commenting on Jefferson and the Constitution and slavery to Phil and the Bible.. Phil had no part in the writing of the Bible. He didn't make the rules, he just believes in what the Bible says. Just because you don't like the rules, doesn't mean you don't have to follow them. You can take it to congress if you don't like the laws.. Whom do you call if you don't like what the old testament says? Not Phil. If he was doing things against the Bible, you would think he was a hypocrite.. Killing the messenger kind of thing.. If you don't like it.. don't listen.

154 days ago


Oh America if this was a black it would be wrong, but when it's an inbred hill Billy it's just fine.

154 days ago


Interesting that none of us would be able to comment if left up to homosexuals. Only a man and woman created us. Simple.

154 days ago


So basiclly EVERYONE, including him ad his family are goig to hell! What an idiot.

154 days ago


The bible is fiction - but if you so choose to believe in it - in the interpretation that best suits your needs- that is your right as a citizen. It's freedom of religion. Mr. Robertson "all about the constitution and bill of rights Robertson" thinks because he has a gigantic forum to spout his religious views that he is somehow correct, and so do those of you that are intolerant and agree with this nutjob. Well homosexuality is also a right and should be tolerated as much as any other right --the right wing conservatives don't get to decide what part of the bill of rights is important. I understand that some people clearly will never understand or tolerate homosexuality but it's very troubling when people take up so much time and energy to preach and speak about what they don't tolerate. Life is short- enjoy your life and leave others alone. It's really that simple.

154 days ago


It goes to show you the type of people that comment on this site, 9-10 are f*ck god, it's BS, blah blah blah.. Truly sad

154 days ago


We need more people like phil in the world and alot less ass****ers

154 days ago
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