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Santa Barbara Massacre

Shooter Vows to Kill

Out of Sexual Frustration

5/24/2014 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

052414_elliot_rodgers_launchThe horrific massacre at UCSB Friday night -- in which 6 people were shot dead -- seemed to be triggered by a maniac who was angry at women because they would not have sex with him ... and TMZ has learned shooter has a connection to "Hunger Games."

22-year-old Elliot Rodger posted a YouTube video hours before he unleashed his violence on the streets of Isla Vista -- the UCSB community.  We've learned Rodger is the son of Peter Rodger, the second unit director of the first installment of "Hunger Games."

Elliot Rodger was killed as he engaged Sheriff's deputies who responded to the scene.  He died from a gunshot wound to the head, although it's unclear if it was self-inflicted.

In the video you hear Rodger's fury at the women who did not find him attractive and you hear his resolve at getting revenge.

According to reports ... a lawyer for Peter Rodger says the director contacted police several weeks ago about YouTube clips his son had uploaded in regards to "suicide and killing people."

The Associated Press says the lawyer claims police interviewed Elliot and found him to be a "perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human."

"My client's mission in life will be to try to prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again," the lawyer said. Adding, "This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses."



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Really it's sad that no woman took the time to at least give the guy some pointers.. Or tell him why he was undesirable. Ladies give men a chance.... You just might like them! He was an idiot for harming others.... What a shame, people died because he couldn't get laid.

89 days ago


After viewing his YouTube videos and sad FB page, this guy was a miserable wretch. Young virgin, if you had been a little less into your BMW and put out a far less creepy vibe, you would have met a girl. Even your "sunset" video in Santa Barbara from your car was creepy! And stop bringing poor Belinda Carlise's music into things. What did she do to you to now be a part of your video history?

89 days ago


Interesting in that , David Attias, a UCSB student and son of a director, Daniel Attias, went on a car rampage and killed 4 people in Isla Vista @ 2001.

89 days ago


He clearly hated the player and not the game.

89 days ago


its obvious this guy is gay and he was also mentally unstable.
no one shoots people because they cant get laid. you can always buy sex...and there is always someone willing to sleep with someone especially if drinks are involved.

this guy wanted to go out with a bang by creating a fabricated story and reason to justify some pain he was feeling. he clearly wanted people to think he was straight as well.

89 days ago


Lemme tell you something, I didn't do nothing to this guy lol but I will have my **** lock and loaded.

89 days ago


It's a crime?

89 days ago


He probably was acting weird as hell.

89 days ago


I find it hard to feel sorry for ANYONE who kills 6 unarmed people. You were a nut job who couldnt handle rejection. Millions have been rejected, you aren't the first and wont be the last. You killed, maybe it was an insight of what was going on inside your head and not your looks or personality and the girls found unattractive.

89 days ago


He wanted all the hot sexy girls. He never once thought that he could've boinked an endless array of fat and or ugly homely girls ?!? Of course if he was filthy rich he could've boinked the hottest chicks out there, but he wasn't. He just didn't know that he had to work with what he had and go after the chicks he knew he could boink. Anyway, this could turn out to be the basis for a really good sorority slasher movie in 3D.

89 days ago


Where is we gotta ask?

89 days ago


He was cute-ish but he probably acted like an arrogant do uche so maybe that's why no one wanted to do the humpity hump with him. I feel bad for the the victims and the victims families. Also, for the lunatics parents and family..having to live with the fact their son was a murd.erer.

89 days ago


Cry me a river you creepy demented creep. I bet you his spirit is haunting all the men's locker rooms from beyond the grave doing that bazaar laugh he was doing in the video as he snaps towels at all the guys fannies.

89 days ago


Don't let Rob Kardashian see this video, just saying.

89 days ago


You need to go on tagged. I'm sure you can get exactly what you want.

89 days ago
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