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Jason Patric's Baby Mama

He Called Me 'Jew C**t' & 'Jew Lawyer'

And Beat Me with a Phone

5/29/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


update_graphic_red_bar9:10 AM PT --
Danielle's attorney Patty Glaser is now responding, telling TMZ, "Mr. Patric's reprehensible physical abuse and anti-Semitic remarks date back as far as 2005. Unfortunately, victims of domestic violence ask themselves all the time why they maintained relationships with the abuser and when they realize what happened no longer tolerate it."

She adds, "The fact that the domestic violence restraining order was issued after a family court judge heard Ms. Schreiber's and Mr. Patric's testimony speaks for itself."

Jason Patric
repeatedly called his baby mama "Jew c**t" and  "Ms. Jew Lawyer" ... this according to the baby mama herself.

You probably know ... Jason has made a cause celeb out of the fact that a quirk in the law prohibited him from having a relationship with son -- Gus, now 4, was born via in vitro fertilization with the help of a doctor ... and under California law since Jason wasn't married to the mother he had no right. 

Jason appealed for public sympathy and enlisted the help of a number of celebs.  An appeals court has just given him a shot at winning some custody.

But baby mama Danielle Schreiber sees Jason as anything BUT sympathetic.  In legal docs filed with the court and reviewed by TMZ ... she claims Jason was a monster, slamming her head into a wall and hitting her in the face with a telephone receiver.

And she says he was awful to her, regularly referring to her as ""Jew C**t" and  "Ms. C**t Schreiber."   She says Jason's anti-Semitism continued when he went to their son's preschool, and in front of everyone ... called her "Ms. Jew Lawyer" and "Ms. Jew Schreiber."  She says he also accused her of being "c**tish" -- in front of everyone.

Schreiber got a restraining order in November, prohibiting him from contacting or harassing her.

For Patric's part, his lawyer, Fred Silberberg, calls the allegations "categorically untrue." He tells us, "These disclosures are a last gasp attempt at disparaging Gus’ father ... [They] are desperate comments from a desperate woman."

The lawyer adds, "If Ms. Schreiber is telling the truth, which she is not, then she should explain how it is that she chose to have a child with Mr. Patric, why she engaged in years of fertility treatments with him, lived with mr. Patric ... [and] maintained a relationship with [him] for over 10 years."


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Tammy LM    

Somebody tell that moron sperm donor's lawyer that not everyone sees the true UGLY side of someone til they enter into an UGLY situation with them. If every spouse was as much a pleasure to deal with in the end of the marriage as they are at the beginning, there would be NO difficult divorces.

156 days ago


Sounds like the name fits.

156 days ago

Golden Boy    

Why are white people so racist? SMH

156 days ago


He called her what she is, what is the issue here?

156 days ago


So Jews are not white??...she looks white to me....

156 days ago


Is she offended at being called a she ashamed to be a Jew?

156 days ago


Dumb woman u should have smack him in the face with a pot!!!

156 days ago


she must be friends w/ bethany frankel, cray-cray (crazy) time.

156 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Haha a couple of self-important ass hole morons fighting with each other.... Love it! Would the world be any worse off if all these losers, including their lawyers, were just hurled down into some deep pit somewhere and they just died and vanished?

156 days ago


And the evidence of that is ... where? Just she said, he said?

Yeah roll out all the accusations that, while she can't even begin to prove it ... once they're out in the media, he's going to be hung for it any which way. She's certainly a shrewd lawyer. Not necessarily a decent mother though: stopping a child from having a relationship with a father who has committed no crime, who is not a bad person, is arguably pretty bad.

And marital disputes (and similar) - no matter what language is used in the heat of the moment - are NOT illegal. He may still have said ALL THAT, and that could still just make him an angry man during an argument, no different to anyone else on any given day. Political correctness is a farce, but it's work-aroundable. Hypocrisy and people applying standards to others -where they could never meet those standards - is just cheap and nasty.

I don't like or subscribe to racism (my own children are mixed race), religious persecution (my entire family is religious, I'm Atheist), gender/sexuality discrimination (I'm straight, friends are gay, makes no diff that I can see) ....

... but I REALLY rail against the idea that all you ever have to do to "be right" is say "someone called me a "***got", "Jewish c*nt", "black pr*ck" and low and behold, they're guilty unless and until proven otherwise.

They're not, it's just one person's word against another, and you need more proof and proper proof than that. Sadly, this guy probably won't get that chance to defend it, she's said it, she's Jewish, and he's apparently now guilty until he proves he's not.

You really have to wonder if Western Society just doesn't have too much time on its hands that we are having conversations like THIS!

156 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I am Jewish and she shouldn't care about that stuff. Jews should be above caring about the words people use. We have been rising above that for many years. Ignore the ignorance and just worry about your own life and family. Outsiders really aren't to be concerned with in the Jewish world

156 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

She should've used a Jewish donor anyway. Why would she want to mix nonjewish blood into her family tree? That's a big no no. She gets what she paid for

156 days ago


Isn't this how it typically goes. Women use men to have babies then strip them of their parental rights like how amazons use to do.

Also I'm pretty sure the public will believe every word coming out of her mouth. After all we live in a society today which brainwash into believing women are less capable of telling lies than men.

156 days ago


The lies she tells!

156 days ago


Take cay you kiiidz even if they were conceived using a turkey baster.

156 days ago
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