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Jonah Hill

Throws Homophobic Slur at Photographer ...

"Suck My D***, F*****"

6/3/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonah Hill
 got fed up with a photographer's comments about his outfit, and lashed out by hurling a gay slur at him, yelling ... "Suck my d***, you f*****!"

Hill was out in the Larchmont area of L.A. over the weekend when a couple paparazzi started asking questions. Hill kept silent ... even when one of the guys (not from TMZ) mocked his floral print board shorts, saying ... "I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy."

The photog followed Hill for another 40 seconds or so before wishing him a good day -- and that's when an obviously angry and frustrated Hill uncorked the homophobic slur.

Jonah's been a very vocal supporter of gay rights, and famously blasted Russia's anti-gay laws leading up to the Winter Olympics.

We called his rep for comment, but so far … haven't heard back.


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Its never right to call someone a slur but he was pushed by that dbag pap he most.probably snapped and said it without thinking. given that he is an activist for gay rights Im sure he can be cut some slack.

145 days ago


Will TMZ roast Hill like they've tried to do with Bieber's joke from when he was 15? Stay tuned...

145 days ago


Leave the guy alone and don't poke him - @j0eskies

145 days ago


Yeah. You all kinda deserve it. You are pond s***. Leaches. You are Rh reason rob kardashian hides. And it pains my soul to stick up for that crap family

145 days ago


Seriously, who gives a ****? The guy can say whatever he ****ing wants. You bunch of bitches are too damn sensitive. You people are a bunch of self righteous hypocrites. I only visit this site so I can further witness the downfall of this pussified country. I don't see you guys posting videos every time a person calls someone else a Bitch. Shouldn't we be offended by someone doing that since it is a slur against women? Or how about we get offended when we talk about someone being OLD? because isn't that offensive against elderly people saying its terrible to be old? Who gives a **** if he called him a ***got? You pieces of **** push people to the brink of insanity when you continually harrass them and record every move they make. If ANYONE gave a **** what you irrelevant paps did and the shoe was on the other foot, there is no telling what kind of dirt could be dug up on anyone from TMZ. I think celebs are given wealth and fortune for something that doesn't deserve it, but I get so tired of you jusgemental *******s reporting **** that isn't news. Get real.

145 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

The support he has given to gay causes far outweighs any momentary lapse in judgment.

145 days ago


F***** is a bad word...those paps r bad people. That's why it makes sense.

145 days ago


listening to that and i still dont think he fears homo' at homophobic a buzz word used to shame anyone who dares not pat gays on the back and lie to them by telling them what they do is normal and natural

145 days ago


well when a guy looks at you and says you look sexy..if you dont know that guy you can assume he is a ***got..i dont blame hill

145 days ago


I wonder when people will start to admit that the PC days might be behind us.

145 days ago


There's no forgiving him. That kind of horrendous comment is what gets gay kids killed. I won't buy a ticket to anything he's in any more. Any apology he offers will be rejected.

145 days ago


Just because a word holds a certain meaning or connotation in some scenarios, you shouldn't use that as a blanket for every time the word is used. It wasn't meant to truly be a slur. The photographer was acting, well, like a ***got. "***got" is colloquially for a person who is being ignorant, inconsiderate, annoying, etc. It has nothing to do with them being homosexual, or to insult homosexuals, and can be used for anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

145 days ago


he sounds like a hater if he does not want to be photographed out in public he needs to get a job making minimum wage selling woman's shoes, door to door sales or fetching coffee at Starbucks, he can easily retire as im sure there are plenty of actors out there willing to take his salary . He sounds seriously ignorant and disturbed

145 days ago


He's an ugly hook nosed knock-kneed fat ass.

145 days ago


he is suppose to be a comedic actor why would a silly comment by a stranger stir up so much hate in this guy to say something so hateful. makes him look like a jack azz really

145 days ago
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