Gloria Gaynor I'm Not Homophobic Just Really Religious

1/25/2014 12:15 AM PST

Gloria Gaynor -- I'm NOT Homophobic ... Just Really Religious

Gloria Gaynor requested no shirtless men be in her line of sight during her performance at a gay bar Thursday night ... but not because she's homophobic -- her people say the singer is just deeply religious.

The "I Will Survive" singer took a trip to the Abbey in West Hollywood -- a gay mecca -- and performed her new song ... but the gig was delayed when Gaynor insisted managers remove all go-go dancers from the room.

The place is known for it's scantily clad men in speedos ... but Gloria's people say the 64-year-old diva was just protecting her image -- and it had nothing to do with the strong possibility the men were gay.

In fact, the rep says Gloria is an equal opportunity offender ... and makes an effort to never take pics with shirtless men OR provocatively dressed women.

Check out the picture at the Abbey.  You could make the argument it's kinda religious ....