Jeremy 'Dreamy McMug' Meeks Model Prisoner Could Make $30K a Month

6/23/2014 11:00 AM PDT

Jeremy Meeks -- aka Dreamy McMug -- stands to make tens of thousands of dollars just for looking like a hot gangster.

Blaze Modelz tells TMZ ... "gangster models" are hot right now.  The agency claims they can book Meeks with high-end fashion houses -- like Versace and Armani -- and he could rake in $15 - $30K a month. 

Blaze also says they actually like Meeks' face tattoos ... even the gang-revealing teardrop.  They thinks it's edgy and sexy.  They didn't mention the Crip tattoo on his neck, but that can be covered.

Another modeling agency -- that did not want to be named -- tells us ... once Meeks is a free man they'd like to work with him as well.

Here's the problem.  Meeks is currently being held on $900,000 bail with no prospect of getting out soon.  He's a convicted criminal facing serious weapons charges and could be a little long in the tooth before he gets sprung.