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'Pit Bull Girl'

KFC Concludes

Story Is BOGUS

6/24/2014 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KFC Pit Bull Girl Story

KFC is calling BS on  the "pit bull girl" who was allegedly turned away from one of its franchises because customers were grossed out by her bite wounds.

KFC claims there have now been 2 investigations -- one internal and one independent -- and both show "no evidence" such an incident ever occurred at the Jackson Mississippi franchise.

3-year-old Victoria Welcher's family claims the girl was kicked out because employees felt her facial wounds from the dog attack were upsetting customers.

KFC says it will still honor its $30,000 donation to assist Victoria's family in paying her medical bills. 

So even if the claim was phony ... it worked.


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Money grab like always.

118 days ago


Dude, do they even need to investigate this? White people never gets kicked out. Truth.

118 days ago


they need to start putting people in jail with these false claims. and the people who have the false claims against them need to start suing the h ell out of these lowlifes who use peoples emotions for a quick buck

118 days ago


so sad on so many levels

118 days ago


They did it to get donations for her.

118 days ago

Music Fan    

Could you please fix this headline?

It makes it sound as if KFC is denying this girl was ever attacked by a pit bull, while the actual point of contention is whether she was given the boot from the restaurant.

118 days ago


Good on them for at least not clawing back that 30K. It's not the poor kid's fault that her family members are unscrupulous morons.

If the rest of the funds from the crowdfunding aren't strictly used on her medical care, though, the leftovers shouldn't be kept by the family.

118 days ago


Don't they have security cameras? Go back and watch, if the employee goes up to them and then they leave, then it might be true, if not, it didn't happen. Otherwise it's just person against person and no witness is going to cop to saying a poor little girls disfigurement made them lose their appetite.

118 days ago

john flynn    

I feel sorry for the girl but giving them money to pay her bills will encourage other s*** parents to do the same. Parents should be lock up for theifing ways.

118 days ago


The secret recipe is - crime pays. Great lesson to teach your children.

118 days ago


What a way to exploit your child. Worthless mfers

118 days ago


How sad for this child that not only did she get brutally attacked by a dog, but that when she grows up, this will be the legacy her family has put on her. They should have just honestly solicited donations and networked as much as possible to get her name out there for help. Not her fault and kudos to KFC for recognizing that the child should not pay the price for this.

118 days ago


Sick! How disgusting that they got away with it.
Moral of the story? Free money at KFC!

118 days ago


Needless to say, this is very disappointing. It undoubtedly hurts those who have legitimate or real needs. Ironically, this family could probably received thousands of dollars in aid just by publicizing their little girl's condition and her need for help paying medical bills. Now her family is going to get a ton of grief for stealing money from the public. A..holes!

118 days ago


White man walks in with a nasty @$$, appetite-killin' messed up mug... but it's the black brother who's gonna get kicked out for lookin' at him wrong. That's the world we live in. Truth.

118 days ago
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