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Mel Gibson Arresting Cop

How Dare Gary Oldman Attack Me

I NEVER Used the N-Word

6/24/2014 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0624-james-mee-mel-gibson-01The former deputy who arrested Mel Gibson is indignant that Gary Oldman accused him of making disparaging comments about Jews and African-Americans. 

Oldman did an interview with Playboy, defending Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin, saying, "I know [Mel] got drunk and said a few things, but we've all said those things."  Oldman then goes on to attack former  L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee, saying "We're all f**king hypocrites.  That's what I think about it.  The policeman who arrested him has never used the word n****r or that f**king Jew?" 

Mee tells TMZ, "I'm Jewish and why would I say that to discredit my own religious makeup?"

Mee goes on, "The N-word is a scary word.  I would never even dream of using it.  It sickens me that anyone would use that word."

Mee says, "Jews have been persecuted and put down over the years. Why would I, as a Jew, do that to other races?"

Mee doesn't think kindly of Oldman, saying, "I feel sorry for people that need to say things about other people in order to justify themselves."

As for Mel, Mee says he absolutely does not think the actor has been rehabilitated.


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Give it up Mee. Everyone says stupid things at one time or another. You are just proving you are a bigger loser for denying it.

121 days ago


Nope, sorry. I don't use language like that. It isn't in my vocabulary. Saying everyone does, is a way for people who use slurs to justify their behavior. Sorry, you can say it as much as you want, but the simple fact is NO, not everyone talks like that.

121 days ago

Jay W.     

Nobody really cares... do they?

121 days ago


he be tryin to back outta his prejodise azz comments.

121 days ago


How sad that people who do this type of thing think that everyone else is also doing it.

121 days ago


Glad to see Mel back in the saddle... A solid actor and there's short supply. As far as sins go - Mel does not even make the noteworthy list when compared to the Hollywood trash sliding scale...Many in that trash heap happen to be Jewish...for whatever reason...It's reality not anti semitism

121 days ago

john flynn    

What with TMZ always picking on Mel Gibson it borders on stalking now. Leave the poor man alone TMZ

121 days ago

Eye roll     

Umm why is this a "story"

121 days ago



121 days ago


Gary oldman is a piece of sh*t just like his girlfriend mel.

121 days ago

Bossy Potato    

I had a feeling the arresting officer was jewish. Why else would he get his panties in a twist over a drunkard saying disparaging things about Jews. If you are a bad drunk, you say bad sh!t. I agree with Gary. People make mistakes. Mel Gibson was/is in Hollywood which is pretty much all Jews! I doubt he would purposefully say those kinds of things sober. So dumb. People do just need to re-fcuking-lax. No one is perfect.

121 days ago


Remind me never to get drunk with Mel and Gary together. I have no interest in meeting the Mossad.

121 days ago

Blim Jameson    

This speaks volumes about Gary Oldman, doesn't it?

121 days ago


The truth finally comes out ! The arresting officer is a beady eyed jew...
As a former cop, I wondered why an arresting officer would have ever brought the issue up in the first place.
Little punk ass jew cop , it was all a self serving issue... ******* jew !

121 days ago


Who cares !!!!!!!

121 days ago
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