Jeremy Meeks If I Can't Dress Like A Model ... You Can't Take My Photo

7/3/2014 10:05 AM PDT

Jeremy Meeks is NOT ready for his closeup -- Dreamy McMug wants to BAN all cameras from his court hearing ... since the judge is forcing him to dress like a common criminal.

Meeks' attorney will file a motion this morning to prevent the media from taking ANY photographs or video of the hearing set for next week.

It's kind of a last ditch effort -- as TMZ first reported ... the judge already shot down Meeks' request to wear custom-fitted clothes to court instead of his orange jumpsuit and shackles.

The docs are hilarious ... the lawyer says Meeks' mug shot has been shown by tens of thousands of media outlets, and has "become woven in the fabric of pop culture."  

His point -- there's now so much media interest in Meeks -- who's facing weapons charges -- that if he's seen in jail duds, it will make him look guilty and hurt his chances of getting an unbiased jury.