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Richard Pryor's Kids

Nick Cannon Can't Play Our Dad!

7/3/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon
seems to think he has the role of Richard Pryor locked up for a new biopic ... but Pryor's kids tell us they don't think he cuts it ... but they say they know who can.

Richard Pryor Jr. and Rain Pryor say the man for the role is Marlon Wayans.  They believe Wayans understands their dad's psyche and can connect with the character in a compelling way.

As for Nick ... they just don't think he has the acting chops to pull off the role.  They say "Drumline" doesn't give him the cred to play Richard.

But the kids have a more fundamental problem with the biopic ... they tell us it dishonors their dad because it's become a vanity project for their stepmom, Jennifer Pryor, who they believe will skew Richard's life to make her look good.  

The kids are also clearly pissed they've been cut out of the project.

This may explain why Nick was kind of coy on TMZ Live Wednesday ... reluctant to acknowledge if director Lee Daniels has tapped him for the role.  It seems he wants his participation to fly under the radar, so the family doesn't kick up dust and scare the studio.



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I agree with them. Marlon Wayans would be a WAY better choice. Nick Cannon has no talent and cant act.

91 days ago


They have a point there. Marlon Wayans has showed multiple times that he has the skill to play a serious role and is also a great comic talent. I hope that there will be a silver screen movie of the late great Richard Pryor, like there have been from Ray Charles and others. Starring none other than Marlon Wayans.

91 days ago


Good choice. People forget, since he normally does comedy, what a fantastic dramatic actor Marlon is. A double acting threat.

91 days ago


I think Nick Cannon is talented . But i don't think this is the role for him .

91 days ago


Cut out of the project means they were cut out of the money. Somebody is going to make money off of their father and it doesn't include them. BooHoo!

91 days ago


Not saying Nick Cannon is a good choice, but Marlon Wayans would need a damn face transplant before he'd come close to resembling Richard Pryor. Movie magic can do a lot, but that is reeeeaaally stretching it.

They could probably get away with someone who otherwise looks enough like Pryor and maybe just needs a prosthetic nose (as that's probably the easiest facial feature to realistically fake). That entire combo of Pryor's narrow face, square chin, and prominent nose... I just can't think of anyone else (who is qualified as an actor) who looks enough like him.

91 days ago


An absolute insult for nick cannon to play Richard Pryor. I can't even believe he's an option. It's gotta be some cheap ass cable TV movie cause no one's gonna go see nick cannon play Richard Pryor in an actual movie theater where they sell tickets and snacks. No way. He hasn't done ****, how can he play one of the greatest comics of our time.

91 days ago


First, Aaliyah's family didn't think Zendaya was suitable to perform in Aaliyah's biopic. Now, we have yet another similar situation here. What is this...a trend?

91 days ago


I agree!

91 days ago


This always does happen with these type of films where the (living) family members who are most attached to the project make themselves look great. lol. Look at all the different versions of life in films/shows about The Kennedys or how Liberace's partner made himself seem like a victim (and like Matt Damon!! lol). Maybe he was .....but I doubt it was so black & white.

91 days ago


I agree I use to listen to hos albums as a kid he is my favorite overall comedian wish i seen him live and had a chance in mid 90's but could not go ans see him sit in a chair by far the best comedian ever and i agree with Marlon

91 days ago


Remember people we r talking about a LEGEND

91 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I like Nick for the part. I'm tired of hearing every single family complain about every single biopic. I'm even more tired of watching the actors get bullied because they got the part.

91 days ago

So Nasty So Rude    

Nick Carey can not play Richard Pryor... That kid is not funny at all I don't know who told him he was a comedian..and he can't act!! This better not happen! #MarlonW

91 days ago


I don't think either Nick Cannon or Marlon Wayons have enough experience to play someone as complex as Richard Pryor.

91 days ago
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