Ludacris Cash Strapped Rapper Unloads Condos Heads for the Hills

7/14/2014 12:15 AM PDT
Forget the hos and their area codes ... Ludacris is more into realtors in different zip codes now -- he just ditched a sweet West L.A. penthouse condo to move into the Hollywood Hills. 

We got pics inside the 2 bed, 2-bath West L.A. condo he sold for $830K. He paid $669K for the place back in 2002 ... right after "Area Codes" blew up, by the way.

Luda also sold a 2nd unit in the same building ... but lost a couple hundred grand on that one.  

If the condos seem like small potatoes for Ludacris ... keep in mind he recently paid $4.8M for a baller pad up in the Hills of Hollywood, and still keeps a $2.8 million crib in Atlanta.

Pretty good for a guy who's pleading poverty in his child support case.