Apollo Nida Forced to Make it Right By Ponying Up $2 Mil

7/16/2014 1:31 PM PDT

Apollo Nida just got his tab for committing check fraud and money laundering -- $1.9 MILLION in restitution.

TMZ has obtained court docs which breakdown who gets the money Apollo must now pay. Some of the heavy hitters include:

-- JP Morgan Chase  $828,300
-- IRS  $127,011
-- Delta Airlines  $24,985
-- State of California  $15,778
-- State of Connecticut  $45,525
-- State of Texas $39,275

And there's more.  Apollo -- who is married to Phaedra Parks from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- screwed over pretty much everyone with whom he came in contact.

He'll have plenty of time to think about his misdeeds.  Apollo was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison.