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'Big Brother'

Ariana Grande Hides Grandpa's Death

From Brother Frankie

7/23/2014 9:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ariana Grande Grandpa Died"Big Brother" is now keeping a deep secret  -- something that could derail the show if revealed too soon -- and it involves the death of one of Ariana Grande's relatives.

Ariana's grandfather died Tuesday.  He's also the grandpa of Ariana's brother, Frankie Grande, who's a contestant on "Big Brother."

It seems just before he died the grandfather knew Frankie might bail from the show if he found out, so one of grandpa's last wishes was to keep his death a secret from Frankie.

Ariana was chronicling her grandpa's illness ... recently posting pictures with him in the hospital.  But Frankie never saw them per the rules of the show.

Ariana made her grandfather's wishes clear, tweeting, "asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said "no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it"

It seems from the "Big Bro" live feeds ... Frankie is still in the dark over his grandpa's death.
7:00 PM PT -- Producers just told Frankie about the death.



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Now she's one fine chick I'd like to see more pix of. Why even bother with the Riannas and Selenas when you can post about a true beauty like Ariana? Harvey should only be responsible for Michael Sam updates. Truth.

55 days ago


Yep. Being on TV is more important than being with a dying family member. I'd be pissed if I was him.

55 days ago

Shady j    

So now he gonna see it here hummm Tmz

55 days ago


That's actually pretty sad, you don't get to see your dying Grandfather because of some stupid reality show game?

55 days ago


No, that's awful and wrong. They should tell him!!!

55 days ago


Family ALWAYS comes first. This is disgraceful.

55 days ago


They should have told him before he died. Maybe even now so he can go to the funeral if he chooses. (It's not like the family is hard up for money). But wait any longer and, well, what's two more months?

55 days ago

You Don't Know    

None of us can put ourselves in his shoes. He may be upset he wasn't told, but I am sure he will get comfort from knowing his Grandpa wanted him to finish the game. Who knows. I am praying for their family. Love ya on BB Frankie!

55 days ago


frankie is a HUGE attention whore. he won't be leaving a show where he's on tv every night and the live feeds 24/7.

the only way he'd leave is if ariana's manager decides it makes them look like heartless freaks.

55 days ago


They took away his last moments with a loved one for a tv show. Haven't watched it this over it..but this is a new low. Guess the family made the decision...but it was the wrong one. This is going to mess with the young man the rest of his life.

55 days ago


Soo much for family comes first.. sheesh

55 days ago


The show sucks ... nothing could "derail" it ....

55 days ago

You Don't Know    

Some people are so freakin judgemental!! Damn! This was not a choice Frankie made, stop coming down on him like he is in the wrong. He did not know his Grandpa was about to pass. He still does not know he did pass. frankie's family (mainly his Grandpa) made the decision for him. They didn't want to tell him, so he doesn't know. I am sure if he was given the choice (which he WAS NOT) he would have left. He always talks about his family & seems to love them all.

55 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I watched the first episode and this is the first time I won't watch and it's because of this guy. He's like "I don't want anyone to know who my duster is". I was like dude I've never heard of her anyway you creep

55 days ago


Wow! Fleeting fame is worth it over a beloved family member's death?

Disliking reality TV more and more.

55 days ago
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