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Paparazzi Agency

Of Course We Use Drones

8/4/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi Using Drones
The LAPD is worried the paparazzi will start using drones to shoot celebs and their homes. Turns out ... it's already happening.

We've learned a major paparazzi agency -- AKM-GSI -- has been selling drone videos of celebrity homes. Steve Ginsburg, who owns the agency, tells us he has no problem shooting the real estate but he wants nothing to do with images that include actual celebs behind their walls.

Ginsburg is clear - there is no law prohibiting his company from shooting aerial footage of homes ... even if the celebs are in the shot.  But he says there would be a "huge backlash" if his or any other agency tried to hawk the footage.

Ginsburg says a photog tried to sell him drone video of Miley Cyrus in her backyard but he wouldn't bite.  Miley actually spotted the drone and was pissed ... shooting the aircraft from the ground and uploading it on Instagram to show the intrusion.

Ginsburg tells TMZ, "We have the utmost respect for celebs and we stand by our word that we will not distribute any drone video capturing celebrities on public or private property."



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44 days ago

Stephen Park    

well im glad i watched that video it took longer to buffer than to watch

44 days ago


Steve Ginsburg is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He can't take both sides of an issue. It's either one or the other.

44 days ago



44 days ago


I have no doubt there will be laws on the books in record time to stop invasion of privacy issues raised by the obvious ability of drones to be literal "peeping Toms". What's to stop a drone from flying right up to a bedroom or bathroom window?

44 days ago


Awesome video!

44 days ago


It doesn't matter whether or not he buys the video. Just the fact that the video is being shot is a HUGE invasion. Some agency will buy it, and even if they don't, there's nothing keeping the paps from putting it on Instagram or wherever. When celebs are in public they're fair game but NOT when they're in their own backyard.

44 days ago


They should shoot the drones down.

44 days ago


Since he sells the footage He is actually in direct violation of the FAA's rules on use of UAV for COMMERCIAL use. If the FAA sees that article and evidence he could face $10k in federal fines.,

44 days ago


LO-effing-L - where to start?

TMZ, you ARE the paparazzi. These faux "third-person" articles are just a joke. Everyone knows YOU are the stalkers stalking, so you reporting on someone else stalking, is just silly and embarrassing.

Second, you and your friends at AKM-GSI both implying that YOU would never be so crass as to drone-stalk, YOU are way above that, YOU ...Again, what an utter load of cr*p. You, them, you'd all sell your souls for a shot of Kanye and Kim loading the baby into the car at 3 in the morning. You do it in person already, you can't tell us you're suddenly "so principled as to not publish footage of it, if we got it via drone" where you do it any chance you get already.

Aside from violating the very first rule of journalism, you are also taking the p*ss out of every reader here. What, we're not supposed to know you ARE the invasive paps? We're not supposed to think that "you're as bad as all those other guys"? You're the worst! And we read your site knowing that. But why you then think you need to tell us "you're not really that guy" and ... well don't bother! You ARE that guy, you DO RUN ANY DRONE YOU CAN, you are the bottom feeders, everyone knows it, and you can't now suddenly pretend not to be that, no-one's that stupid.

44 days ago
11. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Messed up....when tmz gonna follow the trend?!

44 days ago


So we are really supposed to be stupid enough to believe that they just want pictures of their homes? If they find something damaging enough to the celebrity they will sell the video. This man is full of double talk.

44 days ago


Wonder how long it will be before some celeb snaps and decides to try to shoot these things down. Wouldn't blame them in the least. What an invasion of privacy! Can't even relax in your own home.

44 days ago


Shoot those suckers down!!

44 days ago


What won't sell, bs tmz did you just borrow this shot, joke.

44 days ago
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