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Kendall Jenner

I Eat, I Pay, I Tip

8/16/2014 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kendall Jenner wants to prove she's no food bill scofflaw ... which is why she not only paid for an expensive meal Tuesday -- she also left the server a big fat tip.

Kendall hit up Pearl's liquor bar in West Hollywood with Stephen Baldwin and his daughter Hailey. We're told the tab came to $554 ... and Kendall covered the whole thing ... AND left a $160 tip.

No money was thrown.


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Spoiled rotten brat. Never truly worked a moment in her life but has money at her disposal for those kind of meals on a daily basis. Really makes you sick doesn't it?!

70 days ago


We know how the KarTRASHians treat service people for the 5 seconds that a reality TV camera isn't around, too late you little BRAT

70 days ago
3. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Piss hoe 2 in training

70 days ago


This is the perfect example of over compensation. She could have paid a million dollars for all anyone cares. That does not erase the fact that she behaved badly when she demanded liquor be served and when told no, she then bailed on the food tab.

She has been caught in a possible lie about throwing money in the waitress' face. But if she feels so wronged, she should proceed with her lawsuit and have her and the waitress recount the money throwing in the face thing in a court of law.

The bottom-line is that they overplayed their hand with this event and Kendall looks worse for it.

70 days ago


Yeah sure she paid... And with the cost of the bill I'm sure the bar didn't serve her alcohol at Pearl Liquor Bar. "Wink wink"

70 days ago


That whole Kardashian/jenner klan are so boring. It amazes me how much people tune in to watch their stupid show because of these chicks looks. Lord knows their ppersonalities are so bland.

70 days ago


Yea bc she called out, so OF COURSE she's going to go to another restaurant and tip big, trying to prove a point. NO ONE CARES!! You and your family all act like you're royalty....and you're not! If you guys disappeared tomorrow, no one would notice or even care. GTFO

70 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Get mad haters!!!! Hahahahaha. Go Kendall!!! Go California Girls!!! Go L.A. natives born and raised!!!

70 days ago

its a fact    

damage control...self entitled brat

70 days ago


No money was thrown the first time either, but that wannabe actress waitress sure got her face out there, didn't she? Mission accomplished.

70 days ago


You people at tmz know nothing. "Fat tip"? For what the bull was, the tip was in actuality, ****. I'm a bartender/server in south Florida and I've gotten bigger tips than that on smaller checks. Rich people are the worst tippers but expect the best service.

70 days ago


What is she doing in a liquor bar?? And did i just see she was with a baldwin and his daughter?? this skank gets around!!!... kris must be so proud.

70 days ago

its me    

no money was thrown. ..of course not these girls dont carry CASH (yes they have plenty of money) but they don't carry cash. They charge a $2.00 cup of coffee on their credit cards so I doubt she thru cash at anyone. Now if they said she thru her credit card I would believe that

70 days ago

Canada Guy    

Sure she paid this time. The "LIQUOR" bar, where she shouldnt be served in the first place, supplied her with her booze.

70 days ago


Always trying to manipulate the public. They really believe that people are stupid. People actually believe the chit that comes out of their mouth?

70 days ago
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