Mama June Here's The Car I Bought For My Daughter's Molester

10/26/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Turns out Mama June is a sugar mama ... buying the guy who molested her daughter a car.

June plunked down around $25,000 CASH at a car dealership in Macon, GA for 2 used Nissan Altimas ... an '07 and an '09. The pic shows a smiling June with her hand near the receipt.

We're told she bought the older car for someone in her family ... and the '09 for "a friend."

But we found out ... the friend's car was delivered to a home in Decatur, GA which McDaniel listed on his sex offender registration.

June's denied she has even seen McDaniel since he went to prison back in 2004. But we've already showed you pics of the 2 of them in a hotel room, and multiple pics of them house hunting last month.

Who you gonna believe ... her or your lyin' eyes?