Newscaster Edna Schmidt I Was Fired For Being Drunk Where's My Vargas Treatment?

11/8/2014 12:40 AM PST
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A Chicago news anchor is crying discrimination -- claiming she was fired for being drunk on the air, while other big-name journalists, like Elizabeth Vargas, got TLC for their alcoholism.

Edna Schmidt is a well-known Spanish-language journalist who made a name for herself while covering big national stories, including 9/11 and Obama's first election.

Schmidt claims in a new lawsuit she was recruited at Telemundo by people who knew about her struggles with alcohol ... and they knew it had been her downfall at another network.

Schmidt claims her bosses only cared about ratings and disregarded her disability. She says she was fired 2 months into the job ... after showing up drunk and unable to finish a newscast.

Schmidt names other journalists in her lawsuit who've admitted to drug or alcohol problems -- including Vargas and ABC anchor Dan Harris. Schmidt says they got compassion from their bosses ... and were allowed to get help and keep their jobs.

Schmidt says Telemundo made no attempt to get her treatment.

Schmidt points out alcohol dependence is recognized by the federal government as a disability. She claims Telemundo not only breached her contract ... but violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.