Amanda Bynes Yeah, I Have a Place to Stay But I Don't Like It

11/11/2014 2:52 PM PST

Amanda Bynes
is not telling the truth when she says her parents aren't allowing her to have a roof over her head, because we've learned she's had a place all along ... she just doesn't like the location.

Sources connected with the Bynes family tell us ... Amanda's parents got her a room in a Glendale hotel immediately after she was released from the psychiatric facility.

Amanda does NOT want to stay in Glendale, but her parents were firm ... they will not get her a place anywhere near Hollywood or West Hollywood, because they think it spells nothing but trouble and where leeches glom onto her.

Our sources say Amanda's parents have told her if she wants a different area they'll find her a place, as long as it's not Hollywood or WeHo. But that's where Amanda wants to be and that's why she's been mooching off friends and crashing at their places.

We're told her parents' hotel package includes car services, food ... the works. Amanda's tirades that she doesn't have money for food or lodging are simply false.