Ariana Grande Obsessed Fan in Santa Suit Placed on Psych Hold

12/2/2014 8:26 AM PST

A man who sent Ariana Grande a 42-pound pumpkin and other weird gifts showed up at the NYC headquarters of her record label wearing a Santa suit ... and that was enough to put him on a psych hold.

Tim Normandin had been warned by cops to stop harassing Ariana ... in addition to the pumpkin, he sent her Yankee candles, a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers and a rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Santa stunt was the last straw, and Tim was in a mental facility for 3 days last week, but here's the problem ... he is back out on the streets.

It's unclear if she's getting a restraining order, but it's always dicey ... unstable, obsessed people typically aren't confined by restraining orders.