Tracy Morgan Trucker Pooh-Pooh's Tracy's Money Woes He Could Afford a Limo!

12/11/2014 2:17 PM PST

11:13 AM PST -- Roper's motion was denied ... because he waited too long to file docs asking for the case to be delayed.

The truck driver who maimed Tracy Morgan in that horrible car accident is scoffing at Tracy for claiming financial hardship, saying Morgan was certainly rich enough to afford a limo at the time of the crash.

It's pretty incredible. Tracy and the other victims are suing Walmart, claiming driver Kevin Roper caused the accident because he was sleep deprived. Roper has filed new legal docs, asking the judge to include him in the case so his rights are not compromised.  

Roper is also asking to put the brakes on the civil case until his criminal case runs its course. Morgan wants to press ahead with the case because he needs the money from a judgment, presumably since he can no longer work.

Roper seems to say in legal docs ... Morgan's financial woes don't hold a candle to his. And his evidence of that is the fact that Morgan was being driven in a fancy limo, and Roper's just a truck driver.

One person died in the crash.

Roper may not have to worry about paying the rent, because if he's convicted of death and assault by auto he could get 30 years in prison.