Katy Perry's Dad Defends Daughter When Christian Activist Attacks

11/12/2015 9:05 AM PST

Katy Perry's father won't stand for anyone telling him his daughter is a wicked woman who has sex with demons. 

Preacher Keith Hudson had a scary confrontation this week when an angry woman ambushed him outside a Phoenix Christian radio station, and accused him of raising a Satanic woman who's leading fans -- like her son -- to Hell.

The woman, named Christine, recorded her brutal rant, which Keith handled bravely. He tried to calm her as she went off about Katy having "demon sex" in her "E.T." music video.

Keith tells TMZ this is the first time he's been so viciously confronted over Katy, and believed Christine was going to physically assault him. He thinks she's "a bitter and angry woman trying to blame my kid for her kid's mistakes" ... and actually feels sorry for her.

The whole thing ended peacefully, but Keith says he wouldn't be surprised if Christine was waiting outside his church in the near future.