Sean Kingston Sued for Pulling the Ol' ... Pay Ya Tuesday for a Rolex Today!

3/21/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Sean Kingston picked up a Rolex and a diamond bracelet with nothing more than a promise that he'd pay for them the next day -- but now the jeweler's suing to get the dough. 

According to the lawsuit, Kingston went to Haimov Jewelers in Florida and traded in a used Rolex for a new $59,000 model, and the balance owed was $25k. The bracelet was a lot less ... just $19k to buy it or $4,000 to rent. 

Sean chose door #3 -- pay nothing, according to the suit ... even though he signed the receipt, agreeing to pay the next day.

These allegations are becoming a thing. Kingston was involved in an ongoing dispute over a $226k jewelry tab, and once claimed to have been kidnapped over another jewelry deal gone wrong.