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'Halo' World Champs Are There Video Game Groupies? ... HELL YA!

3/24/2016 10:29 AM PDT

'Halo' World Champs: Are There Video Game Groupies? HELL YA!


You're looking at 2 of the GREATEST athletes on Earth -- Snakebite and Clutch -- and if they look happy, it's cause they just won $1 MILLION at the Halo World Championships!!!

The guys are part of the legendary Counter Gaming Logic team -- a 5-man super squad comprised of some of the best video gamers alive (4 players + the team coach). 

So, when we got the guys at LAX, we had to ask ... does great ePower attract great eGroupies?

The answer -- absolutely. 

But according to Clutch, gamers must beware of the eChicks ... they're not exactly the ladies you wanna take home to the fam. 

Check out the clip -- and then go work on your game ... it can pay off in more ways than one!

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