Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Reunited ... At Least for Biz, For Now

5/12/2016 1:49 PM PDT
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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are standing shoulder to shoulder in Hollywood right now -- but this is no warm and fuzzy reunion.

Ozzy and Black Sabbath are announcing their performance at the 20th anniversary of Ozzfest (which is combining with Knotfest this year) -- and since Sharon is still managing the band, she's right there at the Hollywood Palladium for the announcement.

In fact, she kicked off the event -- to a mix of boos and cheers -- by saying, "I want to introduce you to some friends of mine. Ozzy Osbourne." Ozzy then came out and gave her a brief hug. The crowd went nuts, but there was ZERO mention of the elephant in the room.

As we've reported, Sharon and Ozzy recently split up amid rumors he cheated. Right now, he's living in the family home and she's moved out.

Still, they actually arrived at the Palladium in the same car!