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Daniel Cormier to Jon Jones: Sorry, Bro ... We Ain't Gonna Be Friends

8/17/2017 9:50 AM PDT

Daniel Cormier just rejected Jon Jones' friend request -- but the good news ... it sounds like they don't hate each other as much as they used to.

Remember, the animosity between the two was legendary -- they trashed each other for years in public and in private and called each other every bad name in the book. 

But after Jones defeated Cormier at UFC 214 in July, JJ offered the olive branch -- and then told TMZ Sports he hoped the two would be friends one day.

Well, Cormier finally responded Wednesday night on FS1's "UFC Tonight" -- and politely declined the offer.

"Friendship would be very difficult for us to achieve because of our history," Cormier said ... "And I'm okay with that. I've always said that we don't have to be friends."

Cormier says he respects Jones as an athlete -- and still wants another rematch.

"In terms of going forward, we will be professional because we have to ... until the cage door closes again."

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Rips Justin Bieber 'He Don't Know Boxing!'

8/17/2017 6:03 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is coming out swingin' at Justin Bieber -- saying the pop star doesn't know a DAMN THING about boxing if he thinks Conor's gonna go the distance.

Remember, Bieber -- Floyd Jr.'s longtime friend -- recently shot down the idea that Mayweather would K.O. McGregor ... and that ain't sittin' too well with Floyd Sr.

"Justin Bieber ... he don't even know boxing," Floyd's dad told us at LAX ... "He knows Floyd. But he don't know Floyd like I know Floyd."

Floyd Sr. also went in on Vegas gamblers putting their money on Conor -- saying they're crazy ... and a bet on Floyd is like taking free money!

Papa Mayweather also says he thinks his kid should STOP FIGHTING after Aug. 26 -- because if he keeps taking on challengers, someone is eventually gonna knock his ass out! 

Donald Trump Ex-Campaign Mgr. Sued He Threatened us with a Baseball Bat

8/16/2017 8:05 AM PDT

President Donald Trump's ex-campaign manager threatened his neighbors with a baseball bat and vaguely threatened to get the President involved ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Corey Lewandowski -- the same guy infamously charged with misdemeanor battery for manhandling a reporter at a Trump campaign event in 2016 -- allegedly threatened to use his political connections to bury his neighbors after a land dispute.

In docs, Glenn and Irene Schwartz also claim Lewandowski intimidated them by standing outside with a baseball bat. The beef stems over Lewandowski's claim -- in a $5 million lawsuit -- his neighbors blocked access to his pond-front lot in Windham, New Hampshire.

The neighbors countersued ... alleging the threats caused them emotional distress, and that Lewandowski illegally tapped into a private well on their property disrupting their electrical power. The Schwartzes are suing for unspecified damages.

'RHOA' Star Peter Thomas Spin-Off Show in the Works with Bravo

8/16/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Peter Thomas -- the guy who brought a knife to a ... well ... fight -- could be getting his own spin-off show after splitting from Cynthia Bailey on 'RHOA.'

Production sources tell us Peter and Bravo started filming a pilot focusing on his club in Charlotte, NC, Club One -- think "Vanderpump Rules."

We're told the show will cover Peter's life owning and managing the club in the aftermath of his breakup with Cynthia last year on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.' We're told it's highly unlikely Cynthia will come on as a guest.

You'll recall ... Peter pulled a box cutter on Kenya Moore's ex, Matt Jordan, in March during a brawl the 2 had in the middle of a radio interview. At the time, he claimed self-defense.

We're told the network is happy with what it's seeing and it's looking like the show will make air.

Hey ... why wouldn't it? The drama's so thick, you could cut it with a ... forget it.

Omarosa at NABJ Tries Stealing April Ryan's Thunder ... She Denies Stirring the Pot

8/13/2017 12:18 PM PDT

Omarosa's spat with an NABJ moderator spilled onto their guest of honor, April Ryan, when President Trump's aide allegedly tried stealing her thunder ... but her camp denies that.

Sources present close to April -- the White House correspondent who was awarded Journalist of the Year at the National Association of Black Journalists this weekend -- tell TMZ Omarosa continued her campaign of disruption during April's celebration.

We're told after her heated onstage exchange Friday with journalist and moderator Ed Gordon, Omarosa cornered CNN commentator Symone Sanders and verbally accosted her for talking trash on social media, suggesting Omarosa shouldn't have been there at all.

Other eyewitnesses tell us at some point Friday when April was being honored, Omarosa decided to crash the hotel bar where April and her friends were celebrating ... sitting at a table nearby as an intimidation tactic.

Omarosa, came to NABJ to make headlines in an effort to steal spotlight from and antagonize April Ryan - as she is being celebrated as NABJ's 2017 Journalist of the Year. Following her verbal fight with Ed Gordon, she thought she'd stick around longer and come sit next to our table (April Ryan and company) to get a little more attention in the hotel's restaurant and grill. After she arrived, and requested a table adjacent to ours - like she was in high school - our table paid her no mind, and decided we'd celebrate April. The supposed White House staffer sat idly by, in quiet. I rose for a toast, and invited the entire bar to join me. Congratulations on being true Black Excellence, April; for making a true impact and not just making headlines. Message: Sometimes when an adversary has come to steal your joy, you have to celebrate. Not today, Satan. Not today.

A post shared by Jarrett Hill (@jarretthill) on

Fellow journalist Jarrett Hill posted a clip of himself making a toast, with a caption vowing not to allow Omarosa to steal April's thunder. 

Sources close to Omarosa deny this account ... telling us she had no idea April was celebrating there and her presence simply happened by chance.  The sources did not explain why Omarosa stayed.

Omarosa and April used to be pals before politics divided them.

Chris Massey Makes Peace with Shar Jackson Drops Restraining Order

8/12/2017 12:00 AM PDT

Shar Jackson is no longer blocked from her granddaughter -- Chris Massey just dropped his restraining order.

Chris tells us ... he decided to dismiss the case because he understands the importance of family and grandparents. For her part Shar's happy, of course, especially because she feels he was dragging her good name through the mud.  

We broke the story ... the "Zoey 101" star accused Shar -- his baby mama's mama -- of hitting his 2-year-old daughter, Mariah, and leaving her with a 4-inch "razor cut" on her forehead.  A judge ordered her to stay 50 yards away from the child temporarily, but that's no more. According to the court clerk ... a judge granted Chris' request for dismissal.

What's unclear ... if Massey really believed Shar was abusive to his kid -- something she adamantly denies -- why'd he drop it?.

Blac Chyna Teams Up with Belly ... I Know All 'Bout the 'Power of Pussy'

8/9/2017 9:05 PM PDT

Blac Chyna's the star in Belly's new music video ... and it is AWESOME!!!

The song is titled "P.O.P. (Power of Pussy)" and we got a clip -- yes, that's with a p. Chyna doesn't rap, but she caresses her boobs, her butt and her P while she dances next to the rapper ... and a good dancer she is.

We're told the song was not inspired by Rob -- they say it's way more universal. But here's the thing. There's a lyric, "She took you for everything, You let her do it again" and as Belly raps, Chyna winks at the camera.

Also, sorry for getting this stuck in your head. That's the P.O.P. ... the P.O.P. ... 

Amber Rose Lawyering Up for Restraining Order Against Wiz Khalifa's Mom

8/9/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Amber Rose wants Wiz Khalifa's mom to back the hell off ... so she's lawyering up to get a restraining order against her ex-mother-in-law.

Sources close to Amber tell TMZ ... Amber's furious that Katie Wimbush-Polk's hatred for her has spilled into the courtroom. Katie has sued Amber for defamation, claiming Amber's allegation Katie's an unfit grandmother is a big fat lie.

We're told Amber believes it's just a revenge lawsuit because Katie can't let go of the fact Amber left her son 3 years ago, and Katie has tried to make Amber's life a living hell ever since the split.

Katie's also taken shots at Amber on social media, ripping her to shreds every chance she gets ... like in 2015 when Katie jumped into the Kardashian-Amber beef and defended the Klan.

Amber wants a restraining order to keep her and Wiz's 4-year-old son, Sebastian, far away from Katie ... fearing that exposing Sebastian to Katie's hatred for Amber will hurt the kid.

We've reached out to Katie, so far no word back.

Justin Theroux Sued Neighbor Claps Back He's Loud, Rude and a Bad Dog Owner

8/9/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Justin Theroux's war with his NYC neighbor is actually pretty one-sided -- Justin does all the damage and the downstairs neighbor's left to deal with it ... according to new legal docs filed by the guy.

Norman Resnicow responded to Theroux's recent harassment lawsuit against him, claiming he and his wife have been terrorized by the actor's rude behavior at their Greenwich Village co-op for years ... including endless barking from his rescue dogs left isolated for long periods, dropping heavy weights on the floor at 3 AM and angry outbursts.

Despite all this, according to the docs, Resnicow has actually had Theroux's back in the past -- including when he was the co-op president -- and the 2 have a history of "friendly relations and cooperation." That's why he calls Justin's allegations against him ... "as fictional as the television series in which he recently starred."

For example, Norman claims Jennifer Aniston's hubby asked him to help quietly kick Justin's ex-gf out of his apartment.

Resnicow says he's been nothing but helpful to Justin, yet J.T. won't return the favor by soundproofing his unit, and that's why Resnicow has pitched a fit from time to time.

We reached out to Justin, so far no word back.

Blac Chyna Blows Her Top Over Noisy Roofer

8/9/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Blac Chyna had the cops called on her after Rob's baby mama went ham over a roofer.

It happened Tuesday morning at Chyna's L.A. home. She pitched a fit when a guy next door started pitching a roof at 9 AM. We're told Chyna confronted the homeowner, saying it was too damn early to start construction. She said the noise woke up little Dream, and that pissed her off.

The neighbor claims Chyna went so ballistic she got scared and called the cops.

We're told cops showed up and gave Chyna a free lesson about the law. In L.A., construction can fire up at 7 AM, so the roofer was well within his rights. 

Chyna calmed down, and cops beat it.

Gilbert Arenas Kyrie Can't Win Title W/Out LeBron ... But I Get It

8/9/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Gilbert Arenas didn't even hesitate when we asked if Kyrie Irving can win another Larry O'Brien trophy without LeBron James -- "No."

We spoke with Agent Zero outside of a 7-Eleven in L.A. where the ex-NBA superstar was promoting his Life Water company -- and he broke down the Kyrie, LeBron drama.

That wasn't all for No Chill Gil ... he also weighed in on Lonzo Ball -- blasting comparisons to Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd.

He's also a big LaVar Ball fan -- and explains why the Big Baller reminds him of Lil Penny from back in the day.

Journey We Ain't Going Separate Ways ... Says Jonathan Cain

8/8/2017 5:55 PM PDT

Journey fans can relax, keyboardist Jonathan Cain insists the band isn't calling it quits over their White House visit without founding member Neal Schon -- although Neal doesn't seem nearly as sure.

We got Cain and his wife, Paula, at LAX Tuesday and asked about Neal going off on Twitter about the visit. Everyone attended but drummer Steve Smith and Neal, who thinks the band shouldn't be exploited by anyone especially for politics or religion.

Cain, whose wife is a televangelist with strong ties to President Trump, says he hasn't talked to Neal since the rant, and the guitarist is still steaming almost a week later. He has made it clear the tension isn't about Trump, but certainly made it seem like it's about Jonathan mixing his wife's agenda with the band's.

So, fresh off their Hall of Fame induction ... is Journey rock solid?

Depends on who you choose to keep believin'. 

Amber Rose Sued for Defamation by Wiz Khalifa's Mom

8/8/2017 11:49 AM PDT

Amber Rose launched into a profanity-laced phone call accusing Wiz Khalifa's mother of being an unfit grandmother ... so says Wiz's mom in a lawsuit.

Katie Wimbush-Polk is reportedly suing Amber for defamation because she says Wiz's ex said she was responsible for her child's death. Khalifa's sibling, Dorien "Lala", died in February of complications from lymphoma.

In the suit -- as reported by the Washington Observer-Reporter -- Amber made the phone call to Katie after Katie allegedly reported Amber to California Child Welfare Services. Katie denies making the call, and nothing came of it when child services visited Amber on June 19.

Wiz's mom is suing for damages. We've reached out to Amber, so far no word back.

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