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Joanna Krupa My Smelly Vagina Lawsuit It's An Inspiration!!!

8/4/2017 6:49 AM PDT

Joanna Krupa says her defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville was way more than hygienic vindication ... she hopes it will inspire others to stand up for themselves in the name of truth.

Joanna arrived at LAX Thursday and was at first slow to talk about her confidential settlement, but then opened up about the meaning behind her legal attack.

As for the saying, "Let bygones be bygones" ... well, it's not hard to read between the lines when it comes to a future friendship with Brandi.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Hey, Prez How Dare You Call My State 'Drug Infested'

8/4/2017 12:40 AM PDT

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is outraged at Donald Trump's jab at her state, and she's not afraid to show it.

Our photog got the Senator at the Capitol Thursday, and she was none too pleased that President Trump told the Mexican President that N.H. is a "drug infested den."

Shaheen clearly feels Trump is part of the problem, spending his time trashing people and places rather than solving real problems like health care for the poor.

Trump's comments surfaced in transcripts from a January phone call he had with the Mexican Prez.

LaVar Ball Fires Back at Jordan 'I'll Beat You With 1 Arm'

8/4/2017 12:45 AM PDT

LaVar Ball ain't backin' down from Michael Jordan -- saying he's STILL confident he'd crush MJ in 1-on-1 even if he had 1 arm tied behind his back. 

The Big Baller attacked LaVar at his basketball camp earlier this week, saying, "I don't think he could beat me even if I was 1-legged."

Ball's response? 

"I could beat him with 1 hand tied behind my back with some glasses on with one eye lens out with some flips flops on in the rain."

There's more ... LaVar also goes after Shaq's diss track -- blasting the dude as old and irrelevant. 

Then it's on to Charles Barkley ... saying Chuck was talkin' out his ass when he said Lonzo and the Lakers aren't a playoff team.

Enjoy ... 

Master P Gunning for LaVar Ball In Co-Ed Basketball League

8/3/2017 2:00 PM PDT

Master P has just been named the president of a brand new professional basketball league -- for both men and women -- and says his first order of business is signing LaVar Ball

The leader of the No Limit Army was out in NYC -- where he was officially announced as head of the GMGB, Global Mixed Gender Basketball. 

Master P says he's going after real deal talent -- from Lisa Leslie to Paul Pierce ... but says the big target right now is LaVar. 

"I want to get LaVar Ball into the league. I want to see how good he really is."

There's more ... P says he also wants to lock down Shaq and get them to settle their beef on the court once and for all. 

And yeah, P's dead serious about this ... explaining, "It's about giving women a chance to play against men on a professional level."

Joanna Krupa & Brandi Glanville Settle Smelly Vagina Lawsuit

8/1/2017 1:45 PM PDT

2:45 PM PT -- It appears part of the settlement includes Brandi making a public mea culpa. She just released this statement to TMZ ... "I want to apologize to Joanna Krupa for the statements I have made about her. I regret ever making such statements about Joanna Krupa; I also certainly never intended my statements to be taken so seriously and out of proportion."

She added, "I apologize as I never wanted my statements to affect Joanna Krupa's reputation and I wish her nothing but continued success in life."

The big stink is over -- Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville struck a settlement in the infamous smelly vagina lawsuit ... TMZ has learned.

We just got a hold of new docs filed Tuesday confirming both sides have reached a "full and final settlement." Joanna's now officially withdrawing her defamation suit against Brandi.

Sounds like there was a financial settlement, but the terms are confidential.

As we reported ... the beef started in 2013 when Brandi -- while appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" -- claimed she'd heard from a friend that Joanna's lady parts smelled.

Brandi said it a second time ... prompting the defamation suit. Joanna's estranged husband even testified recently ... her vajayjay's "better than any other woman in the world."

Case closed.

Dana White I Spoke with Tyron Woodley ... We're Cool Now

8/1/2017 9:36 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Seems the war between Tyron Woodley and Dana White has cooled off ... with the UFC president telling TMZ Sports they finally talked things out after blasting each other in the media. 

It all started after UFC 214 -- White ripped Tyron's performance against Demian Maia. Woodley fired back demanding a public apology from White or else he would "start leaking some sh*t that people don't want to be out in the wind."

We reached out to White to see where things stand and he told us, "Woodley and I talked and he said he was just pissed and upset and didn't mean it."

We also spoke with Tyron who says, "We good."

So, water under the bridge ... at least for now.

Michael Jordan Fires Back at LaVar Ball: 'He Couldn't Beat Me If I was 1-Legged'

8/1/2017 9:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

The GOAT is finally addressing the Big Baller ... with Michael Jordan saying once and for all LaVar Ball "couldn't beat me (in 1-on-1) if I was 1-legged."

His Airness was at his basketball camp in Santa Barbara on Monday when he was asked about LaVar's comments that he'd "make Jordan cry" if they were to play against each other.

M.J. initially didn't want to entertain the idea, but ended up dropping the ether on Papa Ball.

Gonna guess LaVar will have something to say about the situation. Stay tuned.

11:25 AM PT-- The BBB just hit back at MJ on Twitter ... saying, "Michael, you vs Lavar | 1 v 1 | you with 1 leg, Lavar with 1 arm. Has to be on Pay-Per-View. Let's make it happen. YOU WON'T."

J.K. Rowling Sorry I Ripped Trump/Disabled Boy Video ... Not Sorry to the Prez

8/1/2017 8:10 AM PDT

J.K. Rowling choked down some crow by apologizing for her rant about a viral video of President Trump seemingly ignoring a handshake from a disabled boy at the White House.

J.K. blasted the Prez for the video, saying ... "This monster of narcissism values only himself and his pale reflections." She added it was "horrible" he couldn't bring himself to shake the little boy's hand.

After the 'Harry Potter' author ranted, the boy's mother said the video was misleading -- and she wanted to make it clear Trump had not snubbed her son, and the boy wasn't even trying to shake the President's hand.

J.K. tweeted an apology to the mother and her son, saying she didn't intend to cause them any distress.

Interestingly, she did NOT apologize to Trump. You may have heard ... she's not a fan

Shareef O'Neal I'm Gonna Be 1-and-Done ... Won't Play LaMelo

8/1/2017 12:55 AM PDT

Sorry, Shaq and LaVar -- looks like the epic matchup between your sons ain't happenin' ... 'cause Shareef O'Neal says he's gunning to be 1-and-done before LaMelo Ball makes it to UCLA.

We got Shareef leaving LAX with his mom, Shaunie ... and the Arizona Wildcats recruit told us straight-up that he wants to dip outta 'Zona after just one year to go get that NBA money.

Since LaMelo's one year behind him ... that would mean no O'Neal on Ball action -- until the NBA.

There's more ... Shareef says he'd prefer not to follow in his dad's footsteps in the endorsement world ... meaning Reebok's probably off the table. Big Baller Brand isn't on the kid's short list either.

As for the O'Neal vs. Ball rivalry ... Shareef told us IT AIN'T REAL -- and that he hasn't even listened to Shaq's epic diss track.

Yeah ... right.

NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey Here's The Truth About Kim vs. Kenya ... Our Truth, Anyway

7/31/2017 4:36 PM PDT

Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes are not down with fake news, and they think that's what Kim Zolciak's pushing when it comes to her beef with Kenya Moore.

We got the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' duo at LAX ... and our photog peppered them about what really happened to make Kim charge at Kenya while shooting last week. 

You'll recall Kim went nuclear ... thinking Kenya brought up Kim's "injured son" during some intense trash talking. So, was Kim justified? Well, there's Cynthia and NeNe's version of events. And then there's Kim's.

Anyone smell another Kim rant coming?

Tomi Lahren Claims Victory ... Chelsea's Coming Right!

7/31/2017 6:56 AM PDT

Tomi Lahren 1, Chelsea Handler 0 -- at least that's how Tomi had her liberal-conservative showdown scored.

We got Tomi leaving Politicon in Pasadena, and asked her if the debate -- really more of spirited convo -- moved her ever so slightly toward the left. She showered some praise on Chelsea ... but then declared SHE made Chelsea lean right.

That's probably pushing it, and the actual score is probably a tie -- especially considering Tomi gives Obamacare just a tiny bit of praise in this clip.

Can't stay on Mom and Dad's plan forever!

Amber Rose Philly Got it Twisted ... I Meant to Say 'I Thought I Was Ugly'

7/30/2017 7:55 AM PDT

Amber Rose is trying to smooth things over with her hometown by explaining her remark about no "traditional beauty" in South Philly ... was really about herself.

Amber was looking cute in a brunette wig -- traditionally speaking -- Saturday night on her way out of Playhouse nightclub, and she was anxious to set the record straight. She claims she never said anyone was ugly -- although it sure as hell sounds like it when you watch the video from the "Drink Champs" podcast.

Amber's clarification seems to be that she was referring to "society's standards of beauty" -- and that even she didn't feel beautiful.

Translation: The world thought South Philly had ugly people, and I was one of them?

Shaq Drops LaVar Ball Diss Track

7/28/2017 1:33 PM PDT


Shaq Diesel just responded to LaVar Ball a la Tupac -- with a brand new killer 3 minute diss track going right after the Big Baller. 

O'Neal's flow is straight fire over a classic Jay-Z beat -- and he mocks LaVar's basketball career right off the bat.

"I been doing this a long time ... when you were averaging 2 points riding the pine."

There's more ... Shaq also responds to LaVar's claim that he could beat him in 1-on-1. 

"You having a dream and when you wake up apologize. And bow down to my Staples Center statue hanging off the side (of the building)."

But there's a twist ... with Shaq giving LaVar props for his parenting skills at the end of the track -- plus, he praises LaMelo's jump shot. 

Enjoy ... and let's pray LaVar responds.

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