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Melania Trump Donald Accuser Fires Shot Your Wife's Doing What Hillary Did

10/18/2016 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-jessica-leeds-melania-trump-CNN-TMZ-02Jessica Leeds -- the woman who claims Donald Trump groped her on a plane 35 years ago -- says Melania Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton ... defending husbands who do bad things.

Leeds tells TMZ, she feels for Melania, who's now in the hot seat for defending Donald in the wake of various allegations by women. Leeds says Melania's defense of her husband is no different than Hillary's defense of Bill Clinton.

Leeds says, "The wives are in a difficult position if they want to save their marriage," adding, "They'll make compromises and accept the good with the bad." 

She also says, "I feel it's terrible Melania is being viewed as sympathetic when Donald is beating up on Hillary for doing the same with Bill."

As for Melania's comment that the allegations are suspicious because they're all surfacing just weeks before the election, Leeds repeated ... she was prompted to contact The New York Times after Trump denied ever actually doing the things he talked about with Billy Bush.

And she says, she never expected The Times to run her story because "it was 35 years ago and there was no way of fact checking."

Cris Cyborg 'Ronda Rousey Has No Balls' (Metaphorically, Of Course)

10/18/2016 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ronda Rousey doesn't have the testicular fortitude to take on Cris Cyborg ... so says Cris herself, who makes it clear she's talking about huevos in the metaphorical way. 

Cyborg is pissed that Ronda agreed to fight Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in December instead of her -- and says it's because Rousey simply lacks the "balls."

"Same way you talk to guys, you have to have the balls," Cyborg said. 

"She speak a lot of things about me ... and why she don't fight with me? Man, she don't have (the balls)."

"And I know girls, of course, she don't have (balls) ... but when you speak about someone, you have to go, 'No, f*** that. I'm gonna fight her."

Russell Crowe & Azealia Banks Alleged Spitting in Security Cam Range

10/18/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-azealia-banks-Russell-crowe-tmzRussell Crowe and Azealia Banks' scuffle spilled into a hotel hallway, where it was likely caught on video -- and both sides think the footage will support their version of events ... TMZ has learned. 

Banks insists Crowe choked her while removing her from his Beverly Hills Hotel suite, and then spit on her in the hallway. We're told there are security cameras in that hallway.

Azealia claims the video will show the choking and spitting. It's unclear how much of the incident was captured, but law enforcement sources tell us they will be checking out the footage. Bev Hills PD launched an investigation after Banks filed a battery report.

If the incident was recorded, we're told Russell's camp would be thrilled because they think it will show Banks is lying through her teeth.

We're told police are still trying to interview Russell and Azealia.

Azealia Banks Russell Won't Apologize So She Goes to Cops

10/17/2016 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-Russell-crowe-azealia-banks-tmz-03The Russell Crowe-Azealia Banks feud is now in the hands of police after the rapper filed a battery report over their fight in his hotel suite.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... Azealia went to Bev Hills PD Sunday afternoon after demanding Russell apologize for the incident, where he physically removed her from the room. We're told Crowe's reps said he wouldn't say sorry, because he insists he did nothing wrong.

TMZ broke the story ... Azealia allegedly made bloody threats during Crowe's dinner party. He bear-hugged her out of the room when Azealia grabbed a glass and cocked it back.

She claims he also choked her, spat on her and used the n-word while 86ing her from the party. 


Kanye West Quit Jacking My Show ... Drake?

10/17/2016 6:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has had enough of getting robbed ... which is why he's ranting about other rappers -- like, possibly Drake -- jacking his floating stage.

Kanye went off during his show in Edmonton this weekend, and screamed out, "This the original! Accept no imitations!" As he marched around his floating stage ... he went on to accuse performers of stealing all sorts of ideas from him.

He never mentioned anyone by name, but it's worth noting Drake floats through parts of his shows, but he's been doing that for a while now. Maybe 'Ye just found out?

Move over, Meek Mill! New beef?  


UFC's Anderson Silva 'I Need to Say Sorry' ... After Blasting UFC

10/17/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems like Anderson Silva is backing down big time in his war of words with the UFC -- issuing an apology after Dana White called him out.  

It all started last week when Silva said he was mistreated and disrespected by the UFC-- especially after taking a short-notice fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 back in July. 

White went on "Speak for Yourself" on FS1 and told Jason Whitlock he took major issue with Silva's comments saying Silva is a guy who has been "far from mistreated."

Fast forward to Saturday night when TMZ Sports saw Silva and asked about the situation -- to which he said, "You know, definitely I need to say sorry for everything that happened."

He continued, "Because you know, Dana White is Dana White."

Sounds like an apology to us ... 

Anthony Michael Hall Neighbor's A No-Show ... Judge Tosses Restraining Order

10/13/2016 8:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012-anthony-michael-hall-tmzAnthony Michael Hall scored a victory in court -- a judge tossed his neighbor's restraining order.

TMZ broke the story ... the 'Breakfast Club' star was allegedly caught on video, all up in his neighbor's grill before shoving him to the ground and breaking his wrist.

The neighbor requested and was granted a temporary restraining order ... but he failed to show up to a court Wednesday hearing to get an extension, so the judge dismissed the case.

Now ... play nice, kids. 

Justin Bieber Ghost of Eggings Past Still Haunts ... Ex-Neighbor Pulls Bodyguard into Case

10/13/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_justin_bieber_tmzJustin Bieber's ex-neighbor from the egging isn't letting past battles die -- he's STILL suing over an alleged spitting encounter, and now he wants a bodyguard to roll over on the singer.

Jeffrey Schwartz was the victim in the infamous egg attack in 2014, and also claims Justin spat in his face during another argument. Justin settled with his next-door nemesis for the egging, but Schwartz wants compensation for the spitting too.

According to docs, Schwartz says Bieber assaulted him and caused emotional distress, and he wants to grill bodyguard Michael Arana about the incidents, and most likely about Justin's character as well.

Arana lives in Florida these days, but Schwartz is willing to have his lawyers make the trip to get Arana's testimony.

Justin's already called BS on Schwartz's emotional suffering.


Future My Ciara Tweets Aren't THAT Bad ... Catches Break in Lawsuit

10/12/2016 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012-future-ciara-tmz-03Ciara's $15 million lawsuit against Future is going to be more of an uphill battle for her ... after the judge just ruled the rapper's angry tweets alone aren't enough to prove Ciara's been damaged.

The exes are locked in a nasty suit -- with Ciara claiming Future ruined her image as a mother and a singer. However, a judge ruled Wednesday the tweets ... including gems like, "this bitch got control problems" ... aren't libelous on their face.

It means, Ciara will have to offer up more evidence as to how her career has been damaged since Future's Twitter rant.

The issue still for Future, there's still a count of libel and distortion left in the case ... which could hang him out to dry. 

Bottom line -- Future won a battle, but it's still anybody's war to win in court.

Charlamagne Tha God I Ask Tough Questions ... And I Ain't Afraid of Beanie Sigel

10/12/2016 7:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlamagne Tha God's no chump on the radio, and if his direct questioning makes things awkward with a guest or leads to a death threat or 2 ... so be it.

We caught up with Charlamagne in NYC and asked him about tense confrontations ... like the one he just had with Beanie Sigel on "The Breakfast Club" where the rapper not only told him to stop running his mouth -- he issued a thinly veiled threat of real street violence.

Check out the vid ... Charlamagne tells us why he didn't flinch.

Compared to Beanie, Birdman's infamous words don't seem so threatening.

Donald Trump Slams McCain Again ... He's Got the Dirtiest Mouth!

10/11/2016 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump is not backing down from ripping Republicans who yank their support for him, and he just took at big swipe at John McCain.

Trump was on Bill O'Reilly's show Tuesday night, and when Bill tried to ask if he planned to patch things up with GOP heavyweights pissed about the leaked "Access Hollywood" tape ... The Donald went off.

Trump pretty much called Sen. McCain a foulmouthed hypocrite, and he got a shot in at Paul Ryan too ... just for good measure.


Stevie J Sues Joseline ... Your Dirty Mouth's Destroying My Name

10/10/2016 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010-stevie-j-joseline-hernandez-TMZ-01"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Stevie J is suing his ex, Joseline Hernandez for her repeated accusations he molested his daughter, and is a devil-worshipping gay man.

Stevie J says his ex has been on a smear campaign and even enlisted a former nanny for his child to post similar allegations on social media ... according to the defamation suit, obtained by TMZ.

Stevie says Joseline's gone as far as calling Georgia's Division of Family and Children Services accusing him of sexual abuse. You'll recall Joseline posted a message to her 1.9 million followers, claiming Stevie molested the daughter he shares with Mimi Faust.

According to the docs, Joseline accused him of being gay and a devil-worshiper ... which Stevie says has damaged his reputation and exposed him to public hatred and ridicule.

He's suing Joseline for damages, and also wants a judge to force her to shut her trap.

Deontay Wilder I Don't Want Tyson Fury to Die ... Coke Problem's No Joke

10/10/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They've trashed each other for YEARS -- but boxing superstar Deontay Wilder is putting his feud with Tyson Fury on hold ... saying he truly wants Fury to get help for his cocaine problem so he doesn't die. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Wilder -- who tells us the "real" Tyson Fury is not the monster you see in the media ... "He really is a good dude."

Wilder says he was really impacted when he learned about Fury's drug problem and suicidal thoughts -- and says he's even willing to fly to England to lend his support to his embattled rival. 

That being said, Wilder still wants to beat the hell out of him ... saying, "We didn’t promote [a possible fight] this many years to be beat behind some kind of drug activity."

In the past, Fury has threatened to sexually assault Wilder.

Wilder said he was going to baptize Fury with his fists. 

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