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Treach Wants Flex Fired for Tupac Diss ... Threatens Ninja Skills!

5/16/2017 7:36 AM PDT

Loyalty to Tupac Shakur has no expiration date ... according to Treach, who's putting more pressure on Funkmaster Flex and demanding Hot 97 terminate the DJ for dissing 'Pac . 

TMZ broke the story ... Treach has been enraged since Flex claimed Tupac actually shot himself in 1994, but blamed Notorious B.I.G. for it instead. He was still heated when we saw him Tuesday night outside L.A.'s Peppermint Club.

Naughty By Nature's frontman insists Flex won't be able to book gigs anywhere in the country when he's done with him. We suspect Treach had a little to drink ... based on the ninja moves he threatened to unleash on Flex.

He should stick to diss tracks, like "Woooh." Way more intimidating than the ninja stuff.

Mo'Nique I Don't Fear Oprah Backlash ... I Told the TRUTH!!

5/15/2017 4:28 PM PDT

Mo'Nique won't be issuing apologies to Lee DanielsOprah or Tyler Perry and she's not afraid of any further backlash she gets for simply saying what's true ... in her eyes.

Mo' and her husband, Sidney Hicks, told us they believe Oprah and Tyler participated in Lee's campaign to label her "difficult to work with" on sets. She wanted to make it clear ... even though she was doing a comedy stand-up special, she was dead serious about the allegations.

As she told the Apollo Theater, the black Hollywood power trio ... "Can suck my d***, if I had one!" 

Mo'Nique insists she's standing on the truth .... just like one of her heroes, Richard Pryor would.

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Terrence Howard No Hate for Mo'Nique ... She Can Rip Oprah, Lee or Anyone Else

5/15/2017 10:52 AM PDT

Terrence Howard's not hating on Mo'Nique for going nuclear on his "Empire" boss Lee Daniels ... or Oprah and Tyler Perry, for that matter.

We got Terrence outside ABC studios Monday in NYC and tried to clue him in on Mo'Nique blasting the trio during her stand-up special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater.

Terrence didn't need a refresher ... he's FULLY aware of the beef, and said he's a fan of anyone who speaks their mind.

He's not sweating Mo'Nique's savage takedown -- though Daniels might feel differently -- and it sounds like he's not down with any alleged blackballing of her either.

Mo'Nique Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels AND Tyler Perry ... 'Y'all Can Suck My D***!'

5/15/2017 7:57 AM PDT

Oscar winner Mo'Nique went NUCLEAR on Lee DanielsTyler Perry and Oprah ... blaming the trio for her getting shut out of Hollywood -- in not so many words.

The comedian did a standup special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater, and went off about getting blackballed. She insisted that's the wrong term to use. She prefers ... "whiteballed" ... "by some n*****s who had no balls."

Mo'Nique had a falling out with "Precious" director Lee Daniels after she won the Oscar for that movie, and she's made the 'blackballed in Hollywood' claim before. But this is the first time she's lumped in Oprah and Tyler.

She's also never said it this viciously -- "Y'all can suck my d***, if I had one!"

A-Rod Skips Derek Jeter Night ... Does Dinner with J Lo

5/15/2017 7:07 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Alex Rodriguez was in NYC doing dinner with Jennifer Lopez ... while most of his old Yankees teammates were at Yankee Stadium honoring Derek Jeter.

A-Rod and J Lo stepped out Sunday evening heading to Nobu. They were dressed to the nines, but make no mistake ... this is a bad look for Alex.

Yankee greats gathered at the Stadium where Jeter's number 2 was retired. Alex was invited, but his publicist had said he wouldn't be able to make it because he was going to be in Miami celebrating Mother's Day.

The photo shows he was really just ... oh, about 8 miles south of Derek. We've reached out A-Rod's rep, but no word back yet.

First time in history choosing J Lo backfires?

7:30 AM PT -- A-Rod was indeed in Miami on Sunday. His rep says he spent the morning with family, including Mom. We're told he arrived in NYC after 6 PM -- he has to work there Monday -- and went straight to Jennifer's for the dinner.

For what it's worth ... the Jeter event went down around 7 PM. 

Conan O'Brien Colbert Feud with Trump Not New ... But it's Damn Good TV!

5/15/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Conan O'Brien says Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump trading insults is a strong sign all's well with late night talk shows ... because the feud is what people want to see.

We got Conan at Whole Foods, and after he showed off his ass, he dished on the war of words between Colbert and the president. It's interesting, he doesn't really take sides ... but instead he explained why everyone involved is handling it exactly as they should.

Conan also reminds our photog what the main objective is of all late night talk shows -- it's not what you think. The guy knows what he's talking about ... he's been in the game damn near 25 years!

Jon Voight Here's My Mother's Day Wish for Angie

5/14/2017 2:49 PM PDT

Jon Voight is patching things up with Angelina Jolie, and he took time to send her a warm Mother's Day greeting.   

We got Jon Saturday night leaving Mastro's Steakhouse, when we asked about his Mother's Day plans he basically made a video greeting card for his daughter. Makes sense ... the longstanding tension between them's been cooling.

Jon had a sushi dinner with Angelina and 4 of his grandkids last week in Bev Hills. They were seen leaving out a back door within moments of each other.   

Whatever the reason for the reunion -- Jon says he just wants to keep the love train rolling.

RHOA's Matt Jordan Fight Vid Proves Peter Had a Knife Peter Pleads Self-Defense

5/13/2017 3:24 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Matt Jordan insists the only reason he didn't kick Peter Thomas' ass quicker is because Peter had a knife on him, and now that we've finally seen the video ... Matt might have a point. 

Matt, ex-bf of 'RHOA' star Kenya Moore, tells us Peter pulled the knife out when he went at him. He claims Peter tried to hide it so it would seem like he was beating Matt fair and square.

When we called Peter, he admitted he had a box cutter on him because he owns a restaurant and night club. He says he only pulled it out in self-defense -- "If I was an idiot I would have sliced him, but I'm not. I wasn't there to fight with Matt."

When we slo-mo'd the video, you can clearly see the blade in Peter's hand during the struggle.

Matt, who'd previously made the knife claim, says he was focused on wrestling it away at first, but once he turned his attention to Peter ... he took him down easily. He adds, "Peter knows what it is."

Peter is pressing assault charges, but also feels he got the best of Matt ... as he bragged to us in March, right after the fight went down.

Treach Brings Tupac Onstage to Diss 'Bitch Ass' Funkmaster Flex

5/13/2017 12:11 PM PDT

Treach took a liquid shot for his homey, Tupac, then grabbed the mic, fired a verbal shot at Funkmaster Flex ... and invited his fans to join in on the diss.

Naughty by Nature performed Friday night in Worcester, MA ... and frontman Treach told the crowd he had to defend Pac against Flex. What happened next was almost like a prayer to 'Pac -- as Treach spoke directly to the left arm tattoo of his fallen friend. 

We broke the story ... Treach dropped a violent diss track about Flex because he's pissed at the DJ for dragging Pac's name through the mud, claiming he got Biggie killed.

It wasn't all "Hip Hop Hooray" Friday night, and after he joined us on TMZ Live ... it was obvious Treach isn't letting this go.

James Woods Attacks Anderson Cooper With Crude Homophobic Remark

5/12/2017 10:36 AM PDT

James Woods went after Anderson Cooper with a brazenly homophobic tweet about Cooper's now infamous eye roll.

The actor posted a GIF of Anderson rolling his eyes during an interview with Kellyanne Conway a few days ago. He captioned it ... "As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast."

Woods makes no secret of it -- he's a staunch conservative and vocal supporter of President Trump. Clearly, he'd side with Conway over Cooper.

However ... this remark makes Colbert's "cock holster" comment about the prez seem tame.

Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem Rips Celtics Over Ray Allen Snub

5/12/2017 10:26 AM PDT
Breaking News

Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem says the 2008 Boston Celtics are a bunch of petty whiners who need to GET OVER their beef with Ray Allen ... and he's not mincing his words. 

Of course, Allen famously left the Celtics after the '11-'12 season and joined up with the Miami Heat -- and guys like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo are still upset he left without saying goodbye.

Haslem went on the "Joe Rose Show" on WQAM and said those guys need to grow up. He also took a moment to remind the guys the Miami Heat owned them during the height of the rivalry. 

"You got your ass whooped with Ray and we got Ray and we whooped your ass again."

Stephen Colbert to Prez Trump Ha! YOU Want to Bring Up Ratings??

5/12/2017 6:49 AM PDT

Stephen Colbert is declaring victory in his feud with Donald Trump, saying it's pretty rich of the prez to bring up ratings ... when his approval numbers are in the toilet.

Colbert was more than happy to respond to Trump calling him a "no-talent guy." In his Thursday night monologue, he said, "I've been trying for a year to get you to say my name ... I won."

The host also addressed Trump saying he has a "filthy mouth" -- "I do occasionally use adult language, and I do it in public instead of the privacy of an 'Access Hollywood' bus." Ya walked right into that one, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.

Check out the rest of the skewering ... which covered ratings, Nixon and Alfred E. Neuman. Hysterical.

Treach Defends Tupac with Violent Diss Track Funkmaster Flex Is Banned!

5/12/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Tupac's name is being dragged through the mud according to his homie, Treach ... who got so pissed at DJ Funkmaster Flex he just dropped a diss track filled with violent threats.

The Naughty by Nature legend is on the attack after Flex claimed last week Tupac lied about his 1994 shooting because he knew Notorious B.I.G. had nothing to do with it. According to Flex, Biggie got shot 3 years later because 'Pac never told the truth.

Treach is enraged. Just a sample of his lyrics in "Whoooh":

"Death to his soul, his turntables and motherf***ing old stinkin' ass grandparents
'Cause they old asses had a orgy with Lucifer
Now you got a date with death from a Naughty n***a that's shootin' ya"

Treach tells us Flex is "banned worldwide" for disrespecting the dead, plus ... "Who the f**k is any DJ to talk about anybody who made your career by making hits for you to play? All you do is spin records, you dirty bag of ashy elbows!"

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