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Future I Got My Kid ... I Don't Need to Sue Ciara Anymore

6/17/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616-future-ciara-TMZ_02Future just dropped his lawsuit against baby mama Ciara ... because he's getting more time with his son.

As TMZ reported -- Ciara sued Future for $15 million back in February for calling her a bad mom. Future countersued but he's just had a change of heart, asking the judge to dismiss his case against her.

Sources close to the rapper tell us he wants to calm the waters after scoring joint custody of baby Future. We're told Future is worried if he goes after Ciara in court she'll continue her efforts to restrict his custodial rights, and his son is more important than a court judgment.

Ciara is not like-minded.  Her lawsuit is still full steam ahead.


Amber Heard, Johnny Depp It's Game Off ... For Now

6/16/2016 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616-johnny-depp-amber-heard-tmz-02Amber Heard will not have her day in court Friday, because the hearing on her bid for a permanent restraining order against Johnny Depp has been postponed.

We've learned Johnny's lawyer, Laura Wasser, and Amber's attorney, Samantha Spector, had a telephone conference with the judge Thursday afternoon and Wasser asked for a continuance so her team could take the depositions of Amber and others. She also said both sides wanted to talk settlement.

We're told Spector did not address Wasser's specific points but did agree to the continuance.

Sometimes things need to get really bad before both sides strike a deal. Are they there yet?

Amber Heard I'm Too Skinny for 'Justice League' Costume Fitting Rescheduled

6/16/2016 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_AMBER_HEARD_DRIVING_fameflynetAmber Heard never went to London for her costume fitting this week -- which is why her lawyers said she was unavailable for a deposition -- because she says the production crew felt she was too skinny, having lost 20 pounds because of what she says is overwhelming stress.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnny Depp's lawyer wanted to take her deposition in the domestic violence case, but ultimately the judge accepted the word of her legal team that she had to go to London for the fitting and would not get back until Thursday night ... the evening of the scheduled court hearing.

We got this pic of Amber in West Hollywood shot Wednesday, and turns out she never went to London. Her people say the trip was cancelled because the producers didn't think she was camera-ready for the role ... because of her weight.

Amber's team says they were never given proper notice, but Johnny's team says that's BS ... Amber's lawyers represented she was not in town, and she was.

Johnny's team has maintained Amber is afraid to make her claims under oath and get cross-examined.

Johnny Depp Seeks to Postpone Hearing Settlement on the Table

6/16/2016 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610-amber-heard-depp-tmz-05Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both want to end their war and settle everything connected with their relationship, so Johnny's lawyers are requesting the courtroom battle set for Friday be postponed.  

Sources connected with Johnny say Amber and Johnny will now discuss a mutual agreement in which both agree to stay clear of each other. In addition, we're told they will settle all matters involving their divorce, including property settlement and spousal support.

As we reported, Amber asked for $50k a month in spousal support for her 15-month marriage. We're told Johnny might be agreeable to pay her for a period of time -- probably around 8 months.

A settlement would involve all possible claims each might have against the other. Translation ... Amber couldn't file a civil suit for the alleged domestic violence ... something Johnny has denied.


UFC's Michael Bisping Bring On Dan Henderson ... He's Gonna Die Soon Anyway!

6/16/2016 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC champ Michael Bisping says he wants to fight Dan Henderson ... before Hendo dies of old age. 

It's pretty funny stuff ... Bisping is adamant he's not planning on retiring anytime soon -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to fight everyone from Hendo to GSP and even Rockhold again before he hands it up. 

But the best part of the video is all the shade he throws at 45-year-old Henderson -- "Henderson's gonna die soon, so I might as well knock him out. I might as well put him in the grave."

Good stuff. 

Calvin Harris Betrayed Over Taylor's New Hookup Suspected for Weeks Before Breakup

6/15/2016 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0615_calvin_harris_tom-hiddleston_taylor_swift_tmz_gettyCalvin Harris suspected something was up with Taylor Swift weeks before their breakup ... and his suspicions were confirmed Wednesday when pics surfaced of Taylor making out with Tom Hiddleston ... this according to sources connected to the former couple.

Our sources say Taylor and Calvin were in a "committed relationship," but he suspected something was up in early May ... a month before their breakup.

As we reported, at the time of the breakup Calvin posted there was still "a huge amount of love and respect." Hours after the photos surfaced Wednesday, Calvin deleted the tweet.

We're told, "He's pissed and feels betrayed by her."

Taylor and Tom were out May 2, dancing at the Met Gala ... Calvin and Taylor announced their breakup June 2.

Calvin was mum Thursday. As for Taylor and Tom ... another song in the making.


Amber Heard 911 Caller I'll Testify Johnny Flipped Out ... I Couldn't Calm Him Down

6/14/2016 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614-heard-depp-tillet-getty-instagram-02Amber Heard's friend who called 911 is prepared to testify about what started the fight the night Johnny Depp allegedly threw a phone at Amber's face.

iO Tillett Wright submitted a declaration in the case, saying Johnny was "very upset over something he thought someone had done to him." She says Amber had called and put her on speakerphone, hoping iO could calm Johnny down by assuring him "what he believed had happened was not true."

iO was not anymore specific in the docs about what irked Johnny that night. She says she heard Amber yell "Call 911" before getting disconnected, so she did ... to "save Amber's life."

As for what started the whole thing ... iO says she's willing to take the stand under oath during Friday's restraining order hearing -- so, you can be sure that will come up.

She also attached a copy of an online article she wrote about the incident. 

Daniel Cormier The Insult Jon Jones Hates the Most Is ...

6/14/2016 7:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They've said some pretty nasty stuff to each other ... but Daniel Cormier says there's ONE insult that pisses Jon Jones off more than anything else. 

DC was out in NYC promoting his big fight with JJ at UFC 200 in July -- when he told us he knows exactly how to get under Jon's skin ... and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

This fight is gonna be awesome. 

Johnny Depp It's All About Money for Amber She Begs to Differ

6/11/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amber Heard claims money is NOT the driving force behind her bid to get a restraining order against Johnny Depp, but sources connected with Johnny say she's full of it, pointing to a letter her own lawyer filed with the court ... Amber, however, says the letter isn't a money grab.

Amber's lawyer sent a letter to Jake Bloom, Johnny's entertainment lawyer, on May 24, 2016 ... just 3 days after the alleged iPhone attack, and 3 days before Amber made her explosive domestic violence claims.

In the letter Amber's lawyer tells Bloom, "Amber wishes to work quickly towards a private and amicable resolution of all matters, but she will need Johnny's immediate cooperation to do so." Amber's attorney also claims she wants to "work out solutions outside of the public eye."

Amber's lawyer then make a series of financial demands ... temporary spousal support, use of their Range Rover, possession of their downtown L.A. penthouse, $100,000 for her lawyer's fees and another $25,000 for business people.

Sources connected to Johnny note Amber never asked Johnny to voluntarily agree to stay away from her -- they say it's all about money ... either pay up, or we'll go to court, ask for a restraining order, and drag Johnny through the mud with all the allegations.

Johnny didn't pay and Amber filed the explosive documents on May 27th.

Sources connected with Amber tell TMZ, the letter asks for the standard fare in divorce cases and it's merely to sustain her. The sources deny the letter is an ultimatum to wedge money out of Johnny.

As we reported, Johnny's people made a financial counteroffer to Amber, but she has not responded.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Let the Trash Talk Begin!

6/9/2016 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0609-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-twitter-war-delete-your-account-TWITTER-01Hillary Clinton's not taking any s*** from Donald Trump ... at least not on Twitter.

The presumptive Democratic nominee clapped back hard at Trump after he took a swipe at her and President Obama. In the wake of the Prez officially endorsing Hillary ... the Donald tweeted and referred to her as "Crooked Hillary."

Hillary fired back 3 words -- "Delete your account." If SHE actually came up with that reply, we'd say ... mic drop.

The next 5 months will be entertaining.  

Michael Bisping Rockhold's a 'Sore Loser' ... I Tried to Be Nice

6/7/2016 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC champ Michael Bisping says Luke Rockhold was a real "a-hole" after UFC 199 -- insisting he TRIED to be respectful to Luke ... but Rockhold was too busy being a "sore loser."

FYI, Rockhold blasted Bisping on Instagram Tuesday morning ... calling the guy "classless" for refusing to shake his hand after beating him on Saturday night. 

"I felt it was a classless move on his part," Rockhold said ... "I don't believe in kicking a man when he's down."

Bisping joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) -- and said Luke's completely delusional because he actually tried to shake his hand TWICE. 

By the way, Bisping also says he's not ready to retire just yet because a true champion defends his belt!!! 

There's a lot more -- make sure to watch the whole thing tonight on FS1 at 9 PM PT, 12 ET. 

George Foreman Muhammad Ali Loved Joe Frazier ... Name-Calling Was An Act

6/6/2016 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Foreman says the legendarily nasty public feud between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier was actually friendly behind closed doors ... telling TMZ Sports the two men secretly loved each other.

The war between Ali and Frazier is well-known -- Ali called him names like "gorilla" and "Uncle Tom" -- which reportedly wounded Frazier until his death in 2011.

In fact, Frazier famously expressed his distaste for Ali in a 1990 interview -- "I hated Ali. God might not like me talking that way, but I hated that man. First he made me a white man, then he made me a n****r.” 

"How would you like it if your kids came home from school crying because everyone was calling their daddy a gorilla?"

But when Foreman -- who called Ali his "best friend" -- joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) ... we asked if Ali privately regretted taking things so far with his old foe. 

Check out the clip ... Foreman says he was tight with both men and knows they all had love for each other. 

"Whatever names we were called, they were all taken as a joke." 

**Check out the entire interview on "TMZ Sports" tonight at 9 PM PT, 12 ET on FS1**

Shane Mosley Blasts Amir Khan You Suck Too Hard to Fight at Olympics

6/4/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602-shane-mosley-amir-khan-TMZ-01Shane Mosley is dashing the hell out of Amir Khan's Olympic dreams -- saying it would be DUMB AS HELL to fight at the '16 Games in Rio after the way he was brutally K.O.'d back in May. 

FYI, Khan has expressed serious interest in fighting for Pakistan at the summer games -- after the International Boxing Association finally voted to allow pros to compete for gold. 

But after watching Khan nearly get decapitated by Canelo Alvarez last month, Mosely tells TMZ Sports, the dude needs to rethink his plan. 

"I don’t think after getting knocked the f*** out Khan should be talking about representing anyone."


As for Mosely, the boxer says he WILL be in Rio for the games, but not to fight ...

"I think there are better people than me to represent the USA. I will be in Rio for the games though. And having a lot of sex on the beach."

Good plan. 

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