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Stephen Colbert Hey Donald, Don't Hurry Back

5/21/2017 7:10 AM PDT

Stephen Colbert looked super relaxed Saturday in NYC, apparently relieved the Commander in Chief is otherwise occupied.

The talk show king clearly thinks Donald Trump shouldn't rush things along in the Middle East ... favoring an extended trip for the Prez.

Colbert was on his way in to Milk Studios for Vulture Fest, where he sat with Aziz Ansari, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Bacon on a panel to discuss the TV biz.

The good news for Colbert ... wherever in the world Trump is, there's plenty of material.

Mickey Rourke Talk S*** on Tupac ... Come Look My Ass Up!!!

5/20/2017 7:54 AM PDT

Mickey Rourke may be the world's biggest defender ... he will kick your ass if you talk smack. 

Mickey was leaving Bootsy Bellows Friday night in WeHo, and he didn't take kindly to some negative comments about the guy he clearly believes is the greatest rapper of all time

Rourke was super tight with Tupac back in the day -- to the point he knew the location of his bullet wounds. Did you know 'Pac was shot in the balls? Now you do.

Katy Perry to Taylor Swift Swish Swish, Bish! (Softest Diss Track Ever?)

5/19/2017 9:02 AM PDT

Katy Perry ain't playing ... and don't let the title, "Swish Swish," fool you -- it's totally a diss track about Taylor Swift. Or at least that's what her fans want to believe.

Just a sample of the viciousness:
Your game is tired,
You should retire
You're 'bout cute as
An old coupon expired
And karma's not a liar
She keeps receipts

And the chorus:
Swish, swish, bish
Another one in the basket
Can't touch this
Another one in the casket

Death blow! Okay, Tupac and Biggie it ain't. But pretty decent response to "Bad Blood."

Katy's not copping to "Swish Swish" being about Taylor, but c'mon. She even has Nicki Minaj -- who's had her own beef with Swift -- on the song.

Mel B Ex-Nanny Claims Mel B's a Liar

5/18/2017 3:02 PM PDT

Mel B lied to a judge in her legal war with ex-nanny Lorraine Gilles ... so claims Gilles in the latest salvo.

Gilles' beef is over the restraining order Mel B got earlier this month, prohibiting the ex-nanny from coming near her for 5 years.

The ex-nanny didn't even attend the restraining order hearing, and now she says it's because she was never served with legal docs, despite Mel B's sworn claim Gilles was handed the docs.

Gilles says she's got proof she was in Kentucky the day of the alleged service. She says what actually went down was that the process server handed the documents to Gilles' husband, which is not legal.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel B has claimed estranged hubby Stephen Belafonte and Gilles had an affair and got her pregnant. Gilles fired back with a defamation lawsuit against Mel B, denying the alleged affair and pregnancy, saying they all had 3-ways for 7 years.

Ben Simmons' Sister Calls for Bro to Destroy Lonzo Ball

5/18/2017 6:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ben Simmons may be a quiet guy ... but his SISTER is firing shots at Lonzo and LaVar Ball

Olivia Simmons is clearly fed up with the media circus surrounding the Big Baller Brand family ... and called upon her Philadelphia 76ers star brother to personally shut them up.

"I hope my brother dunks on Lonzo Ball so hard next year that his daddy runs on the court to help him up."


Guess this means Ben won't be wearing the ZO2s next season?

Conor McGregor Signs Deal to Fight Mayweather ... Ball's In Floyd's Court

5/18/2017 6:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Conor McGregor's deal is in place to fight Floyd Mayweather -- now, it's up to Dana White and the Mayweather camp to nail down the other side.

The UFC superstar made the announcement late Wednesday night -- saying he reached an agreement with his UFC bosses that shores up how he will get paid if he steps into the ring with Floyd. 

Conor has said the deal he was eyeing will pay him around $100 million.

Floyd has said he wants double or triple what Conor gets. It's up to Dana White to now hammer out a deal with Mayweather and his manager, AL Haymon. 

McGregor issued a statement on saying, "It is an honour to sign this record breaking deal alongside my partners Zuffa LLC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Paradigm Sports Management."

"The first, and most important part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on. Congratulations to all parties involved. We now await Al Haymon and his boxer’s signature in the coming days."

Conor is clearly confident the two sides will reach a deal soon -- because he was shopping for yachts last night ... and he posted a pic with Conor Jr. saying, "let's go get some boxing ones now son."

Kevin Hart I Love Mo'Nique Like an Auntie ... Then Again, I Love Everybody!

5/16/2017 11:23 AM PDT

Kevin Hart is Mr. Positivity -- he's got nothing but good things to say about Mo'Nique and everyone she recently blasted ... and he's down to work with all of them too.

We got Kevin leaving Equinox in WeHo ... and he makes it clear he's not trying to get involved in Mo'Nique's beef with Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry. The actor tells us he's friends with all of them ... and plans to keep it that way.

As for the notion Mo'Nique's hard to work with -- Kevin's never seen it.

He does see a path to peace for all of his friends, but they've gotta find it on their own.

Stephen Colbert Dear Trump, Please Resign ... On Heels of Intel Leak

5/16/2017 7:59 AM PDT

Stephen Colbert flat-out called for President Trump's resignation ... the prez admittedly shared classified intel about ISIS with Russian diplomats.

Colbert obliterated Trump during his Monday night monologue after the Washington Post reported the prez had leaked the info. Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted he had "the absolute right" to do so.

The 'Late Show' host disagrees, strongly, but did find a silver lining ... "The good news: Trump found the leaker."

The Trump-Colbert feud -- the gift that keeps on giving.

Ex-Knicks Coach Defends Carmelo Anthony 'He Was Great For Me'

5/16/2017 5:54 AM PDT

Carmelo Anthony is getting some heavy duty backup in his nasty feud with Phil Jackson ... an ex-Knicks head coach who says he LOVED coaching 'Melo and says he's been "great" for the franchise.

Phil's been criticizing Anthony since he was hired as the Knicks President -- and made it clear he wants to trade Melo out of NYC as soon as possible.

We got former Knicks coach Mike Woodson -- who was fired by Phil back in '14 -- and asked what he thought of the Melo/Jackson feud ... and Mike took a side.

"I love Carmelo Anthony, that's all I'm gonna say," Woodson told us ... adding, "He was great for me."

Seems clear Woodson -- now an assistant with the Clippers -- is riding with his 'Melo, and why not? The two men were 109-79 together and made the playoffs twice, something the Knicks haven't done since.

And when we say "since" ... we mean since Phil Jackson was hired.

Just sayin' ...

Treach Wants Flex Fired for Tupac Diss ... Threatens Ninja Skills!

5/16/2017 7:36 AM PDT

Loyalty to Tupac Shakur has no expiration date ... according to Treach, who's putting more pressure on Funkmaster Flex and demanding Hot 97 terminate the DJ for dissing 'Pac . 

TMZ broke the story ... Treach has been enraged since Flex claimed Tupac actually shot himself in 1994, but blamed Notorious B.I.G. for it instead. He was still heated when we saw him Tuesday night outside L.A.'s Peppermint Club.

Naughty By Nature's frontman insists Flex won't be able to book gigs anywhere in the country when he's done with him. We suspect Treach had a little to drink ... based on the ninja moves he threatened to unleash on Flex.

He should stick to diss tracks, like "Woooh." Way more intimidating than the ninja stuff.

Mo'Nique I Don't Fear Oprah Backlash ... I Told the TRUTH!!

5/15/2017 4:28 PM PDT

Mo'Nique won't be issuing apologies to Lee DanielsOprah or Tyler Perry and she's not afraid of any further backlash she gets for simply saying what's true ... in her eyes.

Mo' and her husband, Sidney Hicks, told us they believe Oprah and Tyler participated in Lee's campaign to label her "difficult to work with" on sets. She wanted to make it clear ... even though she was doing a comedy stand-up special, she was dead serious about the allegations.

As she told the Apollo Theater, the black Hollywood power trio ... "Can suck my d***, if I had one!" 

Mo'Nique insists she's standing on the truth .... just like one of her heroes, Richard Pryor would.

A post shared by yeahimfamous (@yeahimfamous) on

Terrence Howard No Hate for Mo'Nique ... She Can Rip Oprah, Lee or Anyone Else

5/15/2017 10:52 AM PDT

Terrence Howard's not hating on Mo'Nique for going nuclear on his "Empire" boss Lee Daniels ... or Oprah and Tyler Perry, for that matter.

We got Terrence outside ABC studios Monday in NYC and tried to clue him in on Mo'Nique blasting the trio during her stand-up special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater.

Terrence didn't need a refresher ... he's FULLY aware of the beef, and said he's a fan of anyone who speaks their mind.

He's not sweating Mo'Nique's savage takedown -- though Daniels might feel differently -- and it sounds like he's not down with any alleged blackballing of her either.

Mo'Nique Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels AND Tyler Perry ... 'Y'all Can Suck My D***!'

5/15/2017 7:57 AM PDT

Oscar winner Mo'Nique went NUCLEAR on Lee DanielsTyler Perry and Oprah ... blaming the trio for her getting shut out of Hollywood -- in not so many words.

The comedian did a standup special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater, and went off about getting blackballed. She insisted that's the wrong term to use. She prefers ... "whiteballed" ... "by some n*****s who had no balls."

Mo'Nique had a falling out with "Precious" director Lee Daniels after she won the Oscar for that movie, and she's made the 'blackballed in Hollywood' claim before. But this is the first time she's lumped in Oprah and Tyler.

She's also never said it this viciously -- "Y'all can suck my d***, if I had one!"

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