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Jarret Stoll

Partying with Kings Teammates

... During Vegas Drug Arrest

4/21/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420_jarrett_stoll_la_gettyJarret Stoll had been raging in Vegas with several of his L.A. Kings teammates in the hours before the NHL star was busted for trying to bring a BUNCH of cocaine and molly to a pool party ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Multiple sources confirm ... the Vegas vacation was essentially an unofficial end-of-the-season celebration to unwind and party as a team.

As far as how many Kings were part of the festivities -- sources tell us there were more than a dozen people from the organization on hand ... many of whom continued to party in Vegas throughout the weekend even AFTER Stoll was arrested. 

We know Drew Doughty and Martin Jones were part of the Vegas crew -- but they were NOT arrested or accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever. In fact, the only person who got into any trouble was Stoll

We reached out to the players and the Kings organization -- but no one wanted to comment on this specific story. 

Robin Thicke

Furred Lines

Going Stupid 4 New Puppy

4/21/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


He knows she wants it ... so Robin Thicke made damn sure he scooped up an adorable puppy for GF April Love Geary.

Sources close to the situation say April's been itching for a pooch since March, so Robin did what any good boyfriend would -- last week he popped over to Bark N' Bitches in L.A. -- a no-kill shelter -- and snagged the cutest one for his lady.

We're told he dropped about $350 for the little terrier mix, named Bincy -- and based on April's recent onslaught of mushy-gushy Instagrams ... we're guessing she's shown Robin plenty of appreciation.

Fun fact: Marvin Gaye did NOT have a dog named Bincy. Sorry, Gaye fam.

Marilyn Manson

Antichrist Superstar

Returns to Roller Skating

4/21/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marilyn Manson RollerskatingSo what did Marilyn Manson do this weekend ... drink the blood of a unicorn? Double date with a couple witches and a warlock? Nope, he just went roller skating in Oklahoma ... naturally.

The goth rocker showed up at Skateland in Tulsa on Friday night. Manson is in town filming a movie where he plays a hitman, and they were shooting at the rink. According to the manager, Manson's character wasn't in the scene, but he came along for the ride so he could get his skate on.

The manager says Manson rented a pair of skates, and revealed he used to speed skate when he was a kid. All told he roll bounced for about 2 hours and didn't fall once. Not bad for his first time in 20 years.

Manson's still got a thing for the wheel life, obviously -- he played a skate rink employee on a 2013 episode of "Eastbound & Down."

Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Force Is Not With Me

I Ride with Trekkies

4/21/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nerd demigod and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't mess around when it comes to science or sci-fi ... which is why there's one clear winner for him in the 'Stars Wars' vs. 'Star Trek' debate.

Tyson was leaving 30 Rock when we asked him if he was excited about the recently released "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer. 

He admits he's never been a big supporter of the Jedi due to scientific inaccuracies -- but says there is ONE thing correct about George Lucas' universe. Just one.  

Let the nerd battle begin!

Gary Payton Sued

Accused of Battering Woman

Payton Alleges Shakedown

4/20/2015 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420_gary-payton_TMZGary Payton is being sued by a woman who claims the NBA legend beat her up over and over again during a quick getaway to Seattle ... though Payton denies the whole thing and says it's nothing more than a shameless cash grab. 

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed by Trishtan Williams -- who claims Payton invited her as his date to an awards function in Seattle back in January ... but after the ceremony, things got violent. 

According to the suit, Gary and Trishtan went to a local bar -- where she claims Payton shoved her over something she said. Williams did not say exactly what set Payton off. 

Eventually, Williams claims they got in a car to leave together and he assaulted her again. 

Williams says Payton struck her a third time when they got back to their hotel room. 

Now, she's lawyered up with Gloria Allred -- and is seeking a ton of money.

We spoke with Payton's agent, Aaron Goodwin, who claims the whole thing is nothing more than a shakedown in an effort to get Gary to cut a fat check.

Goodwin also says Williams has changed her story several times -- and has "no physical evidence to substantiate these claims."

"Unfortunately, with the climate of claims against athletes for monetary gains, Mr. Payton is just another victim and will fight this frivolous lawsuit."

Cris Carter To Britt McHenry

You're On TV

... You Gotta Treat People Right

4/20/2015 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cris Carter has a message for embattled co-worker Britt McHenry ... with great celebrity comes great responsibility ... telling TMZ Sports McHenry has a lot to learn about being in the spotlight.

Carter was out in D.C. when we asked the ESPN football analyst about McHenry's tow truck tirade and if he thought his fellow four letter personality was getting a raw deal from the public.

Check out the clip -- Carter dishes out the wisdom like a TV Yoda ... telling our camera guy if Britt is gonna live her life on camera, she needs to know how to treat people.

Bonus -- The NFL Hall of Famer makes a pretty sick one handed catch from our camera guy.

Take notes Britt ...

UFC's Paige VanZant

You're No Ronda Rousey

... Says UFC Champ

4/20/2015 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's coming off the biggest win of her career ... but UFC's new rising female superstar Paige VanZant would get MURDERED in a fight with Ronda Rousey ... so says UFC stud Demetrious Johnson

Johnson -- the reigning flyweight champ -- says VanZant COULD be the next great female fighter ... but don't go crowning her just yet. 

FYI -- 21-year-old VanZant extended her UFC record to 2-0 this weekend with a DOMINATING performance at "UFC on FOX 15" this weekend.

Clearly, Johnson doesn't think VanZant stands a chance against Rousey in the octagon ... but there is one arena he'd like to see them compete. 


Lil Wayne

Sparks Music Deal with Pot Biz ...

'Cause It's 4/20 and Stuff

4/20/2015 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne Weed App

Lil Wayne may be the one stoner today who is actually productive -- he just dropped a new music vid on the holy day of pot, and in a brilliant biz move he did it with the help of a popular "weed finding" app.

Wayne teamed up with Weedmaps to release, "Hollyweezy," from his mixtape "Sorry for the Wait 2."

We're told Weezy is partnering up with the company -- which pinpoints nearby medical marijuana dispensaries -- because he is a longtime advocate for legalization and reform. Also couldn't hurt that the site will get a ton of traffic on 4/20 ... and therefore more eyes on his video.

Wayne appropriately dropped the vid at 2:20 PM. Just kidding, of course it debuted at 4:20 PM EST.

Now grab your bag of gummy bears and enjoy.


Damon Dash

Loses Custody to Rachel Roy

4/20/2015 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Damon Dash
 just lost custody of the daughters he shares with ex-wife Rachel Roy, and it's probably all news to him ... since he didn't even show up for the hearing. 

Roy just got sole legal and physical custody of 15-year-old Ava and 6-year-old Tallulah. Dash also wanted full custody.

The former couple each accused the other of being an unfit parent. He claimed she drove drunk with one of the girls, and threatened to cut him with a knife. She claimed he smokes weed around the kids. She said all the women and drugs were a bad influence on their daughters.

The judge clearly sided with Rachel, ruling Dash only gets supervised visitation.

Roy also got a three-year restraining order against Dash.


Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin

Divorce a Done Deal

Documents Filed Today

4/20/2015 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have sealed their deal on divorce, and the documents will be filed later Monday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the couple tell us ... Gwyneth and Chris have been using their business managers to hash out a settlement agreement involving both property and custody.

We're told the agreement has been signed and the divorce is a done deal ... all that's left is for the paperwork to be filed and signed by the judge.

As for the terms of the deal ... we're told it will not be revealed in the divorce docs ... it's all part of a confidential settlement. But based on how they've gotten along since the split, it's almost certain they'll share joint custody of their 2 kids. 

We're told the divorce docs will cite irreconcilable differences, but it's all very amicable. 

Warren Sapp

Video Of Hooker Arrest

'Stop Talking And Oral Me'

4/20/2015 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Warren Sapp speaking with cops moments after his Feb. 2nd prostitution arrest in Arizona -- in which he says he told a talkative hooker to shut up and use her mouth for other things instead.  

In the video, which was recorded by law enforcement, Warren explains his side of the story ... how he picked up two women in a Phoenix hotel bar and offered them money for sexual favors.  

"I put the $600 dollars on the table, everybody got naked," Sapp explained.  

At one point, Sapp says one of the escorts started talking ... so he told her, "Why don't you use your mouth on me, instead of using it?!" 

During the video, Sapp says he was snapping photos and joking around with the women because ... as he put it ... "I'm silly like that sometimes."

At one point during the interview, Sapp realizes he's going to jail -- and has a bit of a mental breakdown.

Sapp says a dispute began when one of the women asked for a "tip" -- and he told both of the women to leave. Sapp says one of the women grabbed his cell phone and called hotel security.

Sapp says the woman then spit on him -- which angered the other escort ... and the two women began to argue.

Eventually, Sapp says the argument spilled into the hallway ... and he chased after them while naked to get his phone back. 

Luckily, Sapp says the dead bolt kept the door from closing and he went back into the room.

Warren was charged with two counts of assault and one count of soliciting prostitution. Sapp denies ever laying a hand (aggressively) on either woman. 

If convicted, he faces up to six months in jail.  

MLB Star Josh Hamilton

Wife Blindsided By Divorce

'I Never Cheated On Him'

4/20/2015 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420-josh-hamilton-katie-hamilton-Getty-twitter-01Josh Hamilton's wife Katie says she was completely "blindsided" by her husband's decision to file for divorce -- telling TMZ Sports she'll always love the baseball star. 

Hamilton filed the divorce docs back in February ... seeking to end their 11-year marriage. 

"It came out of nowhere," Katie says ... "There was no big fight or blow up. Nothing sparked it."

As for reports that Katie cheated on Josh, Katie says they're ENTIRELY FALSE ... "I never cheated on my husband. Are you kidding me? I did my marriage the entire right way."

Despite the shocking split, Katie says she has nothing but love for Josh -- and wants nothing more than for him to be happy and successful in life. 

"I've always stood by him and I'll always stand by him. I support and love him now and down the road."

Katie and Josh have 4 young children together.

Just one month before Josh filed the divorce docs, the couple seemed as into each other as ever ... and went to a romantic dinner at Mastros. She posted a pic to Instagram and wrote, "Date night with my love."


MTV's 'Ridiculousness' Star

Steelo Brim

Investigated For Alleged Sexual Assault of Porn Star

4/20/2015 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ridiculousness Steelo Brim Sexual Assault

MTV's "Ridiculousness" star Sterling "Steelo" Brim is accused of sexually assaulting a porn star in NYC, but claims it's BS, and she threatened to concoct a phony rape story ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Steelo and porn star Mary Jean were hanging out Friday night, but she claims things went south fast. Mary says she told cops ... while she was driving Steelo wanted sex, and when she refused he grabbed her crotch, punched her breasts, and said "this belongs to me."

Here's where the story gets really strange. Steelo says Mary refused to let him out of the car, and threatened to tell people he had raped her ... if he got out. Steelo says he weighed his options and decided to leap from the moving car. He says he tucked and rolled on the street ... injuring his arm and his Rolex. 

Steelo denies assaulting Mary ... who went straight to police after he escaped, and reported the alleged sexual assault.  

Mary denies blocking Steelo from getting out of the car, and says he could have fled at a stop light. She says she was trying to take him to police.   


Police are investigating Mary Jean's claims. Steelo tells us he hasn't spoken to cops yet, and no charges have been filed.

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