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Seahawks' Malik McDowell Arrest Video Cusses Out Cops Like a Maniac

12/13/2017 10:37 AM PST

Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Malik McDowell repeatedly called a female cop a "bitch" and a male cop a "n**ga" during his arrest in ATL on Sunday ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

We broke the story ... the 21-year-old rookie got into a verbal altercation outside of the SL Lounge early Sunday morning and cops were called to the scene. 

When they arrived, McDowell went ballistic on the officers -- cussing them out and yelling at them ... even accusing them of planting evidence on him. 

At one point he screams about how rich he is -- and that's why he feels justified calling the woman officer a "bitch."

The officer tells Malik to stop talking, to which he replies, "I can call you a bitch if I want to."

Malik tells the cops they'll never make as much money as he's made in the last 3 months and tells the woman, "You'll be a broke bitch for the rest of your life."

FYI, McDowell reportedly signed a 4-year contract worth $6.95 million after he selected in the 2nd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. 

BLM's DeRay McKesson Sues Jeanine Pirro ... She Lied, Now I'm in Danger!!!

12/12/2017 6:03 PM PST
Breaking News

6:15 PM PT -- A FOX News spokesperson tells TMZ ... “We informed Mr. McKesson's counsel that our commentary was fully protected under the First Amendment and the privilege for reports of judicial proceedings. We will defend this case vigorously.”DeRay McKesson -- one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement -- is suing FOX News personality Jeanine Pirro for saying he directed protesters to attack a police officer.

McKesson says Pirro was on "FOX & Friends" on September 28, discussing a lawsuit filed by the cop against BLM. According to the suit, Pirro made a series of outrageous and false statements about him.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, DeRay says Pirro blamed him for directing the violence, and added, "You've got a police officer who was injured, he was injured at the direction of DeRay McKesson."

DeRay believes Pirro made her statements knowing they were false -- and it's damaged his rep and endangered him as a civil rights activist. As we reported, a federal judge ruled McKesson was expressing his right to free speech at the demonstration, and it wasn't his fault the officer got hurt. 

DeRay's suing both Pirro and FOX News for defamation.

NYC Pipe Bomber Captured Alive and Identified Inspired by ISIS

12/11/2017 6:45 AM PST
Breaking News

The guy who strapped a pipe bomb to himself and set it off in an NYC subway has been captured alive ... and police say it was "absolutely an attempted terrorist act."

The bomber, now identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, was walking in one of the tunnels underneath NYC's Port Authority when the bomb went off. It appears something malfunctioned, or it was a very small explosive ... police captured the man at the scene.

NYPD says Ullah has been living in the U.S. for 7 years. He's a Bangladeshi immigrant, and police say the attack was definitely a terrorist act, inspired by ISIS.

FDNY says a total of 4 people were hurt in the bombing ... all non-life-threatening injuries. The Port Authority shut down all subways and the walking tunnels near the bombing.

Story developing ...

Police Involved Shooting Body Cam Shows 'Execution' of Daniel Shaver ... Ex-Officer Found Not Guilty

12/7/2017 8:53 PM PST
Breaking News

Police body cam footage shows the moment a Mesa, AZ police officer gunned down an unarmed man in a hotel hallway -- a shooting where the jury found the officer not guilty of 2nd degree murder.

The 2016 shooting happened in a hotel where police were responding to a report of someone pointing a gun out a window. Philip Brailsford was one of the responding officers, and in this video you see and hear the cops barking out commands to a man, Daniel Shaver, and woman the moment they walk out of their room.

While attempting to take Shaver into custody ... Brailsford fired his AR-15 five times, shooting and killing the 26-year-old. Brailsford, who is no longer on the force, was on trial for 2nd degree murder and reckless manslaughter -- until the jury returned not guilty verdicts Thursday on both counts.

Mark Geragos represented Shaver's family and described the shooting as "an execution, pure and simple. The justice system miserably failed Daniel and his family."

This footage was critical in the trial, and was released hours after the verdict. In it, you see Shaver on his knees, begging cops not to shoot him. After struggling to follow some of Brailsford's directions ... he starts crawling toward the officers as commanded. 

Brailsford testified he opened fire because it appeared Shaver was reaching for a weapon. 

And this is interesting, though not admitted in the case -- Brailsford's AR-15 rifle had the words "You're fucked" inscribed on the side of it.

The judge did not allow that to be entered as evidence, saying it was too prejudicial.

Justin Bieber Chief Bodyguard Badly Injures Cops ... In DUI Crash

11/30/2017 5:56 AM PST

Justin Bieber's bodyguard is in a heap of trouble after allegedly driving drunk, smashing into a police car, badly injuring the cops and then fleeing the scene before he was corralled and arrested.

Michael Arana, the head of Bieber's security, was driving in Miami at around 3 AM Thursday when his SUV tore into the police car. One of the cops was so badly hurt he was airlifted to a nearby hospital.  The other officer was also taken to the hospital.

Arana booked it, but another cop happened to be near the crash scene and apprehended him. He refused a blood test at the scene.  

Cops found receipts in Arana's pocket showing he paid for various alcoholic beverages after midnight.  

He faces a slew of charges ... 3 separate DUI charges, and 3 charges of leaving the scene of an accident.

One of the cops has been released from the hospital. The other is still there.

As for Bieber, he was in L.A. No word yet on whether he'll keep Arana on the payroll.

NFL's Lance Kendricks Weed Bust Video Released 'He's a Packers Player'

11/28/2017 1:10 PM PST

Imagine being a Packers fan in Wisconsin and having to bust one of the players for weed ... sucks, right!? 

That's exactly what happened to a cop in Appleton, WI on Sept. 2 when she pulled over tight end Lance Kendricks, who was on the way home from a Wisconsin Badgers football game. 

After Kendricks' car was stopped for going 81 in a 70, the officer immediately noticed the smell of weed and reports back to her partner ... saying, "You're not gonna wanna do this ... he's a Packers player."

But Kendricks didn't get a pass ... he eventually admitted to having weed in the car. Cops say they took the weed, and referred charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia to the county D.A.

Lil Peep Police Investigate Death

11/28/2017 12:50 AM PST

Lil Peep's death is now the subject of a police investigation and some very troubling private messages are under the microscope ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned the Tucson PD has opened an investigation into Peep's apparent OD from less than 2 weeks ago.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police are interested in texts allegedly sent from a woman named Mariah Bons ... who we're told went to the tour bus to see Peep shortly before he died.

She allegedly sent a message to a friend that reads, "GBC [Lil Peep] high af because of me and my friend lol."

Bons also allegedly texted, "He passed the f*** out my brother called and I tried to get him to say hi to my brother but he wouldn't wake up ..."

TMZ broke the story ... cops are also investigating whether the Xanax Peep ingested was laced with fentanyl.

Tyrese Cops Rush to Home After Video Surfaces of Bound and Gagged Man

11/20/2017 6:29 AM PST

Police beelined it for Tyrese's home early Monday morning after he posted a video showing a man tied up in his underwear, looking distressed in Tyrese's home ... as Tyrese eats ramen.

The video -- posted at 3 AM -- shows the man bound and gagged and it looks like he's being held hostage. The man on the couch is comedian Michael Blackson ... whose own vid, infamously mocking Tyrese's breakdown, went viral a couple weeks ago.

LAPD got a flurry of calls after Tyrese posted his vid of Michael bound and gagged -- people felt he had finally lost it, and kidnapped Blackson out of revenge ... now that he has 50/50 custody of Shayla.

When cops arrived at Tyrese's home they spoke with his security and were told the video was a well-produced "joke" -- and Blackson was totally in on it. 

Crisis averted. And well played ... by Tyrese and Blackson.

Ed Westwick 2nd Woman Claims Rape Actor Disputes Allegations

11/9/2017 9:58 AM PST

Ed Westwick is disputing claims by a second accuser that he sexually assaulted her in July 2014.

Aurelie Wynn posted on Facebook that Westwick "pushed me face down and [I] was powerless under his weight. I was wearing a one piece bathing suit that he ripped, I was in complete shock."  She adds, "I told the guy I was seeing [Mark Salling] that I got raped."  

Westwick just posted, "It is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverified and provably untrue social media claims, there are some in this environment who could ever conclude I have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct. I have absolutely not, and I am cooperating with the authorities so that they can clear my name as soon as possible."

Another woman, Kristina Cohen, also claims Westwick raped her and she filed a report Tuesday with LAPD.

Harvey Weinstein British Cops Probe for 11 Alleged Sexual Assaults

10/31/2017 6:42 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein is on Scotland Yard's radar now as cops investigate at least 11 sexual assaults he allegedly committed in London.

The police investigation, reportedly dubbed Operation Kaguyak, is looking into assaults alleged to have occurred between the 1980s and 2014. At least 2 actresses have gone public with accusations Weinstein raped them in London homes and hotels.

As we reported ... one of them, Natassia Malthe, is repped by Gloria Allred and held a news conference last week with details of the alleged rape. In all, police say they've heard from 7 accusers, some of whom claim Weinstein assaulted them multiple times.

Weinstein has denied allegations of nonconsensual sex.

Las Vegas Shooting Forces Drastic Hollywood Bowl Security Measure

10/29/2017 1:00 AM PDT

The Hollywood Bowl's taken a gigantic proactive step to prevent a psychopath from unleashing a deadly assault similar to the Las Vegas shooter -- by closing and patrolling a park with unobstructed views of the venue from afar.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Bowl's new security plan will now extend some approximately 900 feet from the venue at the famous Mulholland Overlook Park ... popular among tourists for its picturesque views of DTLA and, of course, the Bowl.

We're told several agencies -- including LAPD and Park Rangers -- have begun dispatching officers for security on nights the Bowl has scheduled events. The park will also be closed to the public.

The Bowl's plan is a direct response to the Vegas massacre ... where Stephen Paddock was perched from his 32nd floor Mandalay Bay hotel room and killed 58 people. He hatched a similar plan from a Chicago hotel overlooking Lollapalooza, but he never followed through.  

L.A. Police Group: Cops Have Been Angry with NFL ... But Change Is On the Way

10/27/2017 6:34 AM PDT

The San Francisco 49ers are donating $500,000 to help improve police and community relations -- and one of the most influential police groups in L.A. says it's a great first step.

The L.A. Police Protective League -- which represents roughly 10,000 officers -- sent a letter to its members praising the 49ers for the donation, which will also be used to advocate for the ban of bump stocks, which turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic ones.

But the letter also acknowledged that there's been a real problem between cops and the NFL recently.

"We have all been angry, frustrated and disappointed with the NFL," the letter states ... "but there is a time for anger and a time for action."

However, the LAPPL says they want to work with the 49ers because of the personal commitment of team owner Jed York -- who has vowed to get "personally involved in improving the relationship between our officers, his team, and the overall public."

The LAPPL says York has also committed to recruit other NFL owners to join the cause. 

Harvey Weinstein Rape Accuser LAPD Concerned She's Already Courted Media

10/20/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein's rape accuser already has the LAPD worried, because she orchestrated an interview with a newspaper immediately after going to the cops with her story.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell us, detectives think the almost contemporaneous move to talk to the police and the L.A. Times will make jurors suspicious. Cops say they've routinely had problems with prosecutors when alleged victims go to the media. These cases are hard to prove because they're almost always he said/she said, and when motivation becomes an issue it's problematic.

The detectives are also very concerned she came armed with a civil lawyer, David Ring, who's holding a news conference today to "share more information about the case."   

On the other side, the woman says she told her priest and her nanny about the alleged rape. If the disclosures were made on the heels of the alleged rape, it's powerful evidence to support a prosecution.

The woman -- an Italian model/actress -- claims Weinstein raped her in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2013. 

BTW ... we'll be livestreaming the news conference at 1 PM PT. 

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