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Florida Cop Shocking Vid Of Cop Punching Teen Girl ... During Mall Arrest

10/20/2018 3:08 PM PDT

This brutal video of Florida police repeatedly punching a 14-year-old girl pinned to the ground during her arrest is triggering controversy.

You see the cop landing left hooks to the teen's rib cage, as he and another officer try to arrest her during a physical confrontation Thursday outside the Coral Springs Mall in Coral Springs, Florida. 

The shocking vid, posted to Instagram by a woman claiming to be the teen's cousin, is being defended by police. 

The Coral Springs Police Department says officers responded to a disturbance at the mall and took a teenage boy into custody, and that's when the girl in the video began cursing at police and trying to incite her friends. Cops say the girl was resisting arrest, and as you see, punches started flying. 

The teen was eventually handcuffed, and cops claim she kicked one of the officers as they hauled her off in a patrol car. 

Jenelle Evans Hysterical 911 Call Claims Husband Attacked Her, Broke Collarbone

10/19/2018 9:15 AM PDT

Jenelle Evans was hysterical as she called 911 to report her husband, David Eason, attacked her at their home, allegedly pinning her down so violently she felt her collarbone crack.

We've obtained the 911 call Jenelle made over the weekend -- she is sobbing uncontrollably, saying she doesn't know what to do and telling the operator Eason had pinned her down in a drunken rage.

Jenelle said she couldn't feel her arm because of the injuries she suffered during the alleged attack. She told the operator Eason had been drinking and left the home with a friend after attacking her.

As we reported, a 911 call for an assault was made from Evans' North Carolina home over the weekend. A call for an ambulance was later canceled. 

A rep for Jenelle claimed the 'Teen Mom' star merely tripped and fell during a party at Jenelle and David's home.

Corey J Shocking Vid of Kid Rapper's Arrest ... Busted For Selling CDs

10/18/2018 10:39 AM PDT

This video of 12-year-old rapper Corey J -- who's appeared on 'Ellen' -- getting manhandled and arrested in a Georgia mall is triggering controversy, and an internal police investigation. 

The clip shows Corey with his arm locked in the officer's grip as they argue about why he's getting hauled off to jail -- for allegedly selling CDs -- and that's when Corey's aunt jumped in and a scuffle broke out. 

During the Oct. 6 incident in Cumberland, GA ... the cop looked surprised when Corey said he's only 12, but it didn't stop the officer threatening to arrest him. 

Corey and his aunt both got arrested and charged with felony obstruction.

Corey claims the officer was treating him like a rag doll, and posted a pic of what appears to be his bruised arm. 

You might recognize Corey J from last year's appearance on 'Ellen' ... when he talked about his budding rap career.

Cops say they'd previously warned Corey twice about selling his CDs in the mall, but he says he was just there to meet up with other artists when mall security alerted police. 

Cobb County police chief Mike Register says he's aware of complaints and his department is launching an internal probe. 

Harvey Weinstein Lead Det. Told Victim to Delete Info from Her Phone

10/17/2018 6:09 PM PDT

The case against Harvey Weinstein suffered a massive blow when prosecutors had to admit the lead detective on the case advised one of the alleged victims to delete information from her phone.

Prosecutors sent a letter Wednesday to Weinstein's attorney, Ben Brafman, informing him that NYPD Det. Nicholas DiGaudio had a conversation with the alleged rape victim about the contents of her phone before she turned it over to the D.A.'s Office.

According to the letter, the woman was concerned about prosecutors seeing things on her phone. It's unclear if that info was relevant to the case -- but the problem for prosecutors is, according to the letter, Det. DiGaudio told her to delete anything she was concerned about, and added ... "we just won't tell [the assistant D.A]." 

It's a huge setback for the prosecution, especially on the heels of the Lucia Evans bombshell. As we reported, DiGaudio failed to disclose a witness statement to prosecutors -- and, as a result, the sexual assault charge against Weinstein was dropped.

The D.A.'s Office says it's still moving forward with the case against Weinstein.

Brafman tells TMZ, "Only those totally uninformed would suggest that these are 'technical' issues. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact is that these issues undermine the fundamental integrity of the judicial process. This case is falling apart because it is a fundamentally bad case and bad cases eventually fall apart even when law enforcement officials try and stack the deck against the accused."

George Lopez Hooters Victim Attack Was Uncalled For ... Trump Line Just A Joke

10/17/2018 12:49 PM PDT

George Lopez attacked a man in a Hooters restaurant who simply wanted a pic of the comedian and only used a Trump reference to get George to smile ... so says the man.

We spoke with the guy who Lopez grabbed by the neck in a shocking video taken at the wing joint in New Mexico. Sources close to George initially told us Lopez went off after the man had allegedly followed and egged him on all night with Trump references.

The guy in the video tells a different story, saying he only approached George at his table once that day to ask for a pic. He says George grabbed his phone and started filming his own crotch ... but never hit record.

We're told George eventually gave the phone back and, wanting to make him smile and ease an awkward situation, the guy said, "On the count of 3 say Make America Great Again!" Lopez clearly didn't find the comment funny ... because he was on his way out of the restaurant when our video starts.  

As for why he chose a Trump reference, the guy says he was aware of Lopez's disgust for 45 and just wanted to crack a joke. For what it's worth, the guy in the video tells us he's a Democrat on paper.

Police confirm they got a call about the scuffle and are looking into the incident.  

Kool G Rap I Was Charged with 'Shopping While Black'

10/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Hip-hop legend Kool G Rap was charged with jacking a pair of pricey shoes -- a charge that was later dropped -- and he's claiming it all happened for one reason -- he's black.

Kool G was ordered to appear in court back in June after he was accused by an employee at a PA Finish Line store of pilfering a pair of Nike LeBron 15's -- worth $185. The employee described the thief as an African-American male in his 40's.

The rapper -- who fits the description, was shopping at the mall that day, and was tracked down in the mall's parking lot by a Finish Line employee who wrote down KGR's vehicle's registration number and immediately contacted cops. KGR was hit with misdemeanor theft.

Here's where things got interesting, his lawyers -- Donte Mills and Lennon Edwards of Mills & Edwards LLP -- claim cops jumped the gun and never reviewed the store's surveillance video. Had they looked ...  they would have realized KGR never stepped foot in the joint. His attorneys say cops were just on the hunt for a black man in his 40's and that was good enough for them. 

Cops belatedly determined the employee who tracked down KGR in the parking lot never eyeballed him ... and that was enough for prosecutors to drop the case.

KGR and his legal team are prepping a massive lawsuit against Finish Line.

Rihanna, Yasiel Puig Busted Burglar Suspect Tied to Chief Keef Home Invasion

10/8/2018 12:20 AM PDT

The web of celeb burglaries just got a little more tangled -- one of the 4 people arrested for hitting Rihanna's crib had also been busted for a Chief Keef home invasion where shots were fired.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 19-year-old Jshawne Daniels was nabbed by cops after hitting Keef's crib in the San Fernando Valley on Sept. 23. As we first reported, one round was fired before arresting 2 suspects, and a third got away.

We're told Daniels runs with the same crew that hit Yasiel Puig on Sept. 18. Days after the Keef incident, cops say different members of that same crew hit RiRi and Rams star Robert Woods.

We broke the story ... the 4 suspects taken into custody had a list of a dozen more stars they were targeting ... including LeBron James, Viola Davis and Matt Damon.

Rapper Juice WRLD To Busted Cop ... Do Your Duty, Not the Booty!!!

10/6/2018 4:35 PM PDT

That cop who got busted taking a photo of a woman's ass wasn't serving or protecting anybody ... and Juice WRLD's not afraid to clown him for it.

The Chicago rapper -- who's blowing up right now for his track "Lucid Dreams" -- has words for the Houston cop who got caught taking a booty pic while working the Drake and Migos concert last week ... don't perv out on the clock, bro!

Juice also wonders how many officers are using body cameras to secretly record women for their personal collections, which we have to admit ... we never thought of before.

But, then a guy in the rapper's crew drops the line of the day -- it might as well become the new "To Protect and To Serve."

As we reported ... Houston PD has taken action against the officer for his creepy behavior by launching an internal investigation.

Harvey Weinstein Lead Detective Under Investigation ... for Witness Tampering

10/4/2018 12:03 PM PDT

The NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office have launched a new investigation in the Harvey Weinstein case ... and the target is the lead police investigator ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the investigation centers around the case of Lucia Evans, who claims Weinstein forced her to engage in oral sex. The complaint against Weinstein alleges he grabbed the back of Evans' head and forced her mouth on his penis.

Our law enforcement sources say the witness -- a casting director -- says Evans told her she performed oral sex on Weinstein in order to get an acting role. Our sources say the lead investigator interviewed the witness who gave him a statement, but the investigator allegedly failed to disclose it to prosecutors.  

Witness tampering generally requires some affirmative act to influence or pressure a witness ... but our law enforcement sources would not be more specific.

NYPD spokesperson Phil Walzak tells us, "The NYPD working with its partner DANY remains fully confident in the overall case it has pursued against Mr. Weinstein. The evidence shows that the criminal case against him is strong." The statement goes on ... "The NYPD will continue to assist the prosecution any way it can to ensure justice is achieved for these brave survivors."

The D.A. declined to comment.

Drake & Migos Cop is Soo Busted Taking Booty Pic!!!

10/4/2018 7:04 AM PDT

A Houston cop working the Drake and Migos concert got caught in the act ... of snapping a cell phone pic of a woman's ass.

Little did the officer know another concertgoer was recording him during the show at Houston's Toyota Center -- and you can see him take the shot of the woman wearing a striped mini dress. Even worse for him ... moments later you can see the cop admiring the creepy shot on his phone.

Appropriately, you can hear Migos in the background performing "Slippery." 

Houston PD is already taking action -- it's launched an internal investigation and adds, "The actions depicted on the video are not consistent with the expectations we have for our personnel."

Jayson Werth DUI Arrest Video 'I'm Not Sure I Trust Cops'

10/1/2018 10:07 AM PDT

MLB star Jayson Werth got into it with a police officer during his DUI arrest back in April -- ultimately telling the cop he's not sure the officer had his best interests at heart. 

Werth was pulled over in Scottsdale, AZ on April 17 for expired registration and, during the stop, the officer suspected he was drunk. 

Werth tried to celebrity his way out of the arrest -- handing the cop an MLB "courtesy card" which shows he's a pro baseball player -- and told the cop, "We do a lot of work with you guys."

Didn't work. 

When the cops tried to conduct a field sobriety test, Werth objected -- refusing to comply and telling the cop, "I'm just not sure I trust you."

The cop tried to explain that he was NOT misleading Werth and was only trying to do the right thing. 

Werth replied, "A lot of people have gotten into a lot of trouble assuming that police officers have their best interests [at heart]."

That's when the cop broke out the handcuffs and arrested the baseball player. 

As we previously reported, Werth was taken to a nearby station where he ultimately surrendered to a blood draw -- which showed he had a .12 BAC.

He later pled guilty to 1 count of DUI and was sentenced to a diversion program. 

Chris Martin at Global Citizen Assures Crowd There's No Shooting ... 'You're All Safe'

9/29/2018 5:16 PM PDT
Breaking News

A brief moment of panic broke out at the Global Citizen Festival in NYC when the crowd thought they heard gunshots, but Chris Martin came to the rescue ... by grabbing the mic to calmly explain it was just a barrier collapse.

The Coldplay frontman got on stage Saturday Night in Central Park to address frightened people in the audience who had scattered or moved toward the back after thinking shots were fired.

He said ... "A barrier I think fell down; of course it caused people to be a little frightened and stuff like that, but nobody is trying to hurt anybody. You're all safe, okay."

Chris also got NYPD Assistant Chief Kathleen O'Reilly to reassure everyone that it was indeed a barrier fence collapse and nothing more ... and the show would go on as soon as they could get it fixed and ensure everyone's safety.

Good thing, because like Martin said ... Janet Jackson's up next!

Global Citizen Fest is a concert in support of social activism, with huge acts this year like Jackson, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, John Legend and as we reported ... Cardi B.

Yasiel Puig & Robert Woods Specifically Targeted In Burglaries ... Cops Believe

9/29/2018 12:20 AM PDT

There was nothing random about the burglaries at the homes of Yasiel Puig and Robert Woods -- cops believe they were most likely targeted because they're pro athletes who were PLAYING when the crooks struck. 

TMZ Sports broke the stories ... Puig was at Dodger Stadium and Woods helping the L.A. Rams crush the Vikings when intruders broke into their homes, both located in the San Fernando Valley.  

Law enforcement sources tell us ... they don't believe the burglaries are connected -- but cops do think the bad guys in both cases were using social media and team schedules to plot their crimes. 

Cops are also investigating to see if the crimes were inside jobs -- orchestrated by people connected to the athletes. 

We're told cops are meeting with both Puig and Woods to help strengthen their home security -- including more surveillance cameras, alarms, lights and guards to stand watch while they're working. 

Seems obvious ... but a lot of people feel "it could never happen to me" -- until it does. 

One law enforcement source tells us ... social media is becoming a roadmap for burglars -- so even if you're not a pro athlete or someone famous BE CAREFUL posting pictures signaling you're not home. 

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