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Blac Chyna Lawyers Get Death Threats I'll 'Stab The Hell Out of You'

2/22/2018 11:16 AM PST

Blac Chyna is certainly one to evoke emotion, because her lawyers have been the target of death threats and now the LAPD is on the case.

TMZ has learned her attorneys, Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley, have been getting emails and Instagram messages threatening their lives and the lives of their families because they chose to rep Chyna and refused to pass a letter on to her. 

Bloom received several threatening emails, one read, "My member is searching for you. If he finds you I gave him instructions already not to kill you but beat you bloody." The messages also mentioned Lisa's daughter, "I will have 5 men rape your daughter by gunpoint at he address by the end of this week."

A text sent to Mosley in December, read, "I be showing up at your house soon next Friday motherf*****. I still have your address. Me and partner will do our inspection. We coming to murder your ass if you at home." The text also included Mosley's former address.

Mosley claims an Instagram message said, "Chyna holding her hand you a soul less motherf*****. So when I give my partner the okay to stab the hell out of you on your nice floor you have ... see life aint easy. I'm going keep watching you. When I'm sick of you then I kill you."

The LAPD has obtained a search warrant to zero in on the culprit or culprits.

Bloom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Chyna against the Kardashians, claiming they intentionally torpedoed her reality show.

Nipsey Hussle Cops Towed My Armored Truck They Have It Out for Me!!!

2/17/2018 12:25 AM PST

Nipsey Hussle's armored truck was towed because it was illegally parked in a handicap spot ... this according to law enforcement sources, but the rapper's adamant cops have it twisted and they're just hating on him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Nipsey's Brinks truck -- a literal marketing vehicle for his new album, "Victory Lap" -- was towed from his store's parking lot after cops say it was parked in a handicap spot without handicap plates.

What's more ... cops ran the plates and discovered the tags expired 6 months ago. The truck was  impounded.

Nipsey insists the truck's in his possession but we checked with cops ... and it's still impounded. Sources close to the rapper claim he was NOT parked in a handicap spot and say cops towed the truck from his clothing store's private parking lot.

Elin Nordegren Busted for Speeding By Flying Cop!

2/13/2018 9:16 AM PST
Breaking News

It's a bird! It's a plane! No ... it's the cops -- and they busted Elin Nordegren for hauling ass on a Florida highway!

Tiger Woods' ex-wife was popped doing 95 in a 65 in her 2015 Cadillac on February 4 -- but it wasn't your usual speeding stop. 

Officials say Elin was spotted by a single-engine Cessna airplane operated by the Florida Highway Patrol which clocked her blazing down the freeway around 3 PM (late for a Super Bowl party, perhaps?). 

The fine -- $356. 

Yeah, she can afford it -- remember, she got $100 mil in her divorce from Tiger back in the day. 

Cher Panic Alarm Triggers Massive Police Response

2/12/2018 7:56 AM PST

Cher had a big scare Sunday -- at least cops thought so -- because they raced to her home after someone hit the panic alarm.

Five L.A. County Sheriff patrol cars roared up to Cher's Malibu compound Sunday afternoon after receiving the alarm notice. Cher is super security conscious and has had safe rooms in her homes for a long time. Her house, sitting alone on top of a hill, is a visible landmark in the area.

Turns out ... someone hit the alarm accidentally, so after deputies patrolled the premises they gave the all clear. We don't know if Cher was home at the time, but someone was ... because they tripped the alarm.

As for why 5 deputies responded, law enforcement sources say they would not send out the cavalry for a burglar alarm, but a panic alarm is a different animal.

DeAndre' Bembry Appeared to Be Drag Racing ... Cops Say

2/9/2018 10:31 AM PST

ATL Hawks player DeAndre' Bembry was racing another car at speeds estimated to be close to 150 mph when he was pulled over early Friday morning, cops tell TMZ Sports

As we previously reported, Bembry was clocked at 128 mph in a 55 mph zone in his purple Dodge Charger -- and was pulled over and arrested for reckless driving and speeding. 

Now, the Atlanta PD says there was a SECOND car involved. 

"Both vehicles were changing lanes and appeared to be racing each other as they traveled on I-85 approaching the Buford Highway exit at speeds visually estimated to be close to 150 mph in a 55-mph speed limit zone."

"The officer was not able to obtain an exact speed on the first vehicle."

"Using his speed detection device, the officer was able to determine the second vehicle was traveling at 128 mph.  The officer then observed the vehicle suddenly slow down and change lanes to exit the expressway utilizing the Buford Highway exit lane."

Bembry was later transported to city jail and the car was impounded. 

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Actress Leaked Nude Pics Have Cops on the Hunt

2/7/2018 12:30 AM PST

"Guardians of the Galaxy" actress Mikaela Hoover's nude pics and videos were jacked off her iCloud storage account ... and now cops are on the case.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Mikaela, who played Nova Prime's assistant in 'GotG,' told LAPD up to 40,000 images were hacked from her account -- and 119 of them ended up on the infamous "Fappening" website.

Cops traced a couple of IP addresses and executed search warrants to get user account information, DOBs and bank info. We're told the hunt is on for the suspect.

Rob Gronkowski's Home Burglarized While Gronk Was At Super Bowl

2/6/2018 5:55 AM PST
Breaking News

Rob Gronkowski's Boston-area home was hit by burglars -- and it seems it was targeted while Gronk was playing in the Super Bowl. 

The Foxborough PD confirmed cops are conducting a "routine property investigation" after the New England Patriots star returned home from his Minnesota trip to find his house had been hit. 

Cops tell TMZ Sports they received the call from Gronk himself around 6:18 PM on Monday evening.

There are reports the burglars stole some safes from the home and GUNS may have been taken. But cops will not confirm that.  

We're told no one was home during the burglary and cops are taking inventory as to what was stolen. 

"Out of respect for the homeowner's privacy and because this remains a very active and dynamic criminal investigation, the police are not releasing any information about items stolen or possible suspects as this case moves forward," the FPD wrote in a statement. 

"We will have no further comment on the case until the case is solved."

Ex-Jets Star Bart Scott Don't Cut Robby Anderson ... Despite Nutty Arrest

2/1/2018 9:17 AM PST

Ex-Jets star Bart Scott hopes his old squad doesn't fire star WR Robby Anderson in the wake of his crazy arrest (where he allegedly threatened to bang a cop's wife). Here's why ... 

1) "He's too young"

2) "He's too talented"

3) "His salary's controllable" (i.e. "he's cheap")

You'd think Robby could get the ax after allegedly going 105 mph in a 45 zone and then telling the arresting officer he was going to find the dude's wife and "f*ck her and nut in her eye."

Of course, Bart says Anderson crossed the line (if the allegations are true) -- but he shouldn't lose his job over it. He lays out the case for us on camera. 

Important to note -- doesn't seem like Bart realizes Robby IS facing 3 felony charges ... though he pled not guilty to all of 'em.

Mark Salling No Suicide Note ... Body Discovered by Dumb Luck

1/30/2018 3:00 PM PST

Mark Salling did not leave a suicide note and cops have already combed his home, his car and the area where he hanged himself and nothing has turned up ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

The question we've been asking for hours ... how did police find Salling's body in a remote area by a riverbed? We thought cops may have tracked the body through his cellphone or GPS on his car, but that wasn't the case.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... LAPD officers were in the area on an unrelated matter when they spotted Salling's car. As we first reported, a missing persons report had already been filed, so cops ran the plates, determined it was Salling's car, searched the area and found the body hanging from a tree.

TMZ broke the story, Salling committed suicide by hanging ... he had been suicidal for months awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child porn offenses. 

Jets' Robby Anderson Pleads Not Guilty In Crazy Speeding Arrest

1/29/2018 2:46 PM PST

NY Jets star Robby Anderson has pled NOT GUILTY to several felony charges stemming from his January arrest ... in which the officer claims the WR threatened to find his wife, "f*ck her and nut in her eye."

As we previously reported ... cops say Anderson was clocked doing 105 mph in a 45 mph zone in the early hours of Jan. 19 in Broward County, FL ... and cussed out cops like a maniac during the stop. 

At one point, cops say Anderson threatened to sexually assault an officer's wife -- and described it in graphic detail. 

Anderson was hit with 9 criminal charges including 3 felonies (harming a public servant, fleeing and eluding and reckless speeding). 

Harming a public servant charge carries a maximum 15 years in prison. 

But according to court records, Anderson's attorneys appeared in court on his behalf on Monday and pled not guilty to all of the charges. 

Anderson is now demanding a jury trial -- though it's still possible (likely) the two sides hammer out a plea deal before it ever gets to a jury.

Stay tuned ... 

Kodak Black's Lawyer My Client's Arrest was Shady

1/26/2018 1:34 PM PST

Kodak Black's legal eagle is ready to grill 3 officers to get to the bottom of what the rapper claims was a sketchy arrest.

Sources tell us Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has some tough questions he wants answered ... why was there no body cam footage of last week's arrest for grand theft of firearms, neglect of a child and weed possession? Cohen also wants to know why a gang task force effected the arrest.

Cohen filed legal docs setting the gears in motion to take depositions of 3 officers involved in the arrest to determine if it was kosher.

As we reported ... officers caught wind of Kodak's alleged illegal activity via an Instagram Live broadcast showing multiple men in a bathroom rolling joints and playing with a gun.

Philadelphia PD Only 6 Arrests Despite Pre-Game, Post-Game Insanity

1/22/2018 6:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

There was blood before the game ... and fires afterward -- but the Philadelphia PD tells us only 6 PEOPLE were arrested on Sunday in connection to the NFC Championship madness. 

One person was arrested for assault on a police officer -- we're told the incident took place in the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field before the game. 

2 more people were arrested for disorderly conduct -- and 3 others were busted for counterfeit ticket sales. 

All in all ... seems like a win considering the videos and photos that surfaced showing police on horseback taking control during the pregame tailgates. 

Afterward, fans went crazy in the streets -- but according to police, it wasn't as bad as social media made it look. 


Pope Francis Stops Papal Procession Helps Cop Who Fell Off a Horse

1/18/2018 10:51 AM PST
Breaking News

Pope Francis went from Pontiff to Good Samaritan on a dime, after a police officer fell off her horse during a procession in Chile.

The Pope was in Iquique, Chile to urge the country to end its ongoing conflict with the Mapuche people -- the indigenous people of Chile -- when the incident occurred.

The Pope got off the Popemobile and stood by the cop until an ambulance arrived.

The Vatican says the woman "received words of consolation from the Holy Father."

She was taken away in the ambulance and her condition is unknown, although the Vatican stated she was conscious the entire time.

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