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Bobbi Kristina Friend Who Found Her OD'd Died of Fentanyl OD

10/18/2018 7:53 AM PDT

Max Lomas -- the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina submerged in a bathtub with a toxic mix of drugs in her system -- died from a fentanyl overdose himself ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Lomas' official cause of death was "fentanyl toxicity," and his death was ruled accidental. We broke the story ... Lomas died of an overdose in Mississippi earlier this year, but it was unclear at the time what drug had caused it. 

As we've reported ... Lomas was the guy who found Bobbi Kristina lifeless in a tub all those years ago, which eventually led to her death after she was taken off life support. A bunch of drugs were later found in her system.  

Lomas was ID'd by some authorities as Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's drug dealer, but he denied that. He was at their home in the hours leading up to her death. 

His fentanyl overdose is telling in the wake of multiple overdoses over the past few years that have affected both celebrities -- male and female -- and the public alike. Epidemic is an understatement. 

Dennis Hof No Drugs Found at Death Scene ... Was Healthy Weeks Before

10/17/2018 9:03 AM PDT

Dennis Hof was the picture of health before his untimely death, and there are no obvious signs he was under the influence when he died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us no drugs or alcohol were found near Hof's body Tuesday when paramedics arrived at his Love Ranch home in Crystal, Nevada. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Sources close to the late owner of the famous Bunny Ranch brothels say Hof did not drink or take drugs of any kind -- and insist even his signature cigar was fake. 

Also interesting ... we're told 72-year-old Hof was given a clean bill of health just 2 weeks ago after undergoing cataract surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Our sources say Hof appeared to be in tip-top shape last weekend during his birthday celebrations.

We're told friends became concerned Tuesday when they weren't able to get a hold of him, as sources say he was always up by 4:30 AM and easily reachable by cell unless he had company.

Since he wasn't answering Tuesday, his pals assumed that was the case ... until Ron Jeremy discovered his body at his home around 11 AM. 

Hof was in the middle of a campaign for State Assembly in Nevada before he passed.

Quavo 'Big Bro' Lyrics Weren't for Peep Never Speak on the Dead!!!

10/15/2018 1:08 PM PDT

Quavo is setting the record straight after Lil Peep's stans got furious at what they thought were lyrics mocking the late rapper's death ... and he's doing it by announcing a self-imposed rule.

The Migos rapper tweeted out a message Monday that addressed the massive backlash he received over the weekend on the heels of dropping his solo album, "Quavo Huncho."

On the song "BIG BRO," Quavo raps ... "Think you poppin' Xanax bars, but it's Fentanyl // Think you're living like rockstars but you're dead now."

Tons of people took that as a diss aimed at Lil Peep, and were justifiably pissed over the apparent low blow. But, Quavo clarified his intent behind the lyrics, saying, "Lil Peep Is A Legend A Real Rockstar N E V E R will speak on the deceased."

He went on to explain that he believes in God, and doesn't question his plans ... adding that he had a 10-year barber who died from Fentanyl use. He capped off his tweet with ... "RIP TO ANYBODY WHO LOST THERE LIFE TO DRUG ABUSE!"

As we reported ... Peep died from a Xanax and Fentanyl overdose. Many other drugs were discovered in his system as well. He was 21 years old. 

2018 AMAs Stirring Tribute To Aretha Franklin

10/9/2018 9:08 PM PDT

Aretha Franklin was honored at the 2018 American Music Awards with a star-studded performance of the Queen of Soul's timeless gospel classics ... with Gladys Knight leading the way. 

Gladys, a friend of the late singer, started the tribute with a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" ... bringing the audience to its feet one last time at the end of the 3-hour award show. 

Gladys introduced Donnie McClurkin, and he energized the room by singing "Climbing Higher Mountains." 

A gospel choir came onstage for CeCe Winans' performance of "Mary Don't You Weep" ... and people were dancing in the aisles by the time Ledisi launched into "How I Got Over."

The memorial performance ended with gospel duo Mary Mary singing a traditional gospel, "Old Landmark."

Aretha died August 16 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 76.  

Lil Peep Woman Who OD'd After Rapper's Funeral Leads DEA to Bust an Alleged Dealer

10/3/2018 12:53 PM PDT

8:50 PM PT -- A spokesperson for Lil Peep's family denies Jones having any connection to the rapper. 

6:57 PM PT -- In a joint statement to TMZ from Matt Miller (Wicca Phase Manager), Tom Chiari (Run For Cover Records) and Adam Mcillwee (Wicca Phase Springs Eternal) we're told "Michael Jones is not and has never been a member of Gothboiclique. Any statements to the contrary are 100% false." 

Lil Peep's death was not a wake-up call to at least one of his fans, according to cops who arrested the guy for giving a young woman a fatal dose of drugs ... shortly after Peep's funeral. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the DEA, assisted by NYPD, arrested and charged Michael Jones Wednesday for distributing heroin and fentanyl. We're told the drugs resulted in the death of a woman named Diana Haikova.

Jones, who was part of Peep's group called Goth Boi Clique, was ID'd in a newly unsealed federal indictment.

Law enforcement sources say Jones and many other friends of Peep were in Long Island for his funeral on December 2, 2017. They partied in Manhattan for 3 days to honor their friend and on Dec. 5 we're told Mike met Diana -- who wasn't a member of the crew -- at a hotel party ... then allegedly gave her heroin and fentanyl back at her apartment. 

Cops say she was found dead at her place a couple days later, and they believe Jones was the one who supplied the drugs. We're told an indictment against him also claims he distributed heroin a couple months later.

As you'll recall ... Peep died after overdosing on Xanax and fentanyl. Many other drugs were discovered in his system as well. He was only 21. 

'Bridalplasty' Contestant Murder Suspect Found Guilty

9/25/2018 8:48 AM PDT

The man who confessed to killing former "Bridalplasty" contestant Lisa Marie Naegle was found guilty of 1st-degree murder.

According to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, a jury of 12 returned its verdict Monday, convicting Jackie Jerome Rogers after a nearly two-week trial. The verdict comes nearly 2 years after Lisa went missing following a date with Rogers. 

He's facing up to life in prison and will be sentenced at the end of October. 

Lisa's family caught Rogers in a lie when he told police he'd dropped Lisa off at a bar early in the morning. But, surveillance footage showed her getting into his SUV around 2 AM. Rogers eventually confessed to killing her and told police she was buried in his Inglewood backyard. 

Naegle was on the E! reality show back in 2010. She was a nurse, and Rogers was one of her students.

Travis Scott Mac, I Love You ... You'll Always Be My Boy

9/23/2018 11:59 AM PDT

Mac Miller might be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten -- especially not by Travis Scott ... who dedicated a touching moment to the fallen MC during his concert this weekend.

La Flame took a moment during his Vegas show Saturday night to freestyle a quick verse dedicated to Mac, who just died earlier this month. Travis raps ... "This is Superstar Boy / Malcolm that's my boy / Mac Miller I love you, always be my boy." 

He dropped a few more bars about Mac, and then transitioned into his song with SZA, "Love Galore." The audience seemed to love the shout-out as they roared in response.

Trav and Mac never rapped on a song together, but they did both drop their newest albums -- "Astroworld" and "Swimming," respectively -- on the same date last month ... August 3. It was Mac's fifth studio album, and Travis' 3rd. 

TMZ broke the story ... Mac Miller was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home, where he's believed to have overdosed. His official cause of death remains a mystery as toxicology tests are pending. 

He was 26. RIP

Mac Miller Frantic 911 Call 'Please Hurry!!!'

9/13/2018 8:21 AM PDT

Mac Miller's friend knew the rapper was in a desperate state when he made the call to paramedics after finding Mac's body.

In the heavily redacted 911 call -- obtained by TMZ -- a male caller can be heard pleading with the operator to get a unit to Mac's home as soon as possible. At one point, the caller begs, "Please hurry."

Later on in the audio, you can hear the caller hysterically crying, and then the call is dropped. 

We broke the story ... Mac was pronounced dead at his San Fernando Valley home last Friday from an apparent overdose. Cops found a tiny amount of white powder in the house, but believe the place was wiped clean of any drugs or paraphernalia. Law enforcement sources tell us it appeared Mac had been dead for hours before his body was discovered. 

The rapper's cause of death remains a mystery as toxicology tests are pending.  

His body was put on a plane Wednesday en route to his hometown of Pittsburgh for his funeral. We're told there will be a Jewish service for him at a chapel in the city later in the week.

He was 26. RIP

AJ McLean on Mac Miller He Died Too Young ... Now, Here's How I'll Help Addicts

9/9/2018 11:18 AM PDT

AJ McLean says Mac Miller's death was premature and tragic -- and he hopes more deaths can be prevented with a potentially life-saving measure he'll be rolling out soon.

We got the Backstreet Boys member in Bev Hills where he was participating in the Ante Up! for a Cancer Free Generation poker tournament -- which raises money for cancer research -- and he gave us his thoughts on Mac dying Friday from an apparent overdose.

While he's never met Mac himself, it's clear AJ's shaken up over his passing -- explaining people need to realize how big an issue drug addiction really is ... and how to overcome it.

He then tells us about a new detox kit he's working on that he says will help people kick drugs safely ... particularly, opioids. AJ says his kit includes non-narcotic medication -- unlike other drugs often used in opioid treatment, like methadone -- that won't get 'em hooked.

It's unclear at this time if Mac's death is drug-related, although cops firmly believe it is. An autopsy and toxicology tests are pending to determine the official cause of death.

Dolores O'Riordan Died of Accidental Drowning ... After Drinking Too Much

9/6/2018 6:32 AM PDT

The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan died from drowning in a bathtub after drinking too much booze.

According to a coroner's report, Dolores' official cause of death was drowning due to alcohol intoxication. The report says a responding police officer told officials Dolores was found submerged in her bathtub in her London hotel on Jan. 15.

Also found nearby ... 5 miniature alcohol bottles and an extra bottle of champagne. Toxicology results show she had a blood alcohol level that was four times the legal limit for driving.

Coroner Shirley Radcliffe noted ... "There's no evidence that this was anything other than an accident." The details of her death eerily came out Thursday, on what would've been her 47th birthday. 

As we reported ... Dolores died earlier this year, a day before she was set to hit the studio and record with a new band. Friends of hers told us they felt she'd been "deeply depressed" at the time, and implied suicide was possibly how she died. Oddly, enough, she sounded cheery on a voicemail to a friend just hours before perishing.

She was laid to rest in Ireland -- her home country -- where a massive funeral service was held for the pop star.

Aretha Franklin Patti LaBelle Rocks the House At Memorial Concert

8/30/2018 8:33 PM PDT

Aretha Franklin's memorial in Detroit was a marathon of live music to honor the Queen of Soul -- and Patti LaBelle gave an incredibly moving performance. 

Patti sang her hit song "You Are My Friend," and belted what turned out to be one of the best tributes of the night. Other acts including The Four Tops and Johnny Gill also hit the stage at Chene Park Amphitheatre.

We broke the story ... 23 acts were originally slated to perform Thursday, including big names like the Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Johnny Gill, Ron Isley and lots of others. Gladys' rep later clarified she wouldn't be performing, but would be in attendance.

The Four Tops performed "Bernadette," "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" and "Reach Out, I'll Be There."

It's kind of a big deal these stars committed to the show -- 'cause they're all footing their own travel and lodging expenses, according to a document obtained by TMZ. Clearly, these folks hold Aretha near and dear to their hearts to trek out to Michigan to do this.

Aretha's funeral service is still to come Friday, which will feature headliners like Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande.

A 2-day, open casket public viewing was held this past Tuesday and Wednesday ... which had lines around the block of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Aretha died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. She was 76.

Originally published 2:33 PM PT ...

Sen. John McCain Casket Flies to D.C. on Air Force 2 Trump Does the Right Thing

8/30/2018 2:30 PM PDT
Breaking News

John McCain is finally getting his due respect from President Trump -- his body is being flown to Washington D.C. on an aircraft that had to be approved by POTUS.

The late Arizona senator's casket was loaded onto one of the jets known as Air Force 2 -- which is often designated for the VP or First Lady's travel. As you know, 45 will not be attending McCain's service in D.C. ... reportedly because McCain wanted it that way.

Still, Trump announced earlier this week he had greenlit military transport for McCain, saying, "At the request of the McCain family, I have also authorized military transportation of Senator McCain’s remains from Arizona to Washington, D.C., military pallbearers and band support, and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the United States Naval Academy."

Prior to the statement, Trump was being incredibly stubborn on publicly speaking about McCain's passing ... refusing to answer questions about the Senator, and even briefly returning the White House flag to full-staff. It was eventually lowered back to half-staff.

There was no love lost between Trump and McCain. Then-candidate Trump mocked McCain's military service, saying he was not a war hero because he'd been captured in Vietnam.

A memorial service was held for McCain Thursday in Arizona, where a lot of people spoke in remembrance of the political maverick ... including a teary-eyed Joe Biden. McCain will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda Friday before another memorial service Saturday.

Aretha Franklin The Queen's Casket is on the Move ... Ahead of Memorial Concert

8/30/2018 2:25 PM PDT

2:05 PM PT -- According to witness reports, the Queen of Soul has changed outfits yet again for day 3 of her memorial tour. Today, day 3 has her ensconced in a rose-gold custom knit suit with pink beaded lace.

Day 1 showed Aretha in a tea-length red dress made of lace, with matching leather high heels. Day 2 she was reportedly dressed in a powder blue dress and matching shoes.

Aretha Franklin's casket is going on display at an entirely new location -- which has more of a personal connection than before -- ahead of what's set to be an epic memorial concert.

The Queen of Soul was moved to her late father's former house of worship -- where it all started for Aretha -- at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, as she's set to lie in repose for more public viewing before a star-studded lineup takes the stage in her honor tonight.

As you can see, lines were still forming around the block to catch a glimpse of Aretha and say final goodbyes to the music icon. We imagine it'll be an open-casket viewing, just like it was at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. 

As we reported ... 22 acts are set to perform later Thursday in a memorial concert for Aretha, where folks like the Four Tops, Johnny Gill, Ron Isley and others are on the bill. Another concert's taking place Friday at her funeral, with acts like Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder.

Aretha died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer. She was 76

Originally posted -- 10:56 AM PT

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