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Tupac 'Dear Mama' Lyrics Up for Sale

3/20/2017 12:50 AM PDT

0317-tupac-dear-mama-lyrics-launch-01Tupac used 3 sheets of notebook paper to write out the lyrics of "Dear Mama" ... that's $25k per sheet for whoever wants to be the proud new owner.

The handwritten lyrics of the 1995 hit song are up for sale at for $75,000. We're told the sheets came from the studio where Tupac recorded the track -- the site acquired them from a private collector in Poland.

The lyrics are what you'd expect if you know the song, except for a couple notes 'Pac jotted down on the side -- the names of rappers he may have been thinking about featuring ... and a much more graphic note on the last page.


'Modern Family's' Rico Rodriguez Mourns Death of Father

3/19/2017 5:49 PM PDT
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"Modern Family" star Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny on the show, publicly announced the death of his father who died last week. 

The 18-year-old posted a photo of him and his dad, Roy Rodriguez, Sunday with a heartfelt caption that read in part ... "This has been the toughest week of my life. My Dad was the most kind hearted, loving, hard working, determined, and funny man I have ever known."

He added ... "I'm gonna miss your hugs. I'm gonna miss your advice. I'm gonna miss your smile, and I'm gonna miss your laugh. I know you're looking down at us right now giving us the green light to move forward. I miss you Daddy. I'll love you forever - Your youngest."

Roy passed away suddenly last Sunday ... he was 52. He is survived by his wife Diane, and his 4 children. 



Nelly Chuck Berry Was a Legend! His Best Song ... Uhhhhhhhh

3/19/2017 7:49 AM PDT

Nelly has mad respect for the late Chuck Berry ... but the dude can't name a single song!

We got the St. Louis rapper leaving Bootsy Bellows Saturday night -- who shares the same hometown as Chuck -- and he eulogized the rock 'n' roll legend pretty poetically ... until our camera guy asks him to name his favorite Chuck Berry song.

You gotta see Nelly's reaction. But let's be honest ... stuff like this has happened to all of us.

For the record ... Chuck's most famous song "Johnny B. Goode" was included on the Voyager Golden Records, which were launched into space in '77. So  ... there's that. 

Chuck Berry Dead at 90

3/18/2017 3:55 PM PDT
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0318-chuck-berry-getty-5Chuck Berry, not just a legend of rock 'n' roll -- but one of its inventors -- died Saturday outside St. Louis.

St. Charles County police responded to a medical emergency call and found Berry unresponsive. They performed CPR, but weren't able to resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at 1:26 PM. Police have not released a cause of death.

Berry's amazing string of hits -- "Johnny B. Goode," "Roll Over Beethoven," "Maybellene" and many many more -- helped define the rock 'n' roll sound in the '50s and '60s. His music heavily influenced the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton ... pretty much anyone in rock who picked up an electric guitar after Chuck did.

Chuck was famous for busting out his signature "duck walk" during live shows. If you haven't seen his documentary, 'Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll' ... do yourself a favor and stream it tonight.

He was one of the first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees in 1986, and Rolling Stone magazine ranked Berry 6th on its list of greatest guitarists.

Chuck Berry was 90.


Auntie Fee Dead At 59

3/18/2017 6:38 AM PDT

Auntie Fee, the viral video sensation also known as Chef Sista Girl, has died nearly a week after suffering a massive heart attack ... according to her son.

Fee's son Tavis posted late Friday night, "god made the decision to take my mother home where its peace & Joy and im okay with that."

TMZ broke the story ... Fee was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Tuesday after feeling ill with chest pains. She suffered a massive heart attack at the hospital and had been on life support since.

Auntie Fee, who's full name was Felicia O'Dell, went viral in 2014 after posting her recipes for "good ass chicken" and "sweet treats for the kids." She went on to appear in the movie "Barbershop 3." She also came to TMZ to hook us up with her recipes.

She was 59.


'Jerseylicious' Star Mike Aktari Dead at 28

3/18/2017 12:10 AM PDT


Mike Aktari -- best known for being Olivia Blois Sharpe's bf on the show "Jerseylicious" -- has died at the age of 28.

Law enforcement sources tell us Mike died Monday in his hometown of Westbury on Long Island. We're told the cause of death is pending toxicology, but cops don't believe there was any foul play.

Mike was on the Style Network show from 2010 to 2012 ... when Olivia frequently butted heads with Tracy DiMarco, Mike's ex-gf.

Mike and Olivia weren't dating when he died, but she was clearly upset by the news.


MLB's Jose Fernandez Was Driving Boat While Drunk & Coked Up ... Officials Say

3/16/2017 6:33 AM PDT
Breaking News

0316-jose-fernandez-GETTY-01Investigators have concluded MLB pitcher Jose Fernandez was driving his boat at the time it crashed in Miami ... killing everyone onboard ... and say he was drunk and high on cocaine at the time.

Fernandez -- along with Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivero -- were killed on Sept. 25 when Jose's boat smashed into a jetty around 3 AM. 

The FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched an investigation into the incident -- and Thursday they released their findings. 

Long story short ... Fernandez's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit and his blood tested positive for traces of cocaine.

Officials say Jose and his crew were boozing at a local bar before the crash -- Jose bought 2 bottles of Don Julio tequila and 3 other drinks.

Several of Jose's friends were texting each other that night -- apparently concerned for Jose's well-being after he got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend.

As for the crash, officials say they believe the boat was traveling at 66 mph in the pitch-black night -- in a very dangerous area. The report essentially says Jose was incredibly reckless.

The report also described the physical injuries all 3 men suffered and it's gruesome.

The families of the other victims have already filed lawsuits against Jose's estate for wrongful death.


Jose Fernandez Mom and Girlfriend To Split Control Of Estate ... Judge Says

3/15/2017 8:54 AM PDT
Breaking News

0315-jose-fernandez-getty-01Jose Fernandez's mom and girlfriend will split control of the late MLB star's estate, a Miami judge ruled on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old pitcher -- who passed away in a boating accident back in September -- left behind no will. Fernandez's attorneys have valued his estate around $2-3 million.

Fernandez's girlfriend, Maria Arias, gave birth to their daughter on February 24.

The families of the other two men that passed away in the boat crash have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Fernandez's estate.

Tupac Was Crazy for ...

3/15/2017 7:13 AM PDT

Tupac had a habit he just couldn't kick, and we can't blame him!

We got Young Noble out -- a member of 'Pac's group, Outlawz, and we asked him to drop one secret about Makaveli people don't know yet.

We don't know if this tasty factoid will be in "All Eyez On Me" ... the movie about Tupac coming out this summer.

Who knew 'Pac was hittin' up this fast food joint???

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Public Memorial Will Feature James Blunt, Gary the Dog

3/15/2017 12:50 AM PDT

0314-carrie-fisher-debbie-reynolds-james-blunt-memorial-TMZ-GETTY-01Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are about to get a belated but pretty awesome public send-off.

The public memorial will be held March 25 at Forest Lawn, where the mother/daughter are buried. The ceremony will be held in a 1,200 seat theater at the cemetery.   

One of the highlights will be the unveiling of a tribute song from James Blunt. James and Carrie were tight ... she was the godmother to his child. Blunt won't be performing, but Fisher's brother, Todd, tells us the track will debut over a photo montage.

Also on the program ... the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, a dance tribute from the Debbie Reynolds dance school, and tons of costumes and memorabilia will be on display.

Fisher's daughter, Billie, will be present but won't make any speeches. She says it's just too emotional to address a crowd.

Carrie's beloved dog, Gary, will be front and center.

The event will be streamed live on Carrie and Debbie's website.  


Joni Sledge Died at 60 From Natural Causes

3/14/2017 10:03 AM PDT

0312-joni-sledge-GETTY-01Joni Sledge, one-fourth of Sister Sledge, died from a preexisting medical condition ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us there was no foul play, and the 60-year-old singer's cause of death will be listed as natural. Joni was found dead in her Arizona home on Friday.

A publicist for the disco greats said Joni had not been ill recently. It's still unclear what the fatal condition was, but we're told an autopsy was not necessary because her doctor signed off on "natural causes."

0314-joni-sledge-sisters-sub-asset-getty-01Joni and her sisters had huge hits in the '70s with songs like "We Are Family" and "The Greatest Dancer."


Kanye West Tragic Death of Cousin's 1-Year-Old

3/14/2017 6:20 AM PDT


Kanye West suffered a family tragedy Monday when his cousin's 1-year-old son died suddenly.

The cousin, Ricky Anderson, works at Kanye's label, GOOD Music, in L.A. We're told the child, Avery, died in his sleep. There was no previous sign of illness or distress.

Ricky wrote, "Today was the worst day of my life! I lost my lil man and gained an angel! Rest in Paradise!!! I love you man."


Avery had just celebrated his 1st birthday.


Stern 'Wack Packer' Joey Boots Cause of Death ... Accidental Heroin Overdose

3/13/2017 1:39 PM PDT


Howard Stern 'Wack Packer' Joey Boots died from an accidental heroin overdose.

The Medical Examiner's Office in NYC tells TMZ it's determined his official cause of death is "acute heroin intoxication." The 49-year-old's body was found slumped over in a chair in his apartment on Dec. 23.

Joey had openly discussed his battles with cocaine and crack addiction on the radio. After his death, some of Joey's friends told us they thought he was no longer using.

Fellow 'Wack Packer' High Pitch Erik found Joey while recording a podcast.

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