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AC/DC Malcolm Young Dead at 64

11/18/2017 6:29 AM PST

Malcolm Young, the co-founder of the legendary rock group AC/DC has died.

Young had been suffering from dementia for several years and it appears the condition contributed to his death. The band says Malcolm died Saturday peacefully with his family by his bedside.

Malcolm was the rhythm guitarist who founded the group with his brother Angus Young in 1973. The legendary band produced a string of monster hits, including "Highway to Hell," "Back in Black," "Thunderstruck" and "Hells Bells." 

The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Malcolm was replaced in 2014 by his nephew Stevie Young ... this after his health began to deteriorate.

He's survived by his wife, 2 kids and 3 grandchildren.


Lil Peep Fans Obliterate Rapper's Merch ... But There's a Big Problem

11/17/2017 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Lil Peep's entire online store was cleaned out by fans hours after his death ... and those lucky enough to get their clickers on some gear from other suppliers could be waiting a long, long time.

Peep was was found dead on his tour bus Wednesday of a suspected OD and his fans flocked to the rapper's online store and other retailers for mementos. 

Most of the merch was scooped up immediately and some of those who scored merch were notified shipments would be significantly delayed. From what we're hearing, they don't have the inventory and are scrambling to make good on the orders. 

As for what was sold ... posters, hats, hoodies, windbreakers, t-shirts, and other stuff ranging from $30 to $60.

Fan loyalty never dies.

Daz Dillinger Lil Peep Is a Warning ... Rx Pills Are Epidemic in Rap!!!

11/17/2017 12:30 AM PST

Daz Dillinger says Lil Peep's death should set off alarms -- prescription pill addiction isn't just a problem in hip-hop, it's part of the culture.

We got Tha Dogg Pound legend at LAX Thursday, and he reacted to emo rapper Lil Peep dying of what police suspect is an overdose. Daz says this needs to be the moment when artists quit glorifying pill popping, as Peep often did with Xanax and other meds.

While DD famously rapped back in the day about marijuana, especially on The Chronic, he says the danger is way higher today. 

Strange to hear Daz talk about rappers as role models -- but that's what he thinks it's gonna take to reverse the deadly opiod epidemic among young people.

Erykah Badu RIP Lil Peep ... Kids Have It Too Rough These Days

11/16/2017 5:38 PM PST

Erykah Badu thinks Lil Peep's death is more complicated than it seems -- it's not just a cautionary tale about addiction, it's also a warning about mental illness issues for young people in America.

As we first reported, police strongly suspect the 21-year-old rapper died of a fatal overdose. When we got Erykah Thursday in NYC ... she was extremely somber about the challenges youth face these days. As a mother of 3, she says kids, in general, are desperately trying to stay stimulated while coping with a wave of negativity -- which is why they turn to drugs.

Badu's take isn't all that uplifting, but it's arguably crucial and definitely thought-provoking. 

Floyd Mayweather Balls Out in L.A. But, There's One Thing He Won't Discuss ...

11/15/2017 6:28 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather was in attention-seeking mode Tuesday night -- taking his head-turning Rolls-Royce to the most paparazzi-packed restaurant in town ... while wearing a bright pink hat. 

So, when we saw him walking into Catch LA -- we had to ask about Oscar De La Hoya calling out Conor McGregor ... since Floyd's beaten 'em both. 

Mayweather was super nice to our guy -- but made it clear he didn't want to add fuel to that fire. 

Why not? Perhaps it was because his cutman Rafael Garcia passed away earlier in the day. Maybe he doesn't want to take the focus off a MayMac rematch? 

Either way ... condolences. 

And nice hat. 

Roy Halladay Teammates Share Emotional Tributes ... At Memorial Service

11/14/2017 4:18 PM PST
Breaking News

Roy Halladay was honored by teammates, family and friends at a memorial service in Florida on Tuesday ... remembering the star pitcher for his accomplishments both on and off the field.

Chase Utley -- who played with Halladay on the Phillies for 4 seasons -- praised Doc's work ethic ... saying he'd be done with his morning workouts by the time Utley showed up at the team facility.

Halladay's wife, Brandy, was the last to speak ... reminiscing about the first time they met as children ... and raising their 2 sons together. 

Other speakers included Cole Hamels, Chris Carpenter and Halladay's former manager Charlie Manuel.

Halladay died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico last week. He was 40 years old.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana Snorted Workout Powder ... Death Inquiry Reveals

11/14/2017 12:50 AM PST

Bodybuilding superstar Rich Piana would snort lines of pre-workout powder like it was cocaine ... this according to the death report obtained by TMZ Sports

We broke the story ... investigators found white powder at the apartment where Piana suffered a medical emergency back in August. He died 18 days later

Law enforcement spoke with Piana's girlfriend to try and find out what the powder was -- and she told investigators it was CON-CRET PRE workout powder (Lemon-Lime)  ... which is advertised as a high-caffeine booster. 

Piana's GF told cops, "He would snort this powder" ... and she does not believe it was anything illicit.

So, what did cause Piana's medical emergency? Officials say the autopsy was essentially inconclusive ... though it revealed Piana had heart disease. 

Unclear if the 20 bottles of steroids found in his home contributed in any way either. 

Piana was 46. 

Former Faith No More Singer Heroin Overdose Suspected In Death

11/14/2017 12:40 AM PST

Ex-Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley died of a heroin overdose -- at least that's what cops suspect after finding syringes next to his body, TMZ has learned.

Mosley's body was found last Thursday by a friend and his longtime partner, Pip Logan, in their Cleveland home. Logan told cops she last saw Chuck earlier that day around 11 AM. She and the friend returned just before 8 PM to find Mosley's lifeless body on the living room floor.

Cleveland police say they found two syringes, a baggie and a spoon with residue by Chuck's body. The singer's family described his death as being “due to the disease of addiction.”

It''ll take weeks before the Medical Examiner's office gets toxicology results. Mosley played with the funk-metal band in the '80s, after replacing Courtney Love

He was 57. 

'Veronica Mars' Actor Brad Bufanda 911 Call ... Possible Shot Fired

11/13/2017 9:26 AM PST

"Veronica Mars" actor Brad Bufanda hit the sidewalk so loudly when he jumped to his death at least one 911 caller reported it as a gunshot.

TMZ broke the story ... Bufanda committed suicide in L.A. earlier this month. The person who called 911 lived nearby and asked if police had any other reports of shots fired. It seems the caller figured out what really happened by the end of the call ... because they tell the operator the height of the building from which Bufanda jumped.

As we previously reported ... although a suicide note was also found at the scene, his manager told TMZ his sudden death was an absolute shock since he didn't struggle with substance abuse or any known emotional problems.

Bufanda was 34.

Roy Halladay's Plane Climbing and Diving 2 Weeks Before Crash

11/10/2017 10:59 AM PST
Breaking News

New video has surfaced reportedly showing Roy Halladay performing concerning aerial maneuvers over water -- including extreme changes in altitude -- just 2 weeks before his fatal crash. 

The video show's Roy's ICON A5 plane flying over the Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 20 -- it almost looks like he's practicing a water landing ... though he never lands on the water. 

The person who shot the video told the NY Daily News he started recording because the plane was going so close to the water at a high rate of speed, he thought it was going to crash. 

You can hear the man express concern as he watches Roy's plane. 

Just 2 weeks later, the plane crashed near the very same area -- killing the ex-MLB star

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ Sports Roy had been making similar changes in altitude -- just like in the video from Oct. One person described it as "aggressive flying."

Roy's family issued a statement saying he was not a reckless flyer -- and they're heartbroken over his death.

Corey Haim Mom Calls B.S. On Sheen Rape Allegation

11/9/2017 6:06 PM PST

Corey Haim's mother says her son was an open book with her, and while she claims someone did abuse Corey ... she knows it wasn't Charlie Sheen.

Judy Haim spoke to Dr. Oz and told him her son never hid anything from her ... so she would have known about any instances of sexual assault. She's not buying the report claiming 19-year-old Sheen molested or raped a 13-year-old Corey on a movie set in the '80s.

Judy does accuse someone other than Sheen of abusing Corey, but Oz isn't revealing the name.

As we told you, Sheen's ex-fiancee, Brett Rossi, wasn't convinced of Charlie's innocence -- but mama Haim says she's setting the record straight.

'Magnum, P.I.' Star John Hillerman Dead at 84

11/9/2017 3:56 PM PST
Breaking News

John Hillerman -- the co-star on "Magnum, P.I." who played Tom Selleck's condescending landlord -- has died.

A spokeswoman for the family reportedly said he died Thursday at his home in Houston. The cause of death is not known. Hillerman played Jonathan Quayle Higgins III alongside Selleck in the hit 1980s TV series.

Hillerman -- who also appeared on "The Love Boat," "The Betty White Show," "Murder, She Wrote," and "One Day at a Time" -- received 4 Emmy nominations for his "Magnum" role, and won for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series in 1987. He also won a Golden Globe in 1982.

His death comes on the heels of CBS' announcement the network is rebooting the show.

Hillerman was 84.


Venus Williams Gets In the Hot Seat For Fatal Car Crash Deposition

11/9/2017 7:14 AM PST
Breaking News

The day of questioning has arrived for Venus Williams ... the tennis star is about to sit for her deposition in the lawsuit stemming from that fatal car crash back in June. 

As we previously reported, the family of Jerome Barson sued Venus -- claiming she's to blame for blocking an intersection and causing Jerome's car to T-bone her in a crash that killed Jerome. 

So, what happens today? Barson's lawyers will undoubtedly grill Venus about her driving decisions on that fateful day and try to paint her as negligent.

Venus will most likely fight back and continue to lay the blame on a third unidentified driver who she has claimed cut in front of her -- forcing her car to linger in the intersection.

Depositions usually only take one day. Then the case could move to trial ... depending on how today goes. 

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