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Mobb Deep's Havoc After Prodigy's Death ... Ex-Manager Suing Us Is 'Punk S**t'

4/20/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Mobb Deep's Havoc is calling the lawsuit by the rap duo's ex-manager nothing more than a money grab that will hurt the people closest to Prodigy ... less than a year after he died.

Havoc tells us the lawsuit Buck 50 Productions just filed against Mobb Deep is sickening because he's doing it after Prodigy's tragic death last summer in Las Vegas. He says all the suit will do, IF Buck 50 wins, is take food out of the mouths of Prodigy's kids.

As we first reported, Buck 50 claims it's owed half a million bucks for management services.

Havoc doesn't seem too concerned though, legally speaking ... and says he can prove they never did a damn thing for his career. In fact, he's entertaining a countersuit.

Prince Cops Release Video of Death Scene ... Pics Inside His Vault

4/19/2018 2:51 PM PDT
Breaking News

Cops just released video shot inside Prince's home the day they found him dead.

The Carver County Sheriff's Dept. is releasing all the records from its investigation on the heels of the County prosecutor announcing there will be no criminal charges in Prince's death. Those records include the videos and photos shot all over Paisley Park on April 21, 2016.

As we've reported, Prince was found lying on his back in front of an elevator door in the home. We've chosen not to show the image of his body.

The rest of the video gives you the point of view cops had as they entered the room where he was found. Dozens of Prince's records are on the walls in an extremely bright room. 

There also photos inside his legendary vault showing recordings, large sums of cash and recording equipment stacked on shelves.

One pic shows a white powdery substance spilled out on a table with a bent spoon placed next to it. Looks ominous, however the spoon and cherry appear to be a replica of a Minnesota art piece.

There were 2 patches on Prince's body -- one on his leg, and one on his arm ... and we're told they were placed there by emergency responders when they attempted to revive him.

The files also include a video of Prince from April 20 ... as he walked into the office of Dr. Michael Schulenberg. As we reported, prosecutors say Dr. Schulenberg had written a Percocet prescription for Prince, but they don't believe it played a role in his death.

Sean Taylor Rare Autographed Card Sells for $13,000

4/19/2018 10:58 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

A Sean Taylor autographed football card -- the only certified signed card ever released -- just fetched a whopping $13,000 at auction ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Here's the deal ... the card was released as part of Panini's 2017 Flawless collection ... but the actual autograph was signed on a 2004 Topps rookie card. 

We'll explain ...

A rep for Panini tells us Panini obtained the 2004 card (which was signed AFTER it was released through Topps) and independently authenticated the autograph. Then, Panini cut the card down to fit in the Flawless card frame. It was then inserted into a random card pack and pulled by a lucky collector. 

Once pulled, the card made its way to eBay where the starting bid was $900. It received 51 total bids and finally sold for $13,000! The identity of the buyer has not yet been revealed. 

Of course, Taylor passed away in 2007 -- but had never signed a card that was officially distributed through a major trading card company. 

Obviously, he's still extremely popular with football fans and collectors.

By the way ... if you're wondering what happened to the top half of the original 2004 Topps card -- we're told it hit the cutting room floor. 

Prince's Death No Criminal Charges Investigators Can't Find Fentanyl Source

4/19/2018 9:16 AM PDT
Breaking News

Prince likely had NO idea he was even taking the fentanyl that ended up killing him, according to prosecutors who have found no one to criminally charge for his death.

Carver County Attorney Mark Metz said Prince had taken counterfeit Vicodin that was laced with fentanyl. He said they could not find sufficient evidence of who supplied the counterfeit pills, and as a result ... there will be no criminal charges in his death. 

As we reported, a toxicology report showed Prince had "exceedingly high" levels of the opioid in his system when he died -- even for a chronic pain patient.

Metz added it was likely Prince had also taken one of the counterfeit Vicodin when he overdosed on a private jet the week before he died. TMZ broke the story ... Prince made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, where emergency responders gave him 2 shots of Narcan to save his life.

Metz said Prince had been prescribed Percocet by Dr. Michael Schulenberg days before he overdosed, but says it played no role in his death. TMZ obtained a photo of Prince pacing outside a Walgreens the day before he died, waiting for a prescription to be filled.

Schulenberg had prescribed the Percocet to Prince's bodyguard, Kirk Johnson, as a cover for Prince. The federal government went after Schulenberg for that violation, and he just reached a settlement ... agreeing to pay a $30k fine. 

Prince died at 57 at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota on April 21, 2016. 

Gregg Popovich's Wife Erin Dead at 67

4/18/2018 5:43 PM PDT
Breaking News

Gregg Popovich's wife, Erin, has died ... according to a statement released by the San Antonio Spurs.

Erin died Wednesday, but the cause of death is unknown at this time. The news comes as a shock to players and fans -- although it's being reported she'd been ill for an extended period ... Coach Popovich hadn't said anything publicly.

Erin and Gregg were married for 4 decades and have 2 kids and 2 grandchildren.

Spurs GM R.C. Buford says, "We mourn the loss of Erin ... She was a strong, wonderful, kind, intelligent woman who provided love, support and humor to all of us."

The Spurs are scheduled to take on the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of their playoff series Thursday night in San Antonio. Kevin Durant was told the sad news at practice and was at a loss for words.

Erin was 67.


Legendary Wrestler Bruno Sammartino Dead At 82

4/18/2018 7:45 AM PDT
Breaking News

Hall of Fame wrestler Bruno Sammartino is dead.

Sammartino -- who was the longest reigning champion in WWE history (4,040 days) -- passed away at his home in Pittsburgh.

Bruno got his start with the WWWF ... the promotion started by Vince McMahon Sr. -- which eventually led to the WWF and WWE.

He was also a color commentator for WWF Superstars of wrestling and WWF All-Star wrestling, during the WWE's explosion of popularity in the 1980's.

Bruno wrestled as far back as the 50's and went head-to-head with the likes of Freddie Blassie, Buddy Rogers and George "The Animal" Steele. His matches were called by the legendary announcer Dick Lane ... who made "Whoa Nelly" a household phrase.

Later Sammartino served as a corner man for his son, David, during the first WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden in 1985.

The cause of death is unknown but Bruno struggled with health issues for a long time before he passed.

Bruno leaves behind his wife Carol, who he's been married to for nearly 60 years, and 3 kids.

Bruno was 82.


Barbara Bush Dead at 92

4/17/2018 4:42 PM PDT
Breaking News

Barbara Bush -- former First Lady of the United States and wife of 41st President George H.W. Bush -- has died.

The former First Lady died at her home Tuesday surrounded by her family. She had suffered from congestive heart failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Barbara decided herself when it was time to go, telling her doctors Sunday she chose to decline medical treatment in favor of comfort care.

Both Barbara and George were hospitalized in Houston in early 2017 for various health issues, but she was spry and all smiles with her husband for the Super Bowl 51 coin toss a month later.

Barbara served as First Lady from 1989 to 1993, but also as Second Lady for the 8 years during the Reagan administration. She was known for working to make advancements in universal literacy, and founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

She's survived by her husband, 4 sons -- including George W. and Jeb Bush -- a daughter ... 17 grandchildren and 7 great grandkids. 

The White House released a statement shortly after the announcement of her passing, saying, "She will be long remembered for her strong devotion to country and family, both of which she served unfailingly well. The President and First Lady's thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Mrs. Bush."

Barbara was 92.


'Night Court' Star Harry Anderson Call Went Out for Cardiac Arrest ... Listen to Dispatch Audio

4/17/2018 9:12 AM PDT

"Night Court" star Harry Anderson was found dead when paramedics arrived at his home ... TMZ has learned.

We got the dispatch audio that went out to the fire department, and the call was for a person suffering from cardiac arrest at Harry's address. The first responders later confirmed Harry was dead on arrival. 

As we reported ... Harry died Monday at his home in North Carolina. Authorities say no foul play is suspected.

Anderson famously played Judge Harry T. Stone on the NBC sitcom from 1984 to 1992. He'd also appeared on 'SNL' before that. Harry was 65.

'Night Court' Star Harry Anderson Dead at 65

4/16/2018 3:52 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Harry Anderson, who became a household name starring in the massive TV hit, "Night Court," has died.

We spoke to Harry's son, Dashiell, and he tells TMZ ... his father passed away of natural causes. Anderson rose to fame playing Judge Harry T. Stone on the sitcom that ran from 1984 to 1992. Before "Night Court" he frequently appeared on "Saturday Night Live."

The actor died at his home Monday in North Carolina. All authorities are saying is that no foul play is suspected.

Anderson also appeared on "Cheers" and starred in his own sitcom, "Dave's World," which ran from 1993 to 1997.

He was also an accomplished magician and even opened a magic shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He also had a nightclub in the French Quarter called Oswald's Speakeasy.  

In his later years, Anderson kept a low profile, only occasionally appearing in shows like "30 Rock," "Son of the Beach" and "Comedy Bang! Bang!"

He's survived by 2 children and his wife, Elizabeth Morgan.

Anderson was 65.


Zsa Zsa Gabor Estate Auction in Full Swing ... Come and Get It, Dah-ling!!!

4/14/2018 1:00 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Zsa Zsa Gabor fans are dropping some major dough on over 450 of her personal belongings -- from the most glamorous to the most ordinary ... and there's still time to spend more.

The late Hungarian beauty's property is being auctioned off at her Beverly Hills home Saturday, and a few of the featured big-ticket items have already raked in big bucks.

So far, a diamond and 14-karat gold necklace with her iconic "Dah-ling" catchphrase has fetched $20,000 ... and her Steinway piano -- featured in the film "Behind the Candelabra" -- sold for thousands more than expected at $23,750.

More of Gabor's normal possessions -- like her 1961 American passport and her 1989 California driver's licence -- sold for around $4k each.

Heritage Auctions is in the middle of the auctioning action ... so plenty more of Zsa Zsa's home furnishings, clothes, jewelry, photos and memorabilia must go!

Comedy Store Owner Mitzi Shore Dead at 87

4/11/2018 7:39 AM PDT

11:55 AM PT -- Pauly tells TMZ ... "Looking back on my mom’s life, the one word that comes to mind is giver. She gave her heart, her soul, and her stages. So Mom, on behalf of myself and all of the other comedians, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us develop our craft at the Store. Not only were you our comedy Godmother, you are my mother. We’d be nothing without you and your guidance. While you’re up in heaven, we will be down here on Earth making sure the Main Room, Belly Room, and Original room stay sacred. I love you. You will always be in my heart. Love Pauly, your baby."

Comedy Store founder and owner Mitzi Shore has died ... TMZ has learned.

Mitzi, the mother of Pauly Shore, died in L.A. Wednesday morning after battling an unknown neurological disorder for years.

Mitzi's Comedy Store was the launching pad for some of the biggest comics in the world, including Robin WilliamsRichard Pryor, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Arsenio Hall and Roseanne Barr.

Mitzi had been in hospice for a while, and Pauly took her to the Comedy Store Monday afternoon to say goodbye.

The Comedy Store opened its doors in 1972 on the Sunset Strip, where it has become a landmark for tourists as well as locals in Los Angeles. The huge names who got their start there would famously return unannounced to test out material.

Case in point ... imagine seeing Richard Pryor do a 2 minute set, before introducing an up-and-comer named Robin Williams. 

Comics who performed at the venue recently knew the end was near, because over the last few weeks they would tell the audience to pray for Mitzi. Pauly said Mitzi was not in pain in her final days.

She's survived by 4 children.

Mitzi was 87.


Andre the Giant Crushed Me in Drinking Contests Says 'Mean' Gene Okerlund

4/10/2018 4:20 PM PDT

Andre the Giant was a booze-swillin' LEGEND -- so says WWE Hall of Famer "Mean" Gene Okerlund, who tells TMZ Sports there were times he tried matching the Giant drink-for-drink!

Yeah ... you can guess how that turned out.  

We spoke to Mean Gene before the "Andre the Giant" doc premieres Tuesday night on HBO ... and he told us some fun facts about his larger than life friend.

Turns out, Andre was a serious fine-dining nut -- especially for delicacies like animal hearts, kidneys and tongues. Gene also told us the Giant was one of the most honest human beings he's ever met.

But, the best part was when Gene revealed he went on a few benders with Andre -- and ended up getting WASTED.

"I did try to stand toe-to-toe with him on a couple of occasions, and trust me, I got bent," Okerlund said.

Ric Flair once said Andre consumed over 100 beers in one sitting ... but we're guessing Gene tapped out way before the century mark.  

Coachella Sued Our Daughter Died On Your Dangerous Road!!!

4/10/2018 2:02 PM PDT

Coachella is a death trap for people trying to go to and from their campsites, and a woman was killed because of the festival's negligence ... according to a new suit.

The parents of Micha'la Josephine Freeland are suing Coachella for her wrongful death, claiming their daughter was struck by a Jeep Cherokee while she was crossing Avenue 52 -- an unpaved, dirt road -- on her way back to her camp because the festival failed to provide temporary pedestrian barricades, fences, lighting, warning signs and other safety provisions.

According to the docs ... Freeland was a Coachella security employee, but was not assigned to work on April 15, 2016, so she planned to hang with her family at the Ave 52 campsite. That night around 8:15 PM, she was hit by the vehicle while crossing Avenue 52 and later died at the hospital from her injuries.

Freeland's parents claim Coachella knew security personnel and their families would be traveling from the festival to the campsite on that road ... but failed to properly protect them.

Micha'la's parents are suing Coachella for damages for her death. We reached out to the festival reps ... no word back, so far.

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