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XXXTentacion Murder Ruined Career of Aspiring Rapper

7/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

XXXTentacion's murder has brought a rapper's career to a screeching halt ... so says the rapper himself, who at one point was linked to the murder.

Rapper Soldier Kidd tells TMZ ... his career's been derailed ever since online accusations of his possible involvement in XXX's shooting caught the eye of investigators.

TMZ broke the story ... cops working on the case were homing in on the Florida rapper after he posted a pic of himself with a gun while he was at a fish and chicken joint not far from the crime scene.

A grand jury indicted 4 people in the murder case. 

Kidd -- who btw says he could be the next XXX -- says he couldn't have been happier he's legally in the clear, but he says in the court of public opinion he's still suffering.

Offset Arrested in Georgia

7/20/2018 2:16 PM PDT

7/21 7:30 AM PT -- Bail was just set at $17k.

7/21 6:47 AM PT -- Police say Offset had 3 handguns in the vehicle and $107,000.

3:46 PM PT -- Offset was hit with 4 charges ... possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime -- both felonies -- and possession of marijuana (one ounce or less), and an improper lane change ... both misdemeanors.

The rapper was apparently pulled over for the lane change, not for tinted windows. 

Offset is behind bars in Georgia after cops pulled him over and allegedly discovered at least one weapon.

Sources tell us the Migos rapper was traveling just outside Atlanta Friday when the vehicle he was in was pulled over for tinted windows. A witness tells us officers then discovered at least one gun in the car ... a big no-no for Offset, who is a convicted felon.

Offset and Cardi B welcomed their daughter, Kulture, into the world earlier this month ... we're told neither Cardi nor the baby were in the vehicle at the time of Offset's arrest.

We're still working to confirm details with law enforcement. 

Story developing ... 

XXXTentacion Murder Suspects Flashed Stacks of Cash Weeks Before His Death

7/20/2018 1:00 AM PDT

3 of the 4 suspects in XXXTentacion's murder knew each other and enjoyed flaunting their money together before the rapper was killed ... because there's video proof.

Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome -- who've all been indicted by a grand jury for first degree murder -- were in an Instagram vid posted by Williams weeks before X was shot to death in S. Florida ... trying to look poppin' while sifting through stacks of big bills.

The fourth murder suspect and alleged gunman, Michael Boatwright, is not seen in the vid.

As we've reported ... Williams and Boatwright have been arrested, but Newsome and Allen are still wanted. Police believe Newsome is a second trigger man.

It's been more than a month since XXXTentacion was gunned down outside of a motorcycle shop in Pompano Beach.

Parkland Shooting Parents Sue 'Coward' Deputy

7/11/2018 8:00 AM PDT

The Broward County Sheriff's Deputy who bolted from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a gunman sprayed the building with bullets has just been sued by a group of parents and students ... claiming the deputy's inaction caused the carnage. 

The parents and students claim Scot Peterson -- a 33-year veteran tasked to guard the school -- ran from danger as Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people. As you know, Peterson came under intense scrutiny when video surfaced showing him taking cover outside. The Sheriff's Office acknowledged as much.

The suit claims Scot was incompetent in providing security. They say Scot was known in certain law enforcement circles as "ROD" or "Retired on Duty" ... a slur for a lazy cop.

The parents and students also claim the Broward County Sheriff's Office received dozens of calls warning them about Cruz from 2008 to 2017, but did nothing. A Broward Co. Sheriff's captain, who allegedly refused to allow emergency personnel in the school was also named as a defendant. The suit also names Broward County as a defendant.

The plaintiffs are parents of students who survived the shooting. 2 students are also suing. Scot's already been sued by another parent, Andrew Pollack, who made similar claims. His daughter died in the shooting.

Mozzy Arrested in Vegas For Gun Possession

7/9/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Mozzy broke a few rules of the road, then got busted for having a gun he's not supposed to have ... according to law enforcement.

Las Vegas PD tells TMZ ... the rapper was pulled over Thursday night in a black Maserati without license plates for failing to signal during a lane change. We're told Mozzy didn't have a driver's license and, upon inspection of his vehicle ... cops found a loaded Glock in a black book bag.

That's a problem for Mozzy, because he's an ex-felon. He went to prison after a 2014 conviction for gun possession and possession of a controlled substance.

He's now facing a charge for gun possession by a prohibited person.

The rapper was released after posting $5k bail.

Mandalay Bay Another Mass Shooting Thwarted 3 Years Before Massacre

7/6/2018 10:11 AM PDT

The Las Vegas massacre last October was not the first time a gunman entered the Mandalay Bay hotel with the intent of gunning down visitors ... this according to new legal docs.

Victims of the October shooting have sued Mandalay Bay, claiming the hotel was negligent by not properly thwarting the attack. The hotel has responded by saying it owed no legal duty to the victims, in part because there was no prior warning or incident that would have put it on notice.

According to docs, there was indeed a "nearly identical situation" 3 years before the October rampage. On November 29, 2014, a housekeeper discovered a guest on the 24th floor had brought multiple semi-automatic assault weapons into his room. One of the weapons was a high-powered rifle equipped with a scope, which was positioned so it pointed out of his hotel room onto the Las Vegas Strip.

The docs claim the weapons were positioned to "shoot at a large mass of people." The housekeeper thwarted the effort and the man was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 40 months in prison. 

Colombia Soccer Team Hero's Welcome In Bogota ... After World Cup Loss

7/6/2018 9:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Colombia national soccer team got one helluva homecoming on Thursday -- with thousands of fans lining up in Bogota to show support -- just days after they were eliminated from the World Cup.

Star players like Falcao and Juan Cuadrado got giant ovations alongside teammates Abel Aguilar, David Ospina and Yerry Mina

Colombia made it to the Round of 16 -- but, they were ultimately eliminated by England on Tuesday after the match went to penalty kicks. 

Disappointing end for Colombia -- but, the team showed heart and resilience and the fans clearly appreciated it. 

Nice to see ... considering back in 1994, Colombia player Andres Escobar was murdered after accidentally scoring an own goal during the World Cup. 

Washington Capitals Staffer Brings Stanley Cup To Capital Gazette Office

7/3/2018 3:55 PM PDT
Breaking News

Several survivors of the Capital Gazette shooting got to spend some time with the Stanley Cup on Tuesday ... thanks to the Washington Capitals equipment manager. 

The story is heartbreaking ... Capitals staffer Craig Leydig had just finished a phone interview with the newspaper on June 28 -- and, minutes later, a gunman stormed the place and opened fire, killing 5 people

Leydig -- an Annapolis resident -- was devastated and wanted to do something to help. 

Since every Washington Capitals player and staffer gets a day with the Cup, Leydig decided to use his 24 hours to bring Lord Stanley's hardware to the Gazette's temporary office to help cheer up the staff. 

The staff got to spend roughly 45 minutes with the trophy -- and Gazette reporter Rick Hutzell says it's something he'll remember for the rest of his life.

"We want to thank Craig for coming in with the Stanley Cup. It was clearly a big morale boost for everyone, particularly the hockey fans in the newsroom."

"The number of selfies that came out of this was huge and will be treasured forever."

Reuben Foster Suspended For Weapons & Weed ... Apologizes for 'My Mistakes'

7/3/2018 12:27 PM PDT
Breaking News

49ers star Reuben Foster was just hit with a 2-game suspension for his 2018 arrests involving guns and weed -- and issued a statement apologizing for his "mistakes."

Foster recently pled no contest to misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon stemming from a February domestic violence arrest.

The domestic violence case went to court -- but the charges were ultimately dismissed when the alleged victim changed her story and claimed she made the whole thing up.

Foster was also arrested back in January for marijuana possession in Alabama.

Tuesday, the NFL punished the linebacker for the guns and weed -- but NOT for anything connected to domestic violence.

He'll miss the first 2 games of the NFL season without pay.

Foster issued a statement, saying he's "sorry that my mistakes have hurt my team."

"I have a responsibility to the 49ers, our fans and our community, and I am committed to learning from this situation and making better choices in the future."

"The support I have received over the last five months has been humbling, and I do not take it for granted.”

MLB's Bruce Maxwell Punished In Postmates Gun Arrest

7/2/2018 10:06 AM PDT

Bruce Maxwell -- the only MLB player who took a knee during the national anthem -- has been sentenced for that incident in which he allegedly pulled a gun on a Postmates driver ... and he won't be going to jail. 

As we previously reported, Maxwell was arrested back in October after a female driver claimed Maxwell threatened her with a gun when she tried delivering his food to his Scottsdale home. 

Maxwell was initially arrested for aggravated assault -- but, he cut a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to plead guilty to disorderly conduct ... a lesser charge. 

In exchange, Maxwell was sentenced to 2 years probation -- with a 6-month deferred sentence ... which means if he violates the terms of probation, he gets 6 months in jail. 

As for Bruce, he's kept a very low profile since the arrest -- we have yet to hear from him. 

We last saw Maxwell in police body cam footage -- when he was cussing out the arresting officers who responded to the gun call. 

Rich the Kid Ditches L.A. Crib With GF After Home Invasion

7/1/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Rich the Kid and his girlfriend, Tori Brixx, are moving out of the downtown Los Angeles apartment where they were attacked and robbed at gunpoint by several men earlier this month ... because neither could sleep there at night anymore.

Rich had been crashing at his gf's crib when the home invasion went down ... the home invasion that landed them both in the hospital. We're told they didn't feel safe after returning there, since cops haven't found the culprits yet. 

Their attackers came into the second floor apartment through the fire escape to avoid the building's security, which explains why they'd be sleeping with one eye open now ... and you can tell from the 911 call that it was complete chaos. 

We're told they've hightailed it to a mansion in the San Fernando Valley, where they feel safer. As for their relationship ... they're still very much together. Rich, we're told, doesn't think Tori set him up for the robbery.

Ben Gordon Off the Hook In Knife-Wielding Robbery Case

6/27/2018 2:55 PM PDT

A judge has dismissed the weapons charges against ex-NBA star Ben Gordon -- after Ben cut a fat 5-figure check to the man he allegedly robbed at knifepoint back in November. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the former Chicago Bulls player was initially arrested for felony robbery after allegedly going to an L.A. apartment building, pulling a blade on the manager and demanding thousands of dollars in cash. 

We're told the incident stemmed from a dispute over Ben's security deposit -- which is odd considering Gordon made $84 MILLION during his NBA career. 

The charges were later reduced to 4 misdemeanors -- battery, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats and carrying a knife in plain view.

But now, we've learned ALL of the charges have been dismissed after Ben reached a "civil compromise" with the alleged victim.

Our sources say Gordon cut a $25,000 check and the manager decided to back off. 

Gordon still has other legal problems on his plate -- he's still facing charges for unlawfully pulling fire alarms at an apartment building back in June 2017. 

XXXTentacion 2nd P.O.I. Has Long Rap Sheet ... Charges from Weapons, Drugs & Stolen IDs

6/27/2018 11:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

The man named as a new person of interest in XXXTentacion's murder case has had a lot of run-ins with the law, much like the arrested murder suspect ... TMZ has learned.

22-year-old Robert Allen's rap sheet in Broward County, FL dates back to early 2015, when he was hit with 3 felony charges after being pulled over for riding without a seat belt. He was charged with trafficking cocaine, carrying a concealed firearm and grand theft of a firearm. 

Later that year, two warrants for his arrest were issued for allegedly carrying PVP (a synthetic party drug) and carrying a concealed firearm. He was charged with the 2 felonies.

Allen was also hit with 22 felonies in 2016 (yes, you read right) ... all of which pertained to IDs and credit card info he was accused of stealing. He was just placed on probation for 45 months this past December. You'll recall ... the lone murder suspect in custody so far, Dedrick D. Williams, had quite the criminal record himself, with a number of gun, drug and DV charges

As we reported ... cops want to talk to Allen in connection to XXX's murder over a week ago. We don't know why police believe he might be a person of interest.

While it's unclear if Allen is one of the 2 other murder suspects on the loose -- we do know the feds are hot on their trail

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