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Kevin Gates

Key Witness in Concert Shooting

... Cops Believe

1/27/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Gates ShootingPolice in Kentucky want a sit down with rapper Kevin Gates after a shooting at his concert -- a crime they think he can help them solve.

Cops were called to Gates' show in Lexington early Sunday morning after shots were fired. One person suffered a non-life threatening wound ... and a few others were hurt when part of the audience stampeded for the exit.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops think Gates' position at the time of the shooting -- up on the stage -- gave him a unique vantage point, and they're hoping he saw something or someone.

If he did, Gates didn't let on that night -- we're told he actually performed 3 more songs after the shooting ... all while standing in the remaining crowd. That seems like an odd move for Gates (who you might remember from that "I had sex with my cousin" thing) ... if he'd just witnessed a shooting. 

We're told cops are getting radio silence from Gates. We've reached out too, and got the same.


Pro Surfer Ricardo Dos Santos

Dies From Gunshot Wounds

... After Brazil Attack

1/20/2015 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0120-ricardo-dos-santos-facebook-01Brazilian pro surfer Ricardo Dos Santos died Tuesday -- one day after he was shot multiple times ... but the details surrounding the shooting are sketchy at best. 

No one seems to be disputing the fact that Ricardo -- a 24-year-old rising star in the sport -- was shot and died as a result of his injuries. 

But there seems to be conflicting reports about who fired the shots and why. 

There are some reports that say Ricardo saw two men using drugs on the beach and asked them to stop -- when one of the men suddenly began to open fire. 

Another report says Ricardo was doing home repairs with his grandfather when he got into it with some other men over a pipe that was being used in the project ... and the men shot him. 

Tributes have been pouring in from all over the surf community -- with Kelly Slater dedicating a surf session to his late friend. 

There are reports that a man was taken into custody in connection with the shooting. We're working on confirming the details. 


Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus

Cops Called for Domestic Dispute

... Wife Says Gun In House

1/18/2015 9:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118-ROSENHAUS-TMZ-02Cops were called to the Miami home of sports mega-agent Drew Rosenhaus Sunday night after a domestic incident with his wife ... who told cops she was concerned about a gun in the house ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We've learned ... Drew's wife Lisa Thomson (a Miami real estate agent) told police she arrived to the home after the NFL playoff games ... and was verbally attacked by Drew and his brother Jason.

0118-lisa-thomson-twitter2Our sources say ... Lisa told police things were escalating quickly -- she claimed Drew's brother had called her a "whore" and an "alcoholic" -- and said Drew eventually gave her trash bags and told her to get her stuff out of the home and leave.

Lisa told police she was concerned because there was a gun in the home and called police as a preventative measure -- though she was clear no one ever threatened to use the gun ... or ever brandished it during the altercation.

When cops arrived to the home ... we're told they were able get the situation under control. No one was arrested and Lisa left without further incident.

Lisa and Drew were married in 2013. Drew represents some of the biggest names in sports including Rob Gronkowski and famously consulted on "Jerry Maguire" and "Arliss."

Multiple attempts to reach Drew and his brother for comment were unsuccessful.

Joe Biden

Drive By Shooting at Veep's Home

1/18/2015 9:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0118-joe-biden-getty-01Multiple gunshots were fired outside of Vice President Joe Biden's home in Delaware Saturday night ... this according to the feds.

A vehicle reportedly drove by his home around 8:25 PM and fired off multiple shots from hundreds of yards beyond the Secret Service's perimeter.

The Vice Prez and his wife were not home when the shots went off ... but they were briefed on the incident following the shooting.

Biden's home is located several hundred yards away from the main road where the shots were fired ... and the residence will be searched to figure out if any bullets hit his house.

Shortly after the shooting, a driver attempted to get past the police perimeter ... but was immediately arrested by police.  Unclear if this is the same vehicle, or driver who fired the shots.

Chris Brown

Probation Revoked Over Shootings

Probation Dept. Wants Singer Locked Up

1/15/2015 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0115_Chris_brown_in_court_tmzChris Brown has had his probation revoked in the Rihanna case, in part because he was present at 2 separate nightclubs when people inside were shot, and officials are worried about more shootings and think Chris should serve time behind bars.

Chris showed up for a progress report Thursday, when the judge told him the probation report presented multiple problems. First, the report mentions the shooting last Sunday in San Jose when Chris was on stage. Five people were injured.  

The judge also said the probation report expressed concern over another shooting at 1OAK during VMA weekend last August. Again, Chris was on stage and several people were shot, including Suge Knight.

And the judge said Chris left the county for San Jose without getting the court's permission, which is a violation of his probation.

As for why the shootings are an issue, they were raised in the probation report. The judge noted so far there's no evidence Chris was criminally involved, but the probation officer says, "There is also concern that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured."

The probation officer also notes Chris has been arrested twice while on probation -- once for assault in DC and also for throwing a rock at his mom's car in rehab. And the officer notes Chris was "making comments about knives and guns during a group [rehab] meeting."

The probation officer -- who thinks Chris is focusing too much on his career rather than community service and rehabilitation -- recommends to the judge that Chris serve time. The officer says the singer has shown "a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive."

The judge will hold a formal hearing March 20. If hizzoner determines Chris "willfully" violated probation, he could be in big trouble. The violations are felonies, which means prison is on the line.



Taking Chris Brown's Lead ...

I'm Increasing Security!

1/14/2015 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Redfoo Chris Brown ShootingRedfoo was so freaked out by seeing the video of gunshots at a Chris Brown club appearance ... that he too wants to cut out gigs that don't have serious security measures. 

The LMFAO singer was out Tuesday night at Warwick in Hollywood ... where he said watching the CB video reminded him of the horrific shooting in Paris. 

Foo said he doesn't blame CB for his decision to stop performing at "hood clubs" ... in fact, he explains why he's now worried about more than shootings at his gigs. 

Taking a cue from Chris Brown is usually a terrible idea, but in this case ... it might not be so bad.


Young Jeezy

I Knew I Was Innocent

So I Bought My Own Big House

1/13/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Young Jeezy New HomeRapper Young Jeezy was so confident of beating the rap in his weapons case, he went and dropped a cool $1.5M on a fly new Georgia mansion ... a MONTH before learning his fate. 

As TMZ first reported ... weapons charges were dismissed against the rapper last month in connection with a fatal shooting at a Wiz Khalifa concert. The case was weak ... in fact, it made no sense.

Jeezy was so confident of winning, he bought the Atlanta spread in November.

Jeezy should let his legal team crash anytime they want ... he's definitely got the space ... the 9,000 sq. ft. pad is a cavernous 6 bed/7bath paradise sitting on 1.2 acres. 

The best part? If the cops ever come knocking again, they'll have to pass through his 600 lb cast iron front doors.


Chris Brown

Five Shot

During Club Appearance (VIDEO)

1/11/2015 6:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

011115_chris_brown_launch_v2Chris Brown was onstage at a San Jose nightclub early Sunday morning when gunshots rang out, wounding 5 people ... and it was all caught on video.

Brown was singing at 1:20 AM and the crowd seemed peaceful ... then, suddenly, gunshots ring out, sending everyone including Chris into panic. 

Four people were rushed to the hospital and one victim left and showed up at the ER later.

Several people were detained but it's unclear if anyone was arrested.  

Brown was not injured.

Beanie Sigel

Bullet-Riddled Lung Removed

1/7/2015 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107_Beanie-Sigel_gettyBeanie Sigel is roughly 1.3 pounds lighter ... after having his lung removed.

It was not elective surgery. Doctors just couldn't save the organ because it was riddled with fragments from a bullet someone fired into his stomach last month.

Someone opened fire as the hip-hop mogul returned home from taking his kids to school. It was a drive-by and cops believe Sigel was not the target ... the shooter was gunning for the guy standing next to him.

Sigel was released from the hospital he's called home since December 5. He went directly to Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ, where he'll spend the next 90 days learning how to function with one lung.  

As for the shooter ... he's still on the loose.



Jamie Lynn Spears

Pulls Huge Knife on Crowd

To Break Up a Fight

12/31/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears Fight
update_graphic_red_bar12:00 PM PT -- Law enforcement in Hammond clarified the incident to TMZ ... saying they were mistaken and the fight where a girl was hit with a beer bottle, happened the night before the knife incident. Jamie Lynn and her friend were not involved.

The knife incident actually began when Jamie's friend was knocked over during a fight at the Pita Pit between a bunch of guys.update_grey_gray_barBritney Spears' kid sister is a sandwich shop vigilante ... who didn't hesitate to reach for the closest weapon when her girlfriend got into a brawl with another chick. 

The violence broke out last weekend at the Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana -- Jamie Lynn Spears and a friend had made a late night stop for food, when ... according to sources close to Jamie ... someone attacked her friend.

Cops tell us Jamie's friend got clocked with a bottle. That's when Jamie went all "Saving Private Ryan" ... dragging her friend to safety. Our Spears sources say Jamie pulled her behind the sandwich counter -- then grabbed a long serrated bread knife and started waving it around to stop the fight.

We're told that did the job. Police showed up, but Jamie's friend didn't want to press charges ... so no one got arrested.

Hours before springing into action -- Jamie posted a pic looking calm and demure.

It's always the quiet ones.


Soulja Boy

I Scored a Deal

For My Loaded Gun Case

12/19/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy DealSoulja Boy cut a deal Thursday ... but he wasn't signed to a new record label -- the rapper copped a plea in his loaded gun case ... and the gun in question will soon be history.

Soulja pled no contest Thursday to carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle ... in return, the possession charge was dropped.

Soulja was also sentenced to 24 months summary probation and 170 hours of community service.

As for the gun ... according to the deal it will be destroyed.

Case closed.


Bobby Shmurda

'Driving Force' in Murderous Gang

Prosecutors Claim

12/18/2014 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Rapper Bobby Shmurda was a "driving force" in a gang that committed murders and other violent crimes ... this according to NY prosecutors.

Prosecutors from the NYC Special Narcotics Office just released their indictment, claiming more than 15 defendants committed a variety of crimes, including murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing. Bobby himself was charged with conspiracy to commit murder but not the murder itself and a few other weapon and drug charges.

Bobby -- who at one time called himself "Two Socks Bobby" -- is charged with firing a gun at a group of people outside a barber shop. Prosecutors say "socks" is code for firearms.

According to the indictment, members of the gang used other code words, including "suntan," which means shooting someone.  

The complaint says Bobby confessed to a fellow gang member, "You know I suntan him and shot, do issues, you know what's going on."

Prosecutors also say the ring dealt heavily in narcotics, with a pattern of violence that spread from Brooklyn to South Beach, Florida.

The D.A. says the violence was so prevalent, it turned Brooklyn into a shooting gallery.

Bobby pled not guilty to all charges Thursday in NYC.  He's being held on $2 million bail.


Bobby Shmurda

Arrested in Sting

Involving Drugs and Shootings

12/17/2014 11:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0828-bobby-shmurda-tmz-01Rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested Tuesday night during a sting involving multiple shootings and drug trafficking ... TMZ has confirmed.

The indictment is sealed and the specific charges have not been disclosed, but we know it's part of a long-term investigation conducted by the NYPD and a special narcotics prosecutor.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Shmurda was under surveillance by police and was arrested while he sat in a car outside a NYC recording studio.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday. 

Shumurda was arrested in October for smoking a joint with two friends while double parked on a Brooklyn street ... and in June for possession of a weapon.


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