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U.S. vs. North Korea Nuclear Showdown Bomb Shelter Business Explodes

8/10/2017 10:53 AM PDT

The nuclear brinkmanship between the leaders of North Korea and the United States has been good for at least one business ... bomb shelters.

We did some digging, just like the companies that are offering to trick out the homes of fearful Americans for a hefty price. Here's what we found.

-- Atlas Survival Shelters has sold more than 30 units in the last few days. The company is based in Southern California but the orders come far and wide ... as far away as Japan. Models start at around $10k. The owner says he considers himself the Henry Ford of bunker makers because he's making them "affordable for the everyday man." Top of the line goes for $165k. The owner tells us in the last 3 days he's sold as many shelters as he would have sold in 1 year, 6 years ago.

-- Rising S Bunker offers a starter bunker for $45k but the top-of-the-line, "The Aristrocrat," will set you back $8.35 million.  

-- Vivos can dig 30 feet underground and customize your bunker ... starting at $35k. They're luxurious, a full size kitchen, spa, pool tables, but that'll cost you extra.

-- Safecastle offers a $19k bunker which is bare bones but it could still save you ... so they claim.

Check out the pics ... they're not your granddaddy's bomb shelters.

Tinashe Restraining Order Granted Against Delusional, Gun-Obsessed Fan

8/9/2017 7:27 AM PDT

Tinashe now has legal protection against the obsessed fan who traveled from Boston to L.A. thinking they're married ... especially alarming given his renewed interest in guns.

Martin Murphy will have to stay 100 yards away from the singer, thanks to a new restraining order. He also can't own or even possess a gun.

She first obtained a temporary restraining order after learning Murphy tried to reinstate his gun license in Massachusetts. He's now required to turn over any weapons to either a gun dealer or law enforcement agency.

Murphy's family had said he'd "suffered a psychotic break" that made it difficult for him to distinguish reality from fantasy. 

Chumlee Dumping Infamous Vegas Party Crib

7/26/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Chumlee's done partying his ass off ... in one spot anyway -- the infamous Vegas home where cops once found guns and weed is on the market.

The "Pawn Stars" cast member listed his 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom pad for a whopping $1,849,900. It's a sweet deal if he gets his asking price -- he bought it 5 years ago for $1.1 mil.

The 6,206 square foot pad has a pool, spa and guest house. It's really a bachelor's paradise where Chumlee famously partied hard ... until cops searched the house in March 2016 and found more than 120 grams of weed and 12 guns. He eventually got off with 3 years probation.

Kyle Gluhm from Realty ONE Group is listing the home, which includes the "Chum Chum" room ... stripper pole included. Strippers NOT included, we're guessing. 

'American Idol' Scotty McCreery Busted For Loaded Gun At Airport

7/21/2017 3:57 PM PDT
Breaking News

"American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery was busted trying to bring a loaded handgun on a plane ... according to reports.

McCreery went through a security X-ray checkpoint at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina last week when the weapon was spotted. The black, 9mm, Smith & Wesson handgun was in the singer's backpack ... the screen also picked up two boxes of ammo with 63 bullets.

Target practice today

A post shared by Scotty McCreery Official (@scottymccreery) on

Reports say McCreery does have a permit to carry a concealed handgun ... but that doesn't allow him to carry a loaded one on a plane. 

The season 10 'Idol' winner was cited with a misdemeanor violation for the incident.

Scotty tells us he'd been out shooting a few days before the flight and forgot the gun and ammo was still with him, he says he had his concealed weapon permit on him.

Vic Mensa Cops Plea Deal In Loaded Gun Case

7/17/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Vic Mensa's gonna dodge jail time in his loaded gun case after cutting a deal, unless he chooses jail over cutting a check.

The D.A.'s office tells TMZ the Roc Nation rapper will get 2 years probation after pleading no contest to carrying a concealed firearm in his car. The second count of carrying an unregistered loaded firearm was dropped.

He could've gotten as much as 2 years in jail, but now he's free and clear if he pays $500. He does have another option -- serve 2 days in jail. Since he just dropped his new album, "The Autobiography" ... we're guessing he'll pay. He also has to cover $1,325 in restitution.

TMZ broke the story ... Vic was busted back in March for carrying a loaded gun after cops stopped him for running a stop sign in Bev Hills. He told cops he had a concealed gun permit, but it was for another state.

NFL's Adolphus Washington Crazy Gun Arrest Video ... Lucky to Be Alive

7/12/2017 10:18 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained video of the moment Buffalo Bills lineman Adolphus Washington was confronted by police while handling a gun in his car ... and the standoff is VERY intense. 

Cops stormed Washington's 3-wheeled Slingshot vehicle as they were clearing out a party at a Cincinnati-area water park. Cops say they saw Washington reach down and pick up a Glock. 

Officers screamed at 24-year-old Washington to keep his hands up and get out of the car -- as Washington tries desperately to explain the situation. 

Once he's in custody, one of the officers asks Washington, "Why the hell would you have that gun in your hand?!"

Washington tries to explain that he was innocently trying to put the gun away (and that he had a permit for it) when he saw cops clearing out the party ... and wasn't trying to brandish it. 

The officer is pissed that Washington would put everyone in that situation and says, "I'm not trying to shoot anyone out here."

Washington responds, "I'm not trying to get shot."

At one point the cop says, "You don't know how lucky you are buddy."

Eventually, Washington was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He's due in court later this month. 

Blac Chyna Rob Has a Gun Threatened to Kill Himself

7/10/2017 10:24 AM PDT

Blac Chyna says she's "terrified" of Rob Kardashian, in part because he has a gun and has threatened to use it to kill himself.

Chyna's celeb lawyer, Lisa Bloom, filed new docs Monday, adding to her client's claims of violence. As we reported, she says in addition to Rob attacking her in April, that same month, Chyna now says Rob punched her, knocked her to the ground and she ran in fear to her bedroom, where Rob punched a hole through the door to get at her.

Chyna says she's afraid the new series of online attacks -- where he posted naked pics of her and other personal information -- "will lead to increased irrational behavior and that he might harm her in his anger."

As we reported, the judge issued a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

Nick Bateman Sticks It Like Gambit! (Look Out, Channing!)

7/9/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Channing Tatum might wanna watch his back, there's another guy gunning for his role in the 'X-Men' spinoff, 'Gambit,' ... and dude's got a flashy stick.

Nick Bateman went viral last week with his own slick version of a 'Gambit' trailer -- but that video isn't all visual effects. We found out Nick's the real deal with that bo staff when we spotted him outside Playa Provisions in Playa del Rey, CA.

There's hope for Nick ... the film's been in the works for 3 years, and while Channing's the last name attached, they've yet to shoot a frame.

If he moves on to a new project ... you know who's waiting in the wings. With his stick.

Cowboys' Damien Wilson Catches Lucky Break ... In Truck Assault Case

7/7/2017 11:01 AM PDT

Good news for Dallas Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson ... cops tell TMZ Sports the woman he allegedly hit with his truck during a July 4th parking dispute suffered no injuries in the alleged assault. 

As we previously reported, Wilson has been charged with 2 counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during a July 4th dispute in a parking lot in the Dallas area.

The 1st charge is for allegedly striking a woman with his truck. The 2nd charge is for allegedly busting out a rifle and pointing it at a guy during the dispute.

Wilson is a lucky man -- because an attack with a large truck can have deadly consequences. Just ask Suge Knight ... who's facing murder charges for running over a man with his truck in 2015. 

The stakes are still high for Wilson -- if convicted on both charges, he faces up to 40 years in prison. 

T.I. & Tiny Our Security Pulls Out Big Guns

7/6/2017 4:26 PM PDT

T.I. and Tiny guaranteed their "safe travels" over the holiday by rolling into a Detroit club with security guards packing heavy artillery.

The rapper and his wife -- yup, they're back on again -- along with other Xscape members traveled to Touch Lounge for a 4th of July appearance, and their bodyguards were armed with assault rifles and sported bulletproof vests.

We're told the security team was provided as part of their appearance deal. If you're wondering ... Michigan's an open-carry state, and this isn't the first time we've seen the big guns out in clubs there.

The party followed Xscape's reunion concert ... where T.I. pulled off a surprise appearance.

Clinton Portis Plotted to Murder Man Who Blew His Fortune

6/28/2017 9:37 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-NFL superstar Clinton Portis says he loaded up a pistol in an effort to hunt down and KILL one of the people he blames for blowing his fortune ... but had a change of heart at the last minute. 

Portis says it all went down in 2013 ... he stalked an office building in Washington D.C. on several nights with the hopes of confronting one of the people who managed his money.

But Clinton wasn't looking for a fight -- telling, "It wasn't no beat up ... it was kill."

FYI, Clinton famously made more than $43 MILLION during his NFL career -- before losing it all through a combination of lavish spending and gross mismanagement by financial advisers. 

Some members of Portis' money team were punished by the NFL Player's Association and a federal regulatory agency for shady dealings -- but none of them went to jail for anything to do with Clinton. 

The ex-running back was pissed and wanted to take matters into his own hands.

But Portis says a call to a friend saved his life -- when she convinced him to holster his gun and think about his family. Portis says the thought of his 4 kids growing up fatherless ultimately convinced him to change his strategy.

Now, Portis says he's over his murderous anger -- and is focusing on growing his career as a member of the media.

'Power Rangers' Star They Made My Power Axe Real ... Lemme Get One!

6/27/2017 12:30 AM PDT

The original Black Ranger from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" can't believe someone made his TV weapon into a real-life killing instrument ... and now he wants his own.

We got Walter Jones Monday at LAX, where our photog asked what he thought about the show "Man at Arms" ... recreating his character's Power Axe (which doubled for a gun on TV). 

Walter's all about it, but not completely surprised it got done. It is 2017, after all -- the tech these days is pretty wild. As he puts it ... making an axe-blaster is high on the doable list.

We also ask what his weapon of choice would be in a real battle ... let's just say Walt's old school. 

Emilio Estevez Gun & Ammo Stolen During Car Break-In

6/25/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Emilio Estevez is way past playing Billy the Kid ... especially now that cops tell us his gun was stolen.

Law enforcement sources say the incident went down back in May as the 'Mighty Ducks' and "Young Guns" star was staying at the Oceana hotel in Santa Monica.

We're told he parked his car with the valet ...and 2 days later got back in his car only to find his Glock and ammo were missing. Our sources say there was no forced entry. It's unclear where the gun and ammo were in the car.

Cops are investigating.

We reached out to Emilio and management at the hotel but neither had a comment.

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