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L.A. Car Chase Suspect Shot Dead on Video

1/18/2017 2:58 PM PST
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A man cops say was armed with a hatchet during a wild L.A. car chase was shot dead, and it's all caught on video.

The chase went down Wednesday afternoon near LAX. You see the suspect at the end of the chase, surrounded by cops, climbing out the driver's side window. Then, suddenly, multiple shots ring out -- more than a half dozen. The suspect died on the spot.

You cannot see the hatchet in the video, but cops say they found it near the body.

Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Video of First Shots Fired

1/8/2017 8:48 AM PST

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter walked casually through baggage claim before suddenly pulling his gun out and wreaking havoc.

TMZ has obtained video of the shooting ... we are only showing the seconds leading up to the first shots fired and the panic that ensued.  


You see the shooter, 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, with a 9 mm handgun tucked inside his waistband, and then pulling it out and beginning to shoot.

5 people were killed.


Airport Shooting Witness Shooter Was White Man ... Used a Handgun

1/6/2017 11:29 AM PST

A witness at the Ft. Lauderdale airport tells TMZ the shooter appeared to be a white man who used a handgun. 

We spoke with Chenet Nerette who says he was in baggage claim at Terminal 2 when the shots rang out. 

He says he ran for his life -- but says he got a look at the shooter who appeared to be a white man. 

Chenet says the man took a knee right before he opened fire -- seemingly to brace himself before the massacre. 

As for the gun, Chenet says it was NOT a big gun -- he believes the shooter used a handgun. 

After the shooting ... Chenet pulled out his camera and shot footage of the aftermath. (See Below)

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting At Least 5 Dead, Multiple Injuries

1/6/2017 10:29 AM PST
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12:04 PM PT -- The gunman's been ID'd as 26-year-old U.S. born Esteban Santiago of New Jersey, according to law enforcement. Santiago had military ID on him.

update_grey_gray_barFt. Lauderdale Airport is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire in the baggage claim area ... reportedly killing at least 5 people.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was in the airport as the chaos erupted and tweeted, "Everyone is running."

According to multiple reports ... at least 9 people were injured and the lone gunman has been captured by police.

Hundreds of travelers are still out on the tarmac as police try to make sure there's no additional threat.

Story developing ... 

Alabama Football Player Blew Off Finger with Shotgun

12/29/2016 10:26 AM PST
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1229-dakota-ball-al-01University of Alabama defensive lineman Dakota Ball won't be playing in the Peach Bowl on Saturday ... because he's recovering from SHOOTING OFF HIS FINGER with a shotgun. 

Ball -- whose left hand was wrapped up at a Peace Bowl Media Day event on Thursday -- explained the accident occurred 2 weeks ago during a hunting trip with a friend.

"I shot my finger off with a 12-gauge shotgun," Ball told

"I was tying a rope around the barrel and around the stock to keep the shotgun from falling out of my lap ... I was tying rope around the barrel and it just went off. I didn't have my hand on the trigger."

"I shot it right at the knuckle and blew it off."

Ball was hospitalized and released the next day. 

The story comes in the wake of Philadelphia Eagles star QB Carson Wentz getting shotguns for his offensive linemen. 

Maybe a giftcard next year? 

Soulja Boy Arrested For Violating Probation Cops Say Gun Found In Home

12/15/2016 10:22 AM PST

1215-soulja-boy-tmz-02It looks like all of Soulja Boy's gun-toting has finally caught up to him -- he was just arrested after someone snitched on the rapper for threatening people online. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they paid a visit to Soulja's Hollywood Hills home Thursday on a Crime Stoppers tip that Soulja had been threatening people online with guns. Cops showed up, searched his house and we're told they found a gun inside ... so Soulja was arrested.

You'll recall ... Soulja's on probation right now for his loaded gun case from a couple years ago ... and he's not allowed to have any weapons on him.

As we reported ... Soulja's made numerous threats to people on social media lately. 


'Flip or Flop' Stars Split After Explosive Fight

12/12/2016 1:00 AM PST

1209-tarek-christina-el-moussa-instagram-hgtv-01"Flip or Flop" stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa portray the chipper, nearly perfect all-American couple on TV but we've learned they're now separated ...after a scary incident involving guns and a feared suicide attempt.

Their ordeal started, at least publicly, in May when deputies responded to "a call of a possibly suicidal male with a gun" at the couple's Orange County home. According to law enforcement, a massive presence showed up -- 11 deputies and a helicopter.

Witnesses told cops they saw Tarek grab a gun from his safe, run out the back door and flee down a hiking trail. Shortly after, Christina was seen running out of the house crying and shaking.

Within minutes, the helicopter spotted Tarek on a trail and deputies told him to drop his weapon. Tarek complied and told deputies he had no intention of hurting himself. He said he wanted to "blow off some steam," and only brought the gun for mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

Deputies went back to the house and ended up seizing 5 guns, including an AR-15.

Christina and Tarek tell us they decided to separate while they reevaluate their marriage. As far as the incident goes ... they'll only say it was an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

They add ... they're committed to co-parenting, and ... "will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together."


Ray Allen Military Machine Gun Training After Chopper Ride In Afghanistan

12/9/2016 10:53 AM PST

Ray Allen's still shootin' ... but he traded out the rock for an M-240B machine gun!!

The NBA legend has been hitting up U.S. military sites around the world as part of a USO tour -- a tour that included hanging out the side of a helicopter flying over Afghanistan!!!

The video is incredible -- you can see Ray rockin' a sweet pair of Jordans as they fly over the Hindu Kush mountains. 

Allen noted, "There were two men on both sides of the Helo up front manning the guns and the two in the back were keeping an eye out just in case someone fired a missile at us."


By the way, Allen also teamed up with Hollywood superstars on the tour including Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans.


Ronald Gasser Arrested for Manslaughter ... Mug Shot

12/6/2016 6:11 AM PST
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The man who shot and killed ex-NFL running back Joe McKnight in an apparent road rage incident has been arrested for manslaughter ... this according to police records. 

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. website shows 54-year-old Ronald Gasser was arrested on Monday night. He is being held without bond.


Gasser admitted to shooting McKnight 3 times during an altercation on Dec. 1st. Cops detained Gasser and questioned him after the shooting but he was released without charges hours after the incident.

It's unclear what has changed in the case between now and then.

Officials say the two were arguing and McKnight was shot while standing at the passenger window of Gasser's car while Gasser was in the driver's seat.



Ronald Gasser Arrest Shooter Pointed Weapon at Naval Officer ... After Killing McKnight

12/6/2016 7:45 AM PST

The man who killed Joe McKnight got out of his car and pointed his weapon at a Navy officer who rushed to the scene to try to help ... cops say. 

Sheriff Newell Normand says they interviewed Ronald Gasser for more than 10 hours and spoke with more than 160 witnesses in the case. 

They believe after Gasser shot McKnight following a verbal altercation -- he got out of the car to see McKnight's body ... and was approached by a military officer. 

The Naval officer told Gasser to put his gun away because it was not in his best interest to shoot a Naval officer. 

The Naval officer and cops then tried to help McKnight -- but it was too late. 

Sheriff Normand says Gasser has insisted he was fearing for his life -- and that's why he pulled his weapon during the altercation.

However, the sheriff says ... "Suffice it to say that obviously, a lot of the independent witnesses have provided information that doesn't completely square up with Mr. Gasser's statement."

Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 Goes 9MM at Tactical Gun Range

12/4/2016 12:20 AM PST

WWE legend Steve Austin can easily dismantle a bad guy with a well-placed Stone Cold Stunner -- but that didn't stop him from working out his trigger finger at the gun range ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

Stone Cold recently stopped by Taran Tactical Innovations in Simi Valley, CA to throw some lead down on their tactical range with a Sig Sauer MPX 9mm. In layman's terms: one badass rifle.

Check him out as he opens a can of whoop-ass ... just don't throw him a beer.


Joe McKnight New Photo of Gasser After Shooting ... Witness Says He Screamed At Body

12/3/2016 12:50 AM PST

1202-joe-mcknight-shooter-ronald-gasser-picture-scene-of-accident-crime-TMZ-SPORTS-01TMZ Sports has obtained a photo of Ronald Gasser moments after he shot Joe McKnight ... and the witness who took the photo says he WAS yelling at McKnight's body after the fatal shots were fired.

The person who took the photo says the item on Ronald's blue Infiniti is the gun he used to shoot the ex-NFL running back. 

The witness -- who is NOT the same person who spoke with -- says she heard the two men arguing on Thursday afternoon ... while she was visiting a nearby business. The witness says she spoke with officers at the scene and gave them her information but hasn't heard from them since.

After the shots were fired, the witness says she distinctly remembers seeing Gasser over McKnight's body ... and heard him yelling at the downed football star, "I told you I was going to f**k you up."

She says Gasser was pacing back and forth with his gun in his hand for a few moments after the shooting ... and then put the gun on the trunk of his car.

The witness says Gasser then took the gun and put it inside of his car while waiting for police to arrive.

When cops arrived, we're told he calmly informed officers the gun was inside his car and was cooperative.

We reached out to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. for comment but haven't heard back -- however, officials are adamant Gasser did NOT fire a shot while standing over McKnight's body. 

The JPSO says it's still investigating the case and hunting for more witnesses.

Joe McKnight Gasser Did NOT Stand Over McKnight And Shoot ... Cops Say

12/2/2016 11:02 AM PST

Ronald Gasser did NOT stand over Joe McKnight's body and fire shots while screaming, "I told you not to f**k with me" ... so says Sheriff Normand of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept.

"That witness account ... is factually incorrect. It did not happen." 

Sheriff Normand says McKnight was shot 3 times -- and the bullet casings were found inside Gasser's own vehicle. 

Gasser fired all 3 shots from the driver's seat of his car and struck McKnight -- who was standing at his passenger door. The passenger window was open. 

Normand also says they have no proof McKnight was trying to apologize to Gasser during the incident. 

Normand says cops have NO video of the incident and they do not believe it exists. 

Gasser has been questioned and released. He has not been charged with a crime at this point. 

The coroner says all 3 shots that were fired struck McKnight -- none of the wounds are consistent with being shot from above. 

The wounds are described as ...

1) A wound to his left hand, graze wound to knuckle – entered the index finger and exited palm

2) Entry wound to his right shoulder, that went into his right lung cavity ... palpable under the skin but in his body

3) Right below his right nipple. Entered into his chest, into his liver and into his kidney, exited through right low back

The Sheriff says ... "Everybody wants to make this about race. This isn't about race." 

As for whether Gasser has a license for his gun, "That is still being researched."


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