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Eric Dickerson

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Eric Dickerson was born on September 2, 1960 in Sealy, Texas, USA as Eric Demetric Dickerson. He is an actor, known for NFL Monday Night Football (1970), The Comebacks (2007) and O.J.: A Study in Black & White (2002).  See full bio on IMDb »

Eric Dickerson Calls Out Jeff Fisher for Taking Credit for Rams' Success

Eric Dickerson
Calls Out Jeff Fisher Rams Sucked When He Left!

Eric Dickerson says if Jeff Fisher thinks he left the Rams in good shape when he was fired he's DEAD WRONG ... telling TMZ Sports the team was in shambles when Fisher exited Hollywood. Fisher has… READ MORE >

Seahawks To Zeke: Your 200 Bet Really Pissed Us Off!!!

Seahawks To Zeke
Your 200-Yard Bet ... Really Pissed Us Off!!!

The Seattle Seahawks were on a mission to shut down Ezekiel Elliott on Sunday ... because the team was totally pissed Elliott bet Eric Dickerson he'd gash the Seahawks defense for 200 yards.… READ MORE >

- 25 days ago
Ezekiel Elliott Bet Eric Dickerson He'll Rush for 200 Yards In Return Game

Eric Dickerson
Zeke Bet Me He'll Rush for 200 Yards ... In Return Game

Ezekiel Elliott truly believes he'll crack 200 yards in his first game back from suspension -- and he's so confident about it, he made a jersey bet with Eric Dickerson.  Zeke and E.D. are… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Eric Dickerson: NFL's Only League Where You're Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent

Eric Dickerson
In NFL, You're Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent

Eric Dickerson says the Ezekiel Elliott suspension proves one thing -- "The NFL is the only league where you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent." The Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports he… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
Eric Dickerson: O.J. Simpson Called Me to Play Golf

Eric Dickerson
O.J. Simpson Called Me to Play Golf

Didn't take long for O.J. Simpson to reach out to his old NFL pals -- he called Eric Dickerson THE NIGHT he was released from prison ... this according to the Hall of Famer himself.  "He's… READ MORE >

- 94 days ago
Eric Dickerson: Chargers Are 'No Factor' in L.A., They Have No Fans!

Eric Dickerson
Chargers Are 'No Factor' in L.A. ... They Have No Fans!!

Eric Dickerson thinks the Chargers relocating to Los Angeles was a HUGE mistake ... telling TMZ Sports the Bolts are "no factor" in Hollywood. We spoke with the Rams Hall of Famer about… READ MORE >

- 119 days ago
Eric Dickerson: I Believe Ezekiel Elliott, NFL Should Not Punish Him

Eric Dickerson
I Believe Ezekiel ... NFL Should Not Punish Him

Eric Dickerson is convinced Ezekiel Elliott is innocent -- and says the NFL overstepped by punishing the Dallas Cowboys star after prosecutors declined to press charges in his domestic… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
Eric Dickerson Plans to Golf with O.J. Simpson When He Gets Out of Jail

Eric Dickerson
Me and O.J. Are Hittin' the Links ... When He Gets Out

Eric Dickerson has high hopes for his old pal O.J. Simpson when he gets out of jail later this fall ... but his highest is hittin' the green with him. We got the NFL Hall of Famer Sunday at LAX… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
Eric Dickerson Says O.J. Simpson Is Still Bankable After Prison

Eric Dickerson
O.J. Can Make Bank After Prison ... Here's How

Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson says O.J. Simpson won't have a problem making money if released from prison ... telling TMZ Sports he thinks Juice can make a killing as a free man. E.D. -- who… READ MORE >

- 212 days ago
Eric Dickerson Says His Cousin Ricky Seals-Jones Has HALL OF FAME Talent (AUDIO)

Eric Dickerson
My Cousin Has Hall of Fame Talent ... It's In His Blood!!

Eric Dickerson tells TMZ Sports his 21-year-old college football star cousin has Hall of Fame potential ... saying he expects "great things" out of the former Texas A&M tight end. Eric's… READ MORE >

- 318 days ago
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