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Jada Pinkett Smith

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Jada Koren Pinkett Smith was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Robsol Grant Pinkett, Jr., a contractor, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones, a nurse. They divorced after only a few months of marriage. Her father is of African-American descent and her mother is of Afro-Caribbean ancestry (from Barbados and Jamaica). Jada majored in dance and choreography at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where one of her classmates was Tupac Shakur. She spent a year at the North Carolina School of the Arts before dropping out to pursue her career in acting. Her big break came in 1991 when she was cast in the part of a college frosh on the television sitcom A Different World (1987). She made her feature film debut two years later in Menace II Society (1993). She did not gain widespread recognition, however, until her role opposite Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor (1996). In addition to being in front of the camera, she has spent time behind it directing music videos. Pinkett-Smith is married to Will Smith, and they have a son, Jaden Smith; and a daughter, Willow Smith.  See full bio on IMDb »

Jaden and Willow Smith's Family Tree Project

Jaden Smith
I Go Shirtless for Nature, Man!!!

Jaden Smith doesn't just give back to his community -- he goes topless to give back, and makes it look good ... as his pops once put it. We're guessing Will and Jada Pinkett… READ MORE >

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Did Not Give Tyrese $5 Million

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith
Did NOT Give Tyrese $5 Million

Tyrese claims Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him a whopping $5 million so he could dig himself out of a financial hole from his custody case, but sources directly connected to both Will… READ MORE >

- 133 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith's Sweet Old Motorcycle For Sale for $5k

Jada Pinkett Smith
My 'Lil Beast' Can Be Yours for $5k

Jada Pinkett Smith's need for speed requires at least 3 wheels these days, which is great news for anyone who wants her old 2-wheel hog she nicknamed "Lil Beast." Jada's 2011 Yamaha Vstar 650 is… READ MORE >

- 170 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith Dispels Rumors She And Will Are Swingers

Jada Pinkett Smith
Sorry, Will & I Don't Bang Other Couples ... For Now

Jada Pinkett Smith is putting a giant Hollywood rumor to bed about her own bed ... she and husband Will Smith don't screw around with other couples. Jada was promoting her new flick, "Girls… READ MORE >

- 243 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith Was a Drug Dealer When She Met Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith
I Was a Drug Dealer Back in My Tupac Days

Jada Pinkett Smith was all about the thug life when she first met Tupac Shakur -- maybe more than he was -- because she was the one slinging drugs. She made the confession Wednesday on "Sway… READ MORE >

- 245 days ago
'All Eyez on Me' Producer Disappointed in Jada Pinkett Smith, Film Not Intended to Be Word-for-Word Account

'All Eyez on Me' Producer
Sorry, Jada ... the Movie's Accurate Even If Not Word-for-Word

Jada Pinkett Smith missed the point of "All Eyez on Me" -- the producer wasn't trying to precisely recreate her relationship with Tupac ... instead it's a vision of what he thinks Pac wanted it… READ MORE >

- 277 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith Says 'All Eyez On Me' Lies About Her Relationship with Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith
'All Eyez on Me' Is Filled with Lies About Tupac and Me

Jada Pinkett Smith is pissed off about "All Eyez On Me" and how it portrays her relationship with Tupac ... calling the movie, "deeply hurtful." Jada, who clearly just saw the movie, is taking… READ MORE >

- 278 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith Goes After Paparazzi For Scratching Her Car (VIDEO)

Jada Pinkett Smith
Goes After Photog ... You Scratched My Luxury Ride!

Jada Pinkett Smith made a camera guy break into a sweat when she accused him of dinging her really expensive whip, which could cost him hundreds ... maybe even thousands! Jada was leaving lunch… READ MORE >

- 314 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith's Butt Easily Spotted in Hawaii (PHOTO GALLERY)

Jada Pinkett Smith
Easily Spotted With That Body & Bikini

No one wants Jada Pinkett Smith to change her spots ... not if she's rocking this leopard print bikini. The 45-year-old actress was basking in the sun in Hawaii after a workout sesh in… READ MORE >

- 398 days ago
Jada Pinkett Smith -- Backlash Against Police Sadly Predictable (VIDEO)

Jada Pinkett Smith
Backlash Against Police Sadly Predictable

Jada Pinkett Smith seems to think the violence in Dallas was virtually inevitable, saying, "Desperate communities do desperate things." A photog got Jada at LAX Thursday, and asked about the… READ MORE >

- 621 days ago
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