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Michael Cohen

Michael Avenatti Says Cohen Tapes Will Pin & 'Spank' Trump Soon Enough

Michael Avenatti
Cohen's Tapes Will Pin Trump ... And Spank Him Too

Stormy Daniels' lawyer thinks Michael Cohen has more dirt to spill on President Trump, and he's forecasting a spanking ... the likes of which Donnie has never felt.  We got Michael Avenatti… READ MORE >

Donald Trump's Secret Call with Michael Cohen About Karen McDougal Released

Donald Trump
Private Call with Michael Cohen Released ... Cash or Check?

A taped conversation between Donald Trump and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, discussing financial payments has been released ... and this is going to get interesting. CNN just… READ MORE >

- 27 days ago
Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Gets 'Rat' Warning and Support on NYC Streets

Michael Cohen
NYers Show Support, but Also Warn ... 'Don't Be a Rat!!!'

Michael Cohen's getting it from both sides as New Yorkers give him an earful over potentially flipping on President Trump. We got Trump's former personal attorney in NYC Monday, and asked… READ MORE >

- 49 days ago
Michael Cohen Asks Judge to Muzzle Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Michael Avenatti

Michael Cohen
Calls Avenatti 'Small-Town Carnival Magician'

Michael Cohen is calling Michael Avenatti a "small-town carnival magician" who should be ordered to stop talking publicly about the Stormy Daniels case. Cohen just filed legal docs saying… READ MORE >

- 49 days ago
Michael Cohen Requests Court Order Forcing Stormy Daniels' Attorney to Shut Up

President Trump's Lawyer
Please, Your Honor ... Silence Avenatti on TV & Twitter!!!

The judge shot down Cohen's request, saying Avenatti talking would NOT cause irreparable damage to Cohen's case.President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen's seen about 120 too many TV… READ MORE >

- 67 days ago
Stormy Daniels' Ex-Attorney Sues Her for Defamation, Denies Collusion

Stormy Daniels
Ex-Attorney Strikes Back You Ordered Me to Do Dirty Work!!!

Stormy Daniels has another war on her hands -- now her ex-attorney's suing her for claiming he was a "puppet" who colluded with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen. Keith Davidson responded to… READ MORE >

- 74 days ago
Stormy Daniels Slams Ex-Lawyer as a 'Puppet' for Trump & Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels
Sues Ex-Lawyer ... He Was a 'Puppet' for Trump & Cohen

Stormy Daniels just sued her former attorney ... claiming he was in cahoots with President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to get her to falsely deny she had an affair with… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti Accuse Michael Cohen of Leaking Audio

Stormy Daniels
I'm Afraid Cohen's Leaking Audio Related to My Trump Case

Stormy Daniels says Michael Cohen might be leaking like a sieve, and if he is ... she wants the judge to shut him down immediately. Stormy's attorney, Michael Avenatti, fired off a letter to… READ MORE >

- 90 days ago
Attorney Concerned About Michael Cohen Docs, Michael Avenatti's 'Reckless' Ways

Michael Cohen
Stormy Lawyer Will Be 'Reckless' with Seized Docs ... NY Attorney Fears

A NY attorney wants an order protecting the information the FBI seized from Michael Cohen's office ... because of attorney-client privilege and his fear that Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael… READ MORE >

- 95 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Says Donald Trump Repaid Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels' $130k

Rudy Giuliani
Claims Trump Paid Cohen Back ... For Stormy 'Hush' Money

Donald Trump's going to have even more questions to answer about his relationship with Stormy Daniels now ... and it's all thanks to Rudy Giuliani. 🚨 Giuliani says Trump repaid Cohen… READ MORE >

- 110 days ago
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