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Mike Myers

Michael John "Mike" Myers (born May 25, 1963) is a Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer of English parentage. He is most known for his roles in various popular films, including playing the title characters of the films Wayne's World, Austin Powers, 54, and the lead voices of Shrek, and The Cat in the Hat. He has also been a recurring member of the cast of the NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live. Myers was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, the son of British-born parents Eric Myers (1922–1991), an insurance man and World War II veteran of the Royal Engineers, and his wife Alice E. (née Hind; born 1926), an office supervisor and veteran of the Royal Air Force. Both of his parents are from Liverpool, England. He has two older brothers, Peter Myers and Paul Myers, an indie rock singer-songwriter, broadcaster and author. Myers is of English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry, and was raised Protestant. He holds three citizenships, American, British, and Canadian. Myers began school at Bishopbriggs Academy then changed to the Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario. He began performing in commercials at age eight, and at ten he made a

Sony Hacking Scandal -- Dr. Evil Says ... GOP is Giving Villains a Bad Name

Sony Hacking Scandal
Dr. Evil Says ... GOP is Giving Villains a Bad Name

Dr. Evil is scoffing at the Guardians of Peace for sheer laziness.The "Austin Powers" super villain appeared on "Saturday Night Live" with some solid advice to the GOP ...  "It's easy to… READ MORE >

Mike Myers -- Michael Buble Is Wrong ... Best Hockey Fighter Ever Is ...

Mike Myers
Michael Buble Is Wrong Best Hockey Fighter Is ...

Mike Myers has a bone to pick with Michael Buble ... claiming the singer was dead wrong about the greatest NHL fighter of all time. Of course, Buble had picked Geno Odjick ... who once tried… READ MORE >

- 800 days ago
Mike Myers: Good Genes or Good Docs?

Mike Myers

Mike Myers looks are nothing to laugh at!Here's the then 27-year-old "Saturday Night Live" comedian at a party back in 1990 (left) and 24 years later -- the now 51-year-old "Shrek" star at a movie… READ MORE >

- 908 days ago
'Austin Powers 4' -- Mike Myers Signs Deal for Another Installment

Will There Be Another

Prepare to be shagged one more time -- Mike Myers has signed on to do a fourth "Austin Powers" movie. Nothing official has been announced yet, but according to ... Myers has signed on… READ MORE >

- 1987 days ago
Mike Myers & Wife Expecting -- 'Yeah Baby'!

Mike Myers & Wife Expecting -- 'Yeah Baby'!

Mike Myers is about to have a real life Mini-Me ... because a rep for the 'Austin Powers' star has announced Mike's wife Kelly Tisdale is pregnant with the couple's first child. No word on when… READ MORE >

- 2079 days ago
'Wayne's World' Reunion on 'Saturday Night Live'

'Wayne's World' Reunion
on 'Saturday Night Live'

No, your TV didn't accidentally teleport back to 1992 -- Mike Myers and Dana Carvey got back together on "Saturday Night Live" last night to do their classic sketch, "Wayne's World."… READ MORE >

- 2175 days ago
'Love Guru' Costs Dumbass 6 Months of Freedom

'Love Guru'
Costs Dumbass 6 Months of Freedom

It may be the dumbest move of all time: A man risking his personal freedom, public humiliation and his entire career -- all because he wanted to illegally burn a copy of "The Love Guru."As if… READ MORE >

- 2772 days ago
Carrie Fisher -- Like Buttah

Carrie Fisher -- Like Buttah

Here's 52-year-old female "Star Wars" icon/celebuspawn Carrie Fisher (left) at a comic convention in San Francisco this weekend -- and "Austin Powers" himself Mike Myers (right) at some event a… READ MORE >

- 2880 days ago
Scott Storch and Linda Richman: No Big Whoop!

Scott Storch and Linda Richman: No Big Whoop!

Friend of Paris/music producer Scott Storch and Mike Myers' "SNL" character Linda Richman -- they're like buttah!Talk amongst yourselves.We're just sayin'!  READ MORE >

- 3364 days ago
Uncapped Cat in the Hat

Uncapped Cat in the Hat

Want to relive your favorite "The Cat in the Hat" moments with the suit Mike Myers wore in the 2003 movie adaptation? This eBay auction gives you a chance to prance about, harassing the children… READ MORE >

- 3706 days ago

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