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O.T. Genasis

O.T. Genasis Was Shocked by Beyonce's Coachella Dance to 'Everybody Mad'

O.T. Genasis
Beyonce Dancing to My Song Made Me Cuss Up a Storm

O.T. Genasis says he had no clue Beyonce chose one of his songs to include in her epic Coachella performance -- and his reaction in the moment was priceless. O.T. was on the road Tuesday… READ MORE >

O.T. Genasis Says NBA Should Legalize Cocaine (And All Drugs)

O.T. Genasis

Hey Adam Silver, you know what would be dope, like literally DOPE? Your entire league running up and down the court COKED OUT OF THEIR MINDS ... but that's not a TMZ Sports suggestion, it's… READ MORE >

- 189 days ago
French Montana's 33rd Birthday Bash Filled with Celebs!!!

French Montana
My Bday Guest List is Unforgettable!

French Montana's birthday shindig proved yet again to be a celebrity magnet ... drawing tons of them for his 33rd affair. The rapper went all out -- with sponsorship help from Brother… READ MORE >

- 196 days ago
O.T. Genasis Says Janet Jackson's Breast Deserves a Super Bowl Encore

O.T. Genasis
Bring Janet Back to the Super Bowl ... She's the B(r)e(a)st!!

O.T. Genasis says he's all for Janet Jackson getting another crack at the Super Bowl ... especially if she busts out a finale like the first time!! We got O.T. at LAX ... and the rapper told… READ MORE >

- 212 days ago
Ashanti's Celeb Friends Turn Out for Birthday Bash and New Music

Hand Me a Mic, It's My Birthday!!!

Ashanti killed two birds -- her birthday and her new song -- with one stone ... by ballin' out at 1OAK on Sunset. The bday shindig went down Tuesday night during the MADE party at 1OAK, and… READ MORE >

- 224 days ago
O.T. Genasis Loses It When His Car Gets Scratched at the Club

O.T. Genasis
Your Car is Way Too Scratched ... You Need to Cut Someone!

O.T. Genasis went from 0-100 REAL QUICK after his car got dinged up at the club, and some guy handed him a knife to vent his fury. We got O.T. Wednesday night leaving Project Club LA… READ MORE >

- 225 days ago
O.T. Genasis: F**k Jerry Jones, Don't Punish Kneelers!

O.T. Genasis:
F**k Jerry Jones ... Don't Punish Kneelers!

O.T. Genasis doesn't like that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is threatening to bench players who kneel during the national anthem.  "If he do that, then F*CK Jerry Jones!" The "I'm In… READ MORE >

- 225 days ago
O.T. Genasis Shouts Out Sen. Cory Booker for Marijuana Justice Act

O.T. Genasis
Sen. Cory Booker Is the Man! Legal Weed Will Change Rap

O.T. Genasis is heaping so much praise on Cory Booker, you'd think the Senator was the coco ... and the show of love is all about the new push to federally legalize weed. We filled in O.T.… READ MORE >

- 297 days ago
O.T. Genasis' Hologram Is Making Him $20k for a Club Gig (VIDEO + PHOTO)

O.T. Genasis
My Hologram's Making Me $20k!! But I'll Be Chilling

O.T. Genasis is gonna love holograms as much as the coco if they keep lining his pockets with the kinda cash he's getting for the easiest nightclub gig ever. We obtained this video of O.T.… READ MORE >

- 471 days ago
O.T. Genasis Says Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's Beef Belongs to the Streets Now (VIDEO)

O.T. Genasis
This Soulja & Chris Beef Is Some Real 'Street S***' Now!

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's feud is going beyond fake-ass Twitter beef and hittin' the streets ... according to O.T. Genasis, and it sounds like that could mean real violence. We got the "CoCo"… READ MORE >

- 506 days ago
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