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Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Conan O'Brien Blasts White House for Comedic Treatment of Jim Acosta

Conan O'Brien
White House's Acosta Vid Should Win Best Comedy Award!!!

Conan O'Brien's laughing his ass off a lot these days, courtesy President Trump and co. -- but the problem is they're also stomping all over the late night host's turf ... according to… READ MORE >

Mitch McConnell Says 'I Will Not Be Intimidated' After Restaurant Confrontation

Senator Mitch McConnell
'I Will Not Be Intimidated' ... After Restaurant Confrontation

Senator Mitch McConnell says he will not be intimidated from the "far left" mob ... this is his reaction to the angry confrontation at a Louisville restaurant over the weekend. The Senate… READ MORE >

- 50 days ago
Ted Cruz and Wife Accosted By Kavanaugh Protesters at D.C. Restaurant

Ted Cruz & Wife Heidi
Run Out of D.C. Restaurant ... By Kavanaugh Protesters

Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife got a taste of what Sarah Huckabee Sanders was served, as they were both heckled out of a D.C. restaurant by people protesting Brett Kavanaugh. Ted and the missus, Heidi… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Offers Update on Trump Attending McCain's Funeral

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Trump Attending McCain's Funeral? ... Uh, We'll Let You Know

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says it's unclear if Donald Trump will attend Senator John McCain's funeral -- but here's what we're hearing ... don't hold your breath. We got the Press Sec. leaving… READ MORE >

- 108 days ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Won't Guarantee Trump Didn't Say N-Word on Tape

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
'I Can't Guarantee' Trump Didn't Say N-Word

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can't say for sure there isn't a recording of President Trump saying the n-word. The White House Press Sec. was bombarded Tuesday with questions about… READ MORE >

- 120 days ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks Omarosa's New Book on Trump is Sad

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Thoughts on Omarosa? ... Like 45 Says, SAD!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is parroting what her boss says A LOT regarding Omarosa and her bombshell book -- and alleged recordings -- on President Trump ... any guesses? We got the White House Press… READ MORE >

- 122 days ago
President Trump and First Lady Meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle

President Trump
Pleased to Meet Ya, Queen Elizabeth! Spares Her the Power Shake

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are getting the royal treatment -- the long-awaited meeting with Queen Elizabeth is going down ... and, so far, so good. The Prez… READ MORE >

- 152 days ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Restaurant Confronters Should Calm Down

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Calm Down, America With Restaurant Confrontations

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has some words for folks confronting Trump associates in public -- especially at restaurants -- and it starts with c ... CHIIILLLLL OUT. We got President Trump's Press Sec.… READ MORE >

- 157 days ago
Scott Pruitt Resigns as Head of the EPA After Restaurant Confrontation

EPA Honcho Scott Pruitt
Resigns After Restaurant Confrontation

President Trump just lost another cabinet member -- Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is resigning after getting a taste of what Sarah Huckabee Sanders went… READ MORE >

- 160 days ago
John Legend says Worry About Reuniting Kids Before Sarah Sanders' Dinners

John Legend
F*** Sarah and Her Dinners Reunite the Kids!!!

John Legend laid the smack down on anyone worrying about Sarah Huckabee Sanders before worrying about reuniting more than 2,000 immigrant children who were ripped from their… READ MORE >

- 168 days ago
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